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January 25, 2002
A few more photos to the Critics' Choice Awards. And here are the results of our last poll. I am trying to find a new service, so no new poll is up right now.

January 19, 2002
Our Critics' Choice Awards 2002 coverage continues.. Thanks so much to Carl Silva, the generous fan who donated all this.. two high-res videoclips: the nailbiting experience of being nominated and Salma presenting an award to Ben Kingsley. Screenshots and other footage to come soon..

January 16, 2002
As usual, a HUGE thank you to the Salmaholic team. The latest addition to the website was contributed by them. Here's our coverage of the Critics' Choice Awards: screenshots and a soundclip. p/s: I don't have time to answer my mails right now, please be patient.

January 12, 2002
I added a gallery with brand-new photos from last night's Critics' Choice Awards. Salma didn't win, but the nomination was already a great success.

January 9, 2002
Right now, not too much new material seems to be around. It was refreshing to find these vidcaps today. They were taken from ZZ Top's music video for the song 'She's just killing me' (part of the soundtrack for From Dusk Till Dawn). I have never seen the complete clip. If anyone knows where to find a copy of it online, please let me know. Here are the vidcaps: pic 1 | pic 2 | pic 3

January 6, 2002
I know it's already a bit late, but I haven't had the time to work on the new Salma calendar for 2002. I finished the page for January though and it's ready to be printed. The calendar will be completed in the next days.

January 2, 2002
I'm back from Berlin - terribly tired and awfully busy. I will try to catch up on things in the next days. First of all, I updated the gallery index. That's 98 new photos in December. I also sent out the December issue of our newsletter.

December 28, 2001
Thanks to everyone who joined the chat tonight. It was a pleasure to meet you. I'd be happy to see you back on a monthly basis. For those who missed the chat, worry not - there are more to come. ;) I just wanted to wish a happy new year before I leave tomorrow. Coffee and I will be back from Berlin on Tuesday. Hey, and we've crossed the magic mark of 500 000 visitors. Time to celebrate! :) I'll leave you with these small updates:
- photos @ Jagger gig
- 9 new members @ fanlist
- 3 more letters to Salma

December 28, 2001
Time to have a look back at the year. 2001 has had a lot of surprises to offer. Here's our recap on the highlights for Salma's career.

December 25, 2001
Enjoy your time with your families and friends. Here is a sound file sent directly from the North Pole. I guess, Santa likes Salma just as much as we do. ;) The clip is from her appearance at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno promoting Dogma in 1999. I also made a transcript and a second one from Letterman 1998. Stay safe and happy, Jacinda

December 20, 2001
No Golden Globe nomination for Salma. :( Here are 2 more scans contributed by Alberto Motolinia. Gracias!

December 19, 2001
I am so happy for Salma! Being nominated for the Critics' Choice Award is such an honor. She might even be nominated for a Golden Globe. We'll find out tomorrow, when the nominees are announced. I'm so excited! Here is the first set of scans from my clippings collection. Enjoy!

December 18, 2001
Some more scans from Vogue magazine. Only photos we already know, but they are larger in size.

December 17, 2001
My first Christmas present arrived some days ago. I bought myself a huge package of Salma clippings. :) Thus I am going to scan a lot in the next weeks. First of all, I made a transcript of an article called "The Velocity of Salma". I am not sure in which magazine it was published, but it's definitely from 1999. If you want to know why Salma tiptoes on wooden floor, read on..

December 16, 2001
I made two videoclips from the Academy Awards 2000. Salma was presenting the Scientific and Technical Awards. Unfortunately the site with the screensavers was shut down. I will upload them some place else asap.

December 15, 2001
Two new screensavers are available for download. The first one is a collection of photos from GQ magazine (1999). The second one is a black and white screensaver with photos from Scene magazine. Have fun!

December 14, 2001
The final set of DVD caps is online. These were taken from the movie itself and the making of featurette. Hope you like them.

December 13, 2001
Interact in our new messageboard! I hope the new features inspire you to post regularly. I already wrote a few comments to start the discussion. Keep the board busy! :)
p/s: Anyone interested in our 1st Annual Christmas Chat, check the posting in the "Website" community.

December 12, 2001
Wow, I am so stunned at these photos from Vogue magazine. Alberto Motolinia sent me the rest of them. Simply irresistible! Thanks a lot for your help, Alberto. You're becoming part of the team. ;) Unfortunately our messageboard has been shut down - I am working on adding a new one.

