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Always wanted to know what Salma's home looks like in Hollywood?
Take a look at exclusive photos taken at her house located in Hillside.
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"This house makes me feel close to myself. It has so much to do with everything that has nothing to do with Hollywood."
Salma Hayek
The long dining room table is set with hand-painted earthenware from Puebla, Mexico. The oil painting is by family friend Francisco Valverde. Leather doors adorn the Mexican hutch.
"Every house I've ever lived in has a piano. But no one plays the darn thing. Maybe after all these years, I'll begin".
Previous owners added the high ceiling in the living room. Photos include one of Hayek and President Clinton.
This photo shows Salma's kitchen where she enjoys cooking meals for her friends and family.
The terrace from where the hills of Hillside in Hollywood, California, can be seen.
The dining room features many pieces of Salma's collection of santos (saints). They're paintings in metal, many where bought by Hayek in Mexican flea markets.
"It's my private jungle," Salma says of this shady outdoor spot with its Indian bench. It's a favorite spot for reading and serving tea to visitors.
Several scans courtesy of Salma Hayek's Web Site
New pictures contributed by Starring Julia Roberts