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Downloads Best Of ScreensaverN E W
including 20 high-resolution pictures
Only the best pictures!
1,9 MB H&M Screensaver
including all pictures of the H&M Swimwear photosession
(9 pictures)

1,2 MB ELLE Screensaver
including amazing photosession from ELLE magazine
(13 pictures)

1,6 MB GQ ScreensaverN E W
including photosession from GQ magazine
(9 pictures)

1,3 MB Black & White ScreensaverN E W
including b/w photosession from Scene magazine
(8 pictures)

1,3 MB

A set of Salma Hayek desktop themes for Windows
0,4 MB
Winamp Skin No.1
created by Joe
0,14 MB
Winamp Skin No.2
created by Joe
0,14 MB
Winamp Skin No.3
created by Joe
0,26 MB
Winamp Skin No.4
created by Dony of Ashley Judd - Gallery of Beauty
0,16 MB
7 icons
Ready to refresh your desktop!

Screensavers HayekHeaven.

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To use a skin you have downloaded, just unzip the content of the downloaded files into a newly created directory in your 'Winamp/Skins'-directory and then chose an individual skin from the 'Options' ---> 'Skins'-menu.