December 11, 2001
It's freezing cold outside and I couldn't convince myself to go out today.
As a result, I spent some time making the final set of videoclips from 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'. When I uploaded them I realized there were quite a few broken links. I fixed those and the ones in the 'Frida' section. Besides, Alberto Motolinia was so kind as to contribute the photo from Glamour magazine. Gracias!

December 10, 2001
Here we go with 2 exclusive movie clips from 'La Gran Vida'. Hopefully they'll raise your interest in the movie. Besides, I heard that there are even more photos from the Frida photosession in this month's Vogue. Could anyone scan those for us, please? I am also looking for a scan of the photo included in the November issue of Glamour, the one that belongs to the Women of the Year article.

December 9, 2001
Since our screensavers appear to be very popular,
I thought it was time to create some new ones. You will still find the H&M and ELLE screensavers plus a brand-new Best Of screensaver with 20 of my favorite pictures.
Download now!

December 8, 2001
I made a second set of dvd caps from 'La Gran Vida'. More to come! Enjoy!

December 7, 2001
I added two new high-quality scans: 1 | 2

December 6, 2001
Vogue magazine has devoted its December feature story to 'Frida'. Check out the article with awesome new photos. Thanks to Morris!

December 5, 2001
The last and final audio clip from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Oct. 17, is online. Thanks to Salmaholic!

December 4, 2001
Once more an older set of photos taken from Alberto Motolinia's collection. These photos were published in a 1997 edition of Somos magazine.

December 3, 2001
This rare set of photos was published in a 1995 edition of Somos magazine. Thanks to Alberto Motolinia!

December 2, 2001
I added two videoclips for all of you who want to see Salma talking about her Spanish movie 'La Gran Vida'. It is the same interview that I already added as audio file with an English translation. Enjoy!

December 1, 2001
Time for the latest edition of our newsletter. And here are the results of the Bond girl poll. A striking majority of 80% believes the role would be a good choice for Salma's career. Let's see if she will sign up for the role. Personally, I would love to see her in the movie. I added a new poll on the right. Have your say! A total of 171 new photos was added to the galleries in November.

November 30, 2001
New photos taken at the 'Reach Your Peak' launch party and another very rare photosession as published in the New York Times. The set of photos shows Salma in different clothes of certain time periods - for example as Queen Elizabeth. The scans were made by Alberto Motolinia. Thanks again!

November 29, 2001
Sorry for the delay, but here's the translation of the 'La Gran Vida' audio interview. I also made a videoclip from The Concert for New York City.

November 28, 2001
Alberto Motolinia made another set of rare scans for us. These beautiful photos are taken from an older edition of Mexican Harper's Bazaar. Thanks a million for sharing your collection with us!

November 27, 2001
More special treats for you: two videoclips from 'Traffic' (the full-length cameo and a deleted scene) plus a videoclip of Salma's appearance at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards. Enjoy!

November 26, 2001
Here is the first set of dvd caps from 'La Gran Vida'. I am currently trying to make some videoclips - but it takes forever.. Hopefully, they'll be done soon.

November 25, 2001
Finally, I have a copy of the 'La Gran Vida' DVD. :) Full coverage to come soon. First, I made two audio clips taken from the making of the movie. Salma talks about what attracted her to the movie and about her character Lola. I'll add a translation of the Spanish interview tomorrow.

November 24, 2001
A whole bunch of new photos to red carpet 2001.

November 23, 2001
Here are two new magazine cover scans. The first one was found on the net - it's the Hot Tickets supplement of The Evening Standard. The second one is from Quien magazine contributed by Alberto Motolinia. Thanks!

November 22, 2001
I added two photos: Spy Game Premiere and Jagger concert. Coffee and I also fixed a dozen broken links in the video section. They don't seem to like our heavy traffic as two accounts were deleted. Have a nice day with your families!

November 21, 2001
EXCLUSIVE's 'In The Time Of The Butterflies' coverage is online. So far, I made 5 videoclips of the movie. I picked my favorite scenes and hope you enjoy my choices. Hopefully, the server will take the massive traffic we are about to cause. Special thanks to Ed Seawright! Without his help, this exclusive feature wouldn't have been possible. Enjoy!
More clips to come up soon.

November 20, 2001
I added another set of new photos to the red carpet section. I don't want to link to all the galleries - simply start browsing through the newest ones. Thanks to my dear friend Linda from Starring Julia Roberts.

November 19, 2001
I found these photos of the real Mirabal sisters. I suppose Minerva, the character that Salma plays, is the one at the bottom. Thought you would be interested.

