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Making of 'La Gran Vida'
Transcript by Jacinda

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English translation

Why Salma decided to do the movie:
One of the reasons why I placed it first was that it was a Spanish script. I really wanted to work in Spanish and to work in Spain. I read the script and I loved it. I knew Carmelo had already signed on with the project. I've always been a big fan of his work. My agents begged me not to do this film. It wasn't just advice. They were really begging. I had offers for other projects, but in English. I had dreamt of coming to shoot in Spain in my own language.

About her character Lola:
Lola has a strong personality. She's full of energy. She's clever. She is romantic, but it's difficult for her because she's also very practical. She's full of surprises. I think that when people see this film they'll feel they know Lola, then they'll see a new side of her. Just when they think they know who she is, she'll surprise them.