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Question 1:
Who starred with Salma Hayek in Fools Rush In?
Matt LeBlanc
David Schwimmer
Matthew Perry
Question 2:
Where was Salma born?
Question 3:
What does Coatzacoalcos mean?
Bear with claws
Snake with feathers
Running Wolf
Question 4:
How many times did Salma star in a Robert Rodriguez movie?
4 times
5 times
6 times
Question 5:
What was Salma's first movie directed by Robert Rodriguez?
From Dusk Till Dawn
Question 6:
In 1995 Salma was nominated for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Award. Who was her partner?
Russell Crowe
Antonio Banderas
Matthew Perry
Question 7:
In 1999 Salma was among the presenters at the MTV Movie Awards. Who co-presented with her?
Hugh Grant
Will Smith
George Clooney
Question 8:
Salma wore a ... dress at the Oscars 2000.
Question 9:
At the Oscars 2000 Salma presented the award for ..
Best Short-Film
Scientific and Technical Achievements
Visual Effects
Question 10:
Who is Salmas current boyfriend?
Edward Atterton
Edward Norton
Ed Harris