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Entertainment Tonight Sneak Peek at 'Time Code'

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Transcript by / Audio file created by Bill Austin

Sexy Salma Hayek is about to shock you at the movies. Her new film is called 'Time Code'. It's completely at lift and it's shown in four separate ways all playing at the same time. It's a very different kind of movie but it is a very different kind of kissing scene Salma has that will have your attention.

Jeanne Tripplehorne: "Salma is a very good kisser. She has wonderful lips. We actually enjoyed each other's company."

Think that's juicy? Well, wait until you hear what Jeanne Tripplehorne's co-star Salma Hayek had to say when she burst into our interview and declared her heterosexuality.

Salma Hayek: "We just discovered we're not gay. You know we used to give each other like this juicy passionate kiss."

Confused? Well, these two sexy screen-starlets play lovers in the new four-dimensional film 'Time Code'. They were giving it up in front of our cameras to promote the unique project and to give us a scoop on their liplock?

Jeanne Tripplehorne: "I said, Salma, I just need to tell you that. I think you're beautiful, you're funny, you're a really smart woman, you know I love it. I said but I love kissing you but I know now that I'm not gay. And then we did the take and she gave me tongue."

Salma Hayek: "Yes and I remember it because it was such a good kiss. As great as it was it didn't quite turn you on. You just think: oh my god, she's a great kisser. We have nothing else to .. That's the only thing you wanted."

Jeanne Tripplehorne: "That's the only thing that gonna rock."

Hey, they were right. Time Code is out now in selected theatres.