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Rosie O'Donnell Show

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October 29, 2001
Transcript by Ed Seawright @

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Rosie: In addition to being a very talented young actress from Mexico, she is being honored tonight as one of Glamour Magazine's women of the year, please welcome back to the show the very beautiful Salma Hayek. [music] Hi Salma, how are you?

Salma: I'm good.

R: Good to see you, do you want the foot stool, it helps watch.

S: Yes, yes, please.

R: There you go, isn't that nice?

S: It is so nice.

R: I think you have a new puppy, too.

S: I have two new puppies.

R: What kind?

S: They're mutts, I picked them up in the streets of Mexico City.

R: Really?

S: And I have to say I was very inspired by Scott who made that drawing thinking of the future that we're not going to have to cleanup after the dogs. I picked up these two puppies and you know the people in my life, it wasn't in their job description to pick up after their number two.

R: I understand this.

S: I'm on for glamour.. you know very glamorous, I have been picking up after their number two for six months.

R: Yeah.. I understand.

S: And it doesn't stop you know.

R: Now are they big dogs or little?

S: I think a medium size, because there's much we don't know about them.

R: What did you call them?

S: Lupe and Angie.

R: Yeah. Cute, adorable?

S: They are the love of my life.

R: I have a little Chihuahua.

S: Oh really.

R: Yeah a little Mexican Chihuahua.

S: Oh good.

R: Yeah actually he's very cute, his name is Cloudy.

S: Is he nervous all the time?

R: He wasn't nervous but he started throwing up yesterday. He is nervous now. I'm nervous, too. I mean, he's just so little. It's just a puppy. You have to be careful.

S: You have to yes.

R: How is everything going?

S: Everything's great.

R: And the new movie I saw it on Showtime.. The movie has been out on Showtime and it will be re-airing. It is a beautiful film, it is called 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'. And this is one that you also executive produced?

S: Yes I am very proud of it. I think this film it is a very special story.. based on a book written by Julia Alvarez and it is a true story. And it is a political drama about these sisters in the Dominican Republic who had dreams like other girls to live on their farm and they wanted to get married and have children. And then they ended up being very important to this revolutionary movement. Circumstances sort of presented them with a choice and they decided to be strong and take big risks and try to change their world so that people could have freedom. I think this is very inspiring especially in a time like this, and it is very empowering for women.

R: And you shot it in Mexico, right?

S: We shot it in Mexico because I was producing it. It was easier because I knew everybody in Mexico and everybody was very nice and good deals and stuff. It was great because we shot it in my home town and I got to eat all the food from my child hood and the people were so nice, sometimes they would cook things for me in their house and the fans would bring them to my trailer, it was very nice .

Excerpt from the movie..

If I win you will release my father and you will allow me to go to law school.

And if you lose?

Then you will release my father and you will get your wish..


R: I will try and do a show in Spanish.

S: That would be great.

R: I was speaking to Salma in Spanish so I could do a Spanish talk show in a couple of years, maybe Miami.

S: I think that would be great. Oh yes.

R: Hola. So what are you doing next? I know that Frida Kahlo has been something you've been very passionate about.

S: Yes, yes I developed this film for six years. Yeah I finally finished shooting in Mexico and I think it's coming out (Salma paused)

R: Next spring, in the spring?

S: In the spring, I'm not sure yet. It's coming out sometime next year.

R: But I've heard it's wonderful, I know people who saw some rough cuts and they said it's going to be.

S: It is wonderful I am very, very excited about it. It's already inspiring a lot of people, and I've never lived through anything like this. I mean the film is not even out, yet she has such a devoted following.

R: You're a very talented actress and you're very pretty.

S: Thank you very much..

R: Salma Hayek..