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Question 21:
Which role does Salma play in Chain of Fools?
an actress
a detective
a waitress
Question 22:
Where was Salma's new movie La Gran Vida shot?
In Mexico
In Spain
In Texas
Question 23:
What is the name of Salma's production company?
Blue Window
Question 24:
What is special about the movie Time Code?
It was shot without the knowledge of the actors.
It was shot in LA without permission.
It was shot digitally with no editing at all.
Question 25:
What is Salma's favorite basketball team?
Indiana Pacers
Chicago Bullsa
LA Lakers
Question 26:
In which year was Salma Queen of Halloween in the Coors Light adverts?
Question 27:
What is Serendipity, the character Salma portrays in Dogma?
an angel
a goddess
a muse
Question 28:
In which movie didn't Salma dance?
From dusk till dawn
Wild Wild West
Question 29:
Which actor never starred in a movie with Salma?
Russell Crowe
Kevin Kline
Edward Norton
Question 30:
Which award hasn't Salma received yet?
Golden Eagle Award
MTV Movie Award
Blockbuster Award