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Salma and Jennifer are fighting over Frida

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They compete in taking the life of Kahlo to the big screen without question

Both are beautiful, both are Latin, both live in Hollywood and the mass media insists on confronting them, but now Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez will have a convergent point in their races which is Frida Kahlo, the controversial life of the Mexican painter who both want to take to the cinema in separate projects.

The dispute begins

The dispute on who will adapt the life of Frida Kahlo, the best-known Mexican painter in the world, to the big screen had a controversial birth from the moment at which the mexican-american film director, Luis Valdez (director of La Bamba ) announced that he would make a film on the subject. The selection of Valdez for the main roles was in regard to Diego Rivera Raul Juliá and for Frida the Italian actress Laura San Giacomo. The designation of this last one caused angry reactions between the Hispanic population in the United States, that promoted the " right " that a Mexican actress should interpret Kahlo. The pressures intensified and Valdez had to leave his film as an unfinished project. Years later, Salma Hayek took up the idea. Due to the lack of financial endorsement, the plan remained in pause for five years.

Jennifer takes the advantage

Barely a month ago, Jennifer Lopez announced that she would make her own film on Frida Kahlo and in recent declarations that the actress made to the Italian newspaper "the Republic" , Lopez assured that Hollywood is full of projects on the painter and a film on her is not an exclusive feature of Salma Hayek, although they have the same nationality. "I do not know Salma Hayek, we do not have any personal relation. Hollywood has been full of projects on Kahlo for 10 years, that is to say, it is not an exclusive right of Salma, although Frida was Mexican like her ", said Lopez. She indicated that " her " film on the painter who was the wife of Diego Rivera will be produced by Francis Ford Coppola and directed by Luis Valdez. " I and Luis spoke of the project years ago, later Coppola took part and the things began to move quickly. I have been very excited, I´ve prepared myself for five years, time in which I learned a lot about Kahlo ", assured the actress of Puerto Rican ancestry. And although she recognized that physically she is different from the Mexican painter, Lopez thought that " the important thing is the essence of the person, to take the emotions to the screen ". For Lopez, Frida Kahlo " was an incredible person, politicized, dynamic, bisexual. I will paint the eyebrows, that were her symbol ", she said.

Hayek does not clear the finger of the line

To interpret the paper of Frida, has practically become " a project of obsession " for Salma, that is arranged in carrying it out at the cost of which it is. For it, Hayek has managed to obtain the endorsement of respected studios like Miramax Films and Trimark Pictures. Together with her own production company Ventanarosa they will make the film. The version on the history of Kahlo and Diego Rivera will be based on the book of Hayden Herrera, author of a biography of Frida Kahlo , and more likely the script is written by Rodrigo García (son of the winner of the Nobel prize for Literatur Gabriel García Márquez), who also is film director and finishes filming the film Things You Cab Tell By Just by Looking At Them .