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Coming soon:
Frida (2002)
Once upon a time in Mexico (2002)
Hotel (2002) (aka: Nitevision)

US release unknown:
Chain of Fools (2000)

The Ground Beneath Her Feet
Arráncame la Vida
The Crook Factory

Unconfirmed projects:
Bond 20
Death to Smoochy
Simon Bolivar (working title: The Vision)

Rumored projects:
The Autumn of the Patriarch

Updated: January 2, 2002

::::::::::::: Coming soon :::::::::::::

Frida (2002)
Cast: Salma Hayek, Alfred Molina, Antonio Banderas, Ashley Judd, Edward Norton, Mia Maestro, Roger Rees, Geoffrey Rush, Patricia Reyes Spíndola
Director: Julie Taymor
Director of Photography: Roberto Prieto
Distributor: Miramax
Genre: Biopic
Plot: Frida is a biopic of famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (1907 - 1954). She had a great love, Diego Rivera (she married twice with this man and dedicated to him a passionate diary) but also a lot of lovers, men and women, such as Leon Trotsky and André Breton's wife....
Salma's role: Salma has been dreaming of portraying her idol for years. Finally her most ambitious and beloved project comes true.
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Full info Pictures Video
April 7, 2001 - June 2001
October 11, 2002 (possible premiere at Cannes Film Festival)

Once upon a time in Mexico (2002)
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Quentin Tarantino, Mickey Rourke
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Plot: The third part of Robert Rodriguez' 'El Mariachi' trilogy described as: "'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' of the Mariachi series."
Salma's role: Salma plays Carolina.

May 24 - September 11, 2001 in Mexico
September 2002
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Hotel (2002) (aka Nitevision)
Cast: Salma Hayek, David Schwimmer, Danny Huston, Valeria Golino, Julian Sands, Jason Isaacs, Lucy Liu, Saffron Burrows, Burt Reynolds, Chiara Mastroianni, Ornella Muti, Rhys Ifans
Director: Mike Figgis
Produced by: Mike Figgis, Annie Stewart and Etchie Stroh
Distributed by: Moonstone Entertainment
93 minutes
Budget 6m$
Plot: The indie picture, features four frames of simultaneous onscreen action: the shooting of a period movie, a behind-the-scenes documentary about the film, a murder plot and the bizarre maid service. The overlapping storylines converge and ultimately culminate during the bacchanalian festivities of the Venice Carnival.
Salma's role: Salma plays the excentric journalist Charlie Boo who is shooting a documentary on the making of the movie with her film crew.
Filming locations: Hungarian Palace Hotel in Venice, Italy
Full info Pictures Video
February 13 - March 11, 2001
Toronto Film Festival 2001
Special Screening:
San Sebastian Film Festival 2001
London Film Festival 2001

::::::::::::: US release unknown :::::::::::::

Chain of Fools(1999)
Working Title: Shiny New Enemies

Cast: Steve Zahn, Orlando Jones, David Cross, Jeff Goldblum, Salma Hayek
Director: Pontus Lowenhein, Patrik Von Krusentjerna (Traktor)
Distributor: Warner Bros., Sandrew Metronome
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Plot: "Chain Of Fools" is a heist comedy-romance about a haples barber whose life takes a turn for the worse when he ends up in possession of a stolen treasure of ancient coins (the "Shiny New Enemies") and simultaneously falls on the wrong side of the law and in love with the detective investigating the crime.
Salma's role: In this ensemble cast Salma plays the detective Sgt. Meredith Kolko.

Full info Pictures Video
Release date:
scheduled for March 2000, then September 22, 2000
Warner Bros. decided not to show this movie at theatres instead it is set for a 2001 release on cable channel or video
March 9, 2001: World Premiere in Stockholm, Sweden (might lead to a theatrical release in the US in 2001)

::::::::::::: Pre-Production :::::::::::::
The Ground Beneath Her Feet
Cast: Salma Hayek, Naveen Andrews
Director: Raoul Ruiz
Plot: Adaptation of Salman Rushdie's novel. Rushdie's cunning musician is Ormus Cana, the Bombay-born founder of the most popular group in the world. Ormus's Eurydice (and lead singer) is Vina Apsara, the daughter of a Greek American woman and an Indian father who abandoned the family. What these two share, besides amazing musical talent, is a decidedly twisted family life: Ormus's twin brother died at birth and communicates to him from "the other side"; his older brothers, also twins, are, respectively, brain-damaged and a serial killer. Vina, on the other hand, grew up in rural West Virginia where she returned home one day to find her stepfather and sisters shot to death and her mother hanging from a rafter in the barn. No wonder these two believe they were made for each other.
Full info
January 28, 2002

