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Fan Site of the Week: In Hayek Heaven
By Brian Yorkey

Ay, Dios mio! The sizzling Salma Hayek returns to the big screen this week in Mike Figgis' experimental Time Code, but super Salma gets only one-fourth of the screen (with three other stories taking up the remaining three corners)...and what is up with that? Seeking a full-screen shot of one of our faves, we set out in search of a Salma Fan Site. Unfortunately, as we've had cause to note before, fan sites for stars like Salma are too often focused not on the star's talent, charm, and career, but on, shall we say, other "assets." How thrilled we were, then, to find ourselves in Jacinda's Hayek Heaven, a stylishly designed, content-packed site for Salma -- that doesn't, of course, skimp on the sultry pics either. (Hey, we never said we didn't appreciate her other "assets.")

The blue-hued home page (also divided into four quadrants...hmm...) includes a java scroll explaining Time Code (as well as it's possible to explain it, of course) along with a pictoral poll inviting visitors to "Vote for Salma's best dress" (and no, boys, "none" is not an option). The skillfully formatted News Archive puts most commercial sites to shame, with an accessible grid including a thumbnail and synopsis for each item (everything from her recent "Late Show" appearance to her USO tour of Yugoslavia, and who knew there was still a USO?); ditto the scrupulously-sourced Articles & Interviews section. And if that's not studious enough for you, the Funstuff section includes a link to "Salma Hayek vs. Friedrich Hayek," a chart comparing Salma to the dead economist/philosopher -- and no, we're not making that up. But what's most impressive is that the site is impeccably up-to-date. In this fly-by-night age of uploaded-and-neglected fan sites, Jacinda puts in the work to keep on top of things, and we're not just saying that, because we looked at every single one of the 97 (!) new photographs on our Fan Site of the Week.

Fan Site of the Week Ratings:

Photos: 5
Literally hundreds of pics, exhibiting Salma's "assets" from every angle -- even including a series of Coors Light ads (!) which feature the star straddling a giant pumpkin! If you don't believe it, see for yourself.

Info: 5
Exceptionally complete. Salma probably doesn't even know so much about Salma.

Features: 4
E-cards, a Salma Shop, and no shortage of polls ("Which movie do you wait for desparately?"). Strangely, no votes for Wild Wild West II.

Don't Miss: The generous selection of animations, including "Salma drying her hair," which we could watch for hours.

Not Worth the Connection Time: Who do we have to bribe at Tripod to get rid of those damn windows that pop every time a new page loads?