November 18, 2001
I added some nice vidcaps by an unknown artist. You will also find the results for picture of the month november and a new poll. Let's see how you like the Bond girl idea?

November 17, 2001
Yes, it's Coffee's birthday and I am about to leave for his party. I don't feel too well though. I caught a terrible cold some days ago. :( Nevertheless I added a brand-new interview from The London Evening Standard. It reveals a lot of interesting details on her upcoming projects. Enjoy!

November 16, 2001
New photos from last night's Mick Jagger gig.

Today I added quite a few new articles. First of all, the one from the upcoming Glamour Magazine issue. Salma talks about 'Frida' and her woman of the year award. Thanks to Ed Seawright. Then, there is a new article on 'Frida' from the November issue of UK magazine Empire. Thanks to I also added a page with reviews of 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'. The one from the LA Times is new. Once again thanks to Ed and to Joanne who scanned the cover of the supplement. I also found out that the New York Times article that I added yesterday was part of a 'Style & Entertaining' supplement. Here is the cover scan.

November 15, 2001
Once again a very special addition. Here is a fantastic article on 'Frida' with some very exclusive photos from the set - as featured in the NYTimes. Thanks a million to Julio Machorro for sharing it with us.

November 14, 2001
Another special treat: For those who have missed the Rosie O'Donnell show, we have a transcript and some screenshots. Many thanks to Joanne Santiago and Ed Seawright. Recently there have been so many people helping out that I must send a HUGE thank you to all of you. The site just wouldn't be the same without your contributions. Keep it up! ;)

November 13, 2001
Here we go: the full transcript of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno plus a second audio clip. Thanks to Salmaholic.

November 12, 2001
Here are some special contributions by Joanne Santiago. She scanned the Frida Fashion photosession from Harper's Bazaar and also made an audio clip for us. The clip consists of 3 interview bits from Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year Awards. Thanks a million for this special treat!

November 11, 2001
Photos, photos and more photos: new ones to the galleries for VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards, Women of the Year Awards and two new ones taken at the Sabera Foundation charity event. Thanks to Joanne Santiago.

November 10, 2001
I've collected 8 more photos from the Stars 2001 gala. Thanks to Mike for helping.

November 10, 2001
I just added a gallery with photos taken at the Stars 2001 benefit. I hope there are more to come soon. Thanks to Alberto Motolinia.

November 9, 2001
The video device is working now and I made some vidcaps of my VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards tape. I especially like the photo which shows Salma as a girl. I have never seen one from her childhood - so this one is quite rare. Enjoy!

November 8, 2001
Just got back from college - I am terribly tired, yet still excited. Alicia rocked the house. I have no words for her awesome talent. I figured I had kind of neglected the fanzone and updated it: letters to Salma, 25 new members to the fanlist and two additions to fanart. There are also two new photos showing Salma, Gwyn and Sandra at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards. Thanks to Linda of Starring Julia Roberts!

November 7, 2001
Another set of photos at the Women of the Year Awards and several cover scans contributed by Alberto Motolinia and Julio Machorro. Thank you! I have to hurry - I'm seeing Alicia Keys perform live tonight. :)

November 6, 2001
Geez, what an exciting day. I just finished watching 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'. Yes, the tape arrived! I can't thank Ed Seawright enough. He is just too sweet to be true. Thank you ever so much for the tape!!! :) I am still happy with joy. This is definitely Salma's best performance so far. What a great movie. I also bought my new TV card today. I am still trying to configure it, but once it's done I'll share some caps and clips of the movie with you. ;) In the meantime, here is a cool photo from the set of 'Death to Smoochy' contributed by Thanks to Joanne!

November 5, 2001
I made a set of DVD caps from 'The Making of Timecode'. You can also listen to Salma talking about the concept of the movie and how improvising worked out for here. Here is the link to the audio clip. If you still haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend the DVD edition.

November 4, 2001
Another set of photos to the Woman of the Year Awards plus I updated the shop with a new DVD version of 'Desperado'. I also added a whole bunch of photos to buy and the link to Salman Rushdie's novel 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet'. I am definitely going to get myself a copy of it. Besides, I highly recommend Hayden Herrera's Frida biography. I read it and it is excellent. I also enjoyed reading Julia Alvarez's 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'.

November 3, 2001
A total of 194 pictures has been added to the galleries in October and the latest issue of our newsletter is on its way.

November 2, 2001
Added two new promotional photos for 'Frida' (thanks to Susan of and one for 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'.

