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The sultry siren who heated up 54 and The Faculty adds sizzle to Wild Wild West Mr Showbiz, 1999 Salma talks about her career, her being Latin, her production company and about Wild Wild West
Salma Hayek - The Wild One Premiere Magazine Article on developments in Salma´s career up to Wild Wild West
E!Online Interview E!Online, 1999 Salma on the making of Wild Wild West
Abgebrühtes Altarmädchen Spiegel, 1999 German interview including aspects like Wild Wild West and Catholiscism
Summer of Salma TNT Roughcut, 1999 Questions & Answers on Wild Wild West and the "Latino Revolution"
How Hayek got over a Will Smith mooning Sunday Times, August 1st 1999 Salma about Will Smith´s reaction to showing her butt in Wild Wild West
TV Guide Interview TV-Guide, 1999 Some questions about Wild Wild West
TV Movie Interview (German) TV Movie, August 1999 A few questions about Wild Wild West
"Wild" about "West" Boxoffice Magazine,
Will Smith, Barry Sonnenfeld & Salma Hayek talk about Wild Wild West
Wild Wild Wild At Heart Variety,
July 25th 1999
Portrait of Salma´s career up to Wild Wild West
Even Cowboys Get The Blues Entertainment Weekly,
July 9th 1999
Full length feature on Wild Wild West
Wild Wild West, with salsa - Salma Hayek adds Mexican spice to comedy Toronto Sun, July 6th 1999 About Wild Wild West and what makes you a star
West of Both Worlds iF Magazine,
July 2nd 1999
Extensive interview on Wild Wild West, Velocity of Gary, Dogma and Frida
'Wild, Wild' Woman New York Daily News,
June 27th 1999
Interview about Wild Wild West and Hollywood stardom
Making Hayek while the sun shines Calgary Sun, June 27th 1999 About Wild Wild West and Salma´s new projects
Interview with Salma Hayek Entertainment Tonight, June 24th 1999 Salma Hayek on Wild Wild West