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Salma gives details on her Frida

A complex life in two hours

"It was impossible to tell the complexity of Frida's life in two hours. That's why we decided to focus on just one aspect, the story of love with Diego Rivera, the celebrated muralist with whom she had a passionate, obsessive, tormented relationship", Hayek said.

The Mexican actress said that throughout this story, they'll try to reach the soul and painting of Kahlo, her relation with politics and her humanity.

"Women in Mexico suffer many social disadvantages y and we're already in 2000. In the 30's Frida was not a common woman. She was the first to go to highscool and she broke all the social barriers", she said.

"She said: that is who I am. She painted what she felt, her pain, her sexuality, and she did it with a great sense of humorism, maybe a little macabre. Her life was art and viceversa", Hayek said, who is a coproducer of the film directed by Julie Taymor.

Kahlo's pride

Salma Hayek, who participated in the film "Desperado", said she loved, above all, Kahlo's pride.

"She said: I'm Mexican, I'm a woman and I'm happy about it. She had so many problems in her life, starting with the tremendous accident that crushed her column, and even then she painted 'Viva la Vida' in her last painting, when she was dying."

Hayek said that Alfred Molina will do Diego Rivera, while Antonio Banderas will be painter David Alfaro Siqueiros and the role of the Italian painter Tina Modotti will be performed by Ashley Judd.

Few Latin Women

The Mexican actress denied that at this moment there is a "latin wave" in Hollywood.

"There's me, there's my friend PenÚlope Cruz and who else? Jennifer Lopez is American, she doesn't have an accent and I know many Latin actors that pass hunger because there are no roles for them", she said.

About her performance in "Time Code", she said that it came because of her friendship with Mike Figgis.

"The movie is the most experimental and crazy thing I've ever done, both because of the technique, and because of the subject: I'm a bisexual who has a female lover, Jeanne Tripplehorn, and a male one, Stellan Skaarsgard".

And even thou she said that she is highly involved in her job, Hayek also expressed her wish to have a family, that's why she pointed out her wish for actor Edward Norton, with whom she has a relationship, "to be the one".

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