November 1, 2001
Welcome back..
to the revamped improved version of After days and days of work, the new design is finally online. I hope you can still find your way around the site and enjoy the new look as much as I do. Now, it's back to normal with more updates to come soon.

October 31, 2001
Happy Halloween!
Since it is Halloween, I wanted to remind you of the Coors Light 'Queen of Halloween' ad campaign that Salma did in 1999. I added a few more photos from the Woman of the Year Awards. The new design is shaping up really well. I expect it to be online by tomorrow night. :)

October 30, 2001
I just found out that Salma accepted her Woman of the Year award at a ceremony last night. I am so happy to see her win an award like this. Here is a gallery with some nice photos. Thanks to Margaret.

October 30, 2001
Some good news, some bad news: I am currently redesigning and it takes a long time to change 700 HTML pages, I can tell. Well, I haven't been able to answer your mails and what's worth the newsletter about the Rosie show went out too late for people to catch it. I apologize for that. I didn't know that Rosie aired in the afternoon. :( I hope at least the people who visit the site frequently have had fun watching it. I don't know if anyone of the people who usually make caps and audio files for us taped it though. I haven't been able to stay in touch these days. I hope someone did. Otherwise I will need someone to share a copy of his tape with us. We could arrange a videotape exchange then. If you want to help please email me. I am expecting my 'In the time of the butterflies' copy sent by Ed in my mail these days and I also caught the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards on German TV. I ordered a new TV card - so by the end of the week I should be able to provide you with a lot of new coverage (I am afraid - except for Rosie). The new design should be up in the next days. I am working hard on it.

October 27, 2001
Another set of photos from the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards plus a few more caps from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Thanks to Joanne and Salmaholic. I recently received quite a few mails saying that the audio clips couldn't be accessed. I still haven't figured out the problem because it works perfectly for me. The username and password have to be capitalized. Still there are some people who say it doesn't work with a capitalized S and H. As this is the only place to upload our MP3s, I have no other choice. If you endure problems email me with the exact error message you are receiving. Otherwise I won't be able to help.

October 24, 2001
10 more photos to the galleries for 'The Concert for New York City' and the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards.

October 23, 2001
Eddie Seawright got me all excited. He promised me to send a copy of 'In the time of the butterflies' as a thank you for my continous work on the website. THANKS A MILLION! I can't wait to finally get to see the movie. And if it wasn't for your generosity, I probably would never see it here in Germany. Mike sent us a couple of new backstage photos from both 'The Concert for New York City' and the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards. Thank you! Enjoy the show tonight.

October 22, 2001
I hope you all enjoyed watching 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'. As usual, there was no chance for me to see it right away, but I hope that someone will be so kind as to send me a copy. :) I also wanted to thank you for all your mails. I don't have enough time to answer them right away but I will make sure that everyone of you gets a reply. Thanks for your support. Today I added a gallery with screenshots of Salma's brief appearance at the Concert for New York City. She seemed to be very moved but I guess, we all were. Here is also a short audio clip from this event. Thanks again to our Salmaholic team!

October 21, 2001
Not feeling too well today. I am also still sleepy from watching 'The Concert for New York City' all night. I've got a few small photos of Salma and Edward backstage and a new shot from the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards. I also repaired about a dozen broken links in the video archive and set up a new section for our transcripts. There is a new one from last year's press conference for 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'. TV critics respond positively:
- Houston Chronicle
(positive/frequent major spoilers)
- San Francisco Chronicle
(mixed, positive/minor spoilers)
- USA Today (neutral/no spoilers)
Tune in to the movie premiere at 8 p.m. ET/PT tonight on Showtime.

October 20, 2001
I added a gallery with brand-new shots from the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards. There are also quite a few reviews for 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'. I will collect more and add the links tomorrow.

October 19, 2001
Today it's time for our coverage of The Tonight Show. With the help of Salmaholic we have come up with these features so far: screenshots | audio file | transcript. More audio files to come soon. I will also finish the transcript once I have the audio. And as promised another special treat: Salma signing Jay's motorcycle as full-length videoclip. Enjoy!

October 18, 2001
I sat down to make some caps and a clip of Salma's surprise appearance at the Tonight Show when she signed the motorcycle. Unfortunately the quality of my tape is not very good because the tv signal of NBC came not through too well that day. I tried my best to make the pictures as smooth as possible though. I will upload the full-length videoclip tomorrow and hope you'll like it.