Arrancáme la Vida
English title: Tear this heart out
Cast: Salma Hayek, Jesús Ochoa, Gael Garcia (in talks)
Director: Roberto Sneider
Writers: Angeles Mastretta
Executive Producer: Salma Hayek
Production company: Altavista Films, Ventanarosa
Plot: An extraordinary tale of love set in the tumultuous years following the Mexican revolution, this #1 Latin American bestseller follows the irresistible Catalina Guzman, a guileless adolescent who leaves her poor parents to marry a retired general almost 20 years her senior. When he proves to be ruthless and unfaithful, she begins a fight for independence, a journey toward liberation that will transform her from child to woman.
Salma's role: Salma plays Catalina Ascencio, the heroine of Angeles Mastretta's best-selling novel. It's an epic love story set against the Mexican revolution.

Full info
January 2002 (???)
The Crook Factory
Executive Producer: Salma Hayek, Joshua D. Maurer
Plot: The amazing story of Ernest Hemingway and his own spy network in Cuba during World War II.

::::::::::::: Unconfirmed projects :::::::::::::

Bond 20
Cast: Pierce Brosnan, Judi Dench, Michelle Yeoh
Director: Lee Tamahori
Plot: unknown
Salma's role: Salma's participation in this project is not confirmed. In an interview with The Evening Standard, she mentioned that she was considering a role in the movie. Recently, Variety reported that Halle Berry has signed up as Bond girl. Nothing is official yet.

January 2002

Death to Smoochy (2002)
Cast: Edward Norton, Robin Williams, Catherine Keener, Danny DeVito
Director: Danny DeVito
Plot: Death to Smoochy tells the comic tale of Rainbow Randolph (Robin Williams), the costumed star of a popular children's television show who is fired over a bribery scandal and replaced by Smoochy (Edward Norton), a puffy, Barney-esque fuchsia rhinoceros.
Salma's role: Salma's participation in this project is not yet confirmed. She was seen on the set visiting Edward Norton several times.

Simon Bolivar
Working Title: The Vision

Cast: Salma Hayek as Manuela Sánz
in talks for the role of Simon Bolivar: Antonio Banderas, Johnny Depp, Andy Garcia
Director: Rubén Rodríguez (Alan Bridges?)
Producer: Edgar Meinhardt-Iturbe
Writers: David Butler, Michael Cooper
Budget: 40-100 Mil.$
Plot: The movie focuses on Simon Bolívar (1783-1830) who was one of South America's greatest generals. His victories over the Spaniards won independence for Bolivia, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. He is called El Liberator (The Liberator) and the "George Washington of South America."
Salma's role: Salma Hayek is in talks to play the role of Manuela Sáenz, the controversial fiancée of Simón Bolivar. Sáenz is well-known for having saved Bolivar from being assassinated by enemies during a famous plot in Bogota.

::::::::::::: Rumored projects :::::::::::::

The Autumn of the Patriarch
Cast: Marlon Brando, Salma Hayek, Jeanne Tripplehorne, Vincent D'Onofrio
Director: Sean Penn
Based on the book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Plot: One of Gabriel Garcia Marquez's most intricate and ambitious works, The Autumn of the Patriarch is a brilliant tale of a Caribbean tyrant and the corruption of power. Employing an innovative, dreamlike style, the novel is overflowing with symbolic descriptions as it vividly portrays the dying tyrant caught in the prison of his own dictatorship. From charity to deceit, benevolence to violence, fear of God to extreme cruelty, the dictator embodies at once the best and the worst of human nature.

Spiderman: According to the Mexican radio station Exa FM Salma will have a cameo in Sam Raimi's 'Spiderman' - possibly as one of the villains. The movie is the adaptation of the famous comic book starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and Willem Dafoe.

Geisha: The Mexican newspaper Dictamen reported Salma mentioned at the press conference for Harrods in London that she would star as a Geisha in a movie to be shot early next year in China. Might this be Steven Spielberg's 'Memoirs of a Geisha'?

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