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Frida Preview Entertainment Weekly
January 2002
A brief look at 'Frida'
Viva Frida Vogue Mexico
February 2002
Spanish translation of Vogue Feature on 'Frida'
Viva Frida Vogue
December 2001
In-depth look at Frida
Salma, the original Latin goddess The Evening Standard
November 2001
Salma talks about 'Hotel' and 'Frida'
Down Mexico Way New York Times
November 2001
'Frida' set report
Empire On Set Empire Magazine
November 2001
First look at 'Frida'
Home Movies Time Magazine
October 2001
Salma writes about the film industry in Mexico
Espiando a Frida Cinemania
September 2001
Interviews with 'Frida' crew
Salma poseida por Frida Vanidades
September 2001
Spanish article on 'Frida'
A Brush With Greatness Premiere Magazine
October 2001
Women in Film Special Feature
Fighting For Frida Irish Times
September 2001
Feature on 'Frida'
Mexico's Frida Kahlo Heads to Hollywood Reuters
July 2001
Feature on the making of the movie
Feeling Frida's Pain Sunday LA Times
July 2001
In-depth look at 'Frida'
Mexico starring in movie revival USA Today
July 2001
How movie productions like 'Frida' change the movie market in Mexico
Las dos Salmas
[Spanish] [English]
Cambio Magazine
June 2001
8-pages about the making of 'Frida'
She ought to be in pictures The Times,
June 20 2001
Article on 'Frida' with focus on the life of Frida Kahlo
Blood, Paint and Tears Sunday Times
June 17, 2001
Well-researched article on the making of 'Frida'
Hayek's 'Frida' is an intensely personal project USA Today,
June 14 2001
Salma comments on the filming of 'Frida'
Univision Interview on 'Frida' set Univision,
May 2001
Filming 'Frida' and the Mexican press
Salma makes her name Night & Day Magazine,
May 2001
Life of Frida Kahlo
Reviving Fridamania LA Times,
April 2001
The cult and the movie about Frida Kahlo
When Films Collide Premiere Magazine,
March 2001
Comparison of 3 Frida projects
Tendrá 'Frida' que esperar
Spanish or English
January 26 2001
Salma to film in Europe
Salma gives details on her Frida,
January 2001
Details on Frida Kahlo plot
Miramax's Frida Kahlo Movie Gains Ground Over Rival Variety,
December 20 2000
Lopez project faces problems
Diego, Kahlo Art in Dallas Exhibit AP,
November 22 2000
Info on Rivera/Kahlo exhibit in Dalls
Este Elenco 'Pinta' Bien
Terra Mexico,
September 20 2000
Spanish article on the cast of Frida
Banderas, Judd Flock to Hayek's Frida Biopic
Mr Showbiz,
September 19 2000
More info on the cast and production of Frida
Taymor in talks to helm Hayek's "Frida" Variety,
September 19 2000
News about a possible director for Frida and more info on the cast
¿Por qué Jennifer y no Salma?
Spanish or English
September 2000
Luis Valdez talks about his Frida project and why he didn't choose Salma
Salma y Jennifer se pelean a Frida
Spanish or English
September 2000
Jennifer Lopez comments on the fight
Race Heats Up on Frida Kahlo Film LA Times,
September 9 2000
In-depth info on the three Frida projects
El Pleito 'Pinta' a lo grande en EU
Spanish or English
Terra Mexico,
September 6 2000
Salma's reaction to the Frida project with Jennifer Lopez
Lopez and Hayek fight over Frida Mr Showbiz,
August 15 2000
Another news story on the second Frida project
Paint Lopez into Kahlo biopic Variety,
August 14 2000
Producers had the "great" idea to cast Lopez in a Frida biopic
Salma Hayek is Frida - The Two Fridas The Book LA,
Summer Issue 2000
Exclusive article on the production of Frida!
Loose Talk Variety,
April 6th 2000
Pedro Almodovar might be directing "Frida"