October 15, 2001
I was lucky enough to catch the Tonight Show on German TV last night. I didn't think they would still air it but there it was Salma's surprise appearance. Unfortunately I can't make any caps at home right now, but I will make sure to make them along with a videoclip at a friend's place this week. :) I made a small teaser photo with my digital camera though (see right @ Leno news). I also added a new poll and the results for picture of the month October.

October 14, 2001
Here is a translation of the Cinemania interviews with the 'Frida' crew: 'Spying Frida'. Special thanks to Morris!

October 13, 2001
More scans contributed by Alberto Motolinia: The article 'Espiando a Frida' consists of interviews with the crew of 'Frida' - the art director, the casting director and the press spokesperson. It was published in Cinemania magazine, September 2001. Enjoy.

October 12, 2001
Completed our TIME magazine coverage with three brand-new scans sent in by Alberto Motolinia. Thanks for helping us! Be sure to buy yourself a copy.

October 11, 2001
Victor Rodriguez helped us with an early transcript of Salma Hayek's essay on the Mexican film industry to be published in a special edition of Time Magazine October 15. Thank you! Read the essay.

October 10, 2001
More 'In The Time Of The Butterflies' Coverage: transcript of cast interview at TCA Summer Tour, more promotional photos, updated movie info, link to official site (note: it has been shut down by Showtime) Here is also the cover of the special edition of TIME magazine that was released this week.

October 6, 2001
Thanks to Remco for his addition to our fanart section.

October 2, 2001
Today I sent out the September issue of our newsletter. I changed the style and the frequency a month ago and decided to store the old editions on the website. You will find the last two editions here.

October 1, 2001

We finally had the chance to scan the print ad Salma did for Chopard's Madness fragrance. Enjoy! Special thanks to the ever so patient Coffee.

September 30, 2001
Here is a brand-new scan sent in by Joanne. The text says: "Dios Salve A America - In Spanish it means "God Save America" - and that's the message Mexican-born beauty Salma Hayek is sending in L.A. as she totes a handful of flags."

September 29, 2001
The photo gallery index has been updated with all the latest pictures - a total of 66 new ones (including a promotional photo for 'Hotel').

September 28, 2001
Here are brand-new hi-res scans from Premiere Magazine's feature on 'Frida'. A huge thanks to Bill! Check out the gallery and the article.

September 27, 2001
Two new galleries with 10 photos taken at the 'America: A Tribute to Heroes' event and at a public screening of 'Hotel' (part of the Toronto Film Festival).
Thanks to Victor Bustos!

September 26, 2001

I still can't believe what happened. Coffee and I were in Boston at the time the terrorist attacks hit New York and Washington. We tried to make the best of our vacation but the pictures of the people involved in this horror scenario have haunted us ever since. My deepest felt condolences to all the victims and their families. I gathered information on the organizations to contact if you want to make a donation. I hope we will find a way to go on with our lives - in some way or another. Even though it is hard to move on I updated the website with information on Salma Hayek. Thanks to Morris who kept an eye on the news in the last 2 weeks, it was easy for me to gather the info this night. It kept me busy while dealing with my terrible jetlag. You may have seen Salma on the telecast of the telethon last Friday. It felt very special to me to see all these great artists united. God bless us all.

September 9, 2001
Sorry folks, but there comes the day when even the most enthusiastic webmaster has to take some time off. Today Coffee and I are leaving for a 2-week roundtrip through New England. As you can tell I'm more than excited. As soon as I get back I'll work on some coverage about the Toronto Film Festival. Salma is officially confirmed to attend. In the meantime I recommend to check the news section at the festival's website. There is some interesting info on 'Hotel' which is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday. Stay cool and see you in 2 weeks! :)

September 8, 2001
I added a gallery with 40 photos from the set of 'Once upon a time in Mexico'. Unfortunately there are not many shots of Salma but I thought it would be nice to get an over-all impression of the movie. Special thanks to Daniela of Renee's Diary for sending in this terrific scan. Our collection of birthday wishes for Salma is complete now.

September 7, 2001
Two new photos from the set of 'Frida':
photo 1 | photo 2. There is also a new poll and the results for Picture of the Month September.

September 6, 2001
Here is another mp3 file taken from Salma's appearance in 'Who the hell is Juliette'. The audio file is in Spanish. Click here to access the audio section.

September 5, 2001
Finally 'La Gran Vida' will be released on DVD and video in the US. The dubbed English and the subtitled Spanish video versions will be available for rent on September 18. The DVD edition includes both languages plus a making-of featurette. You can pre-order it for $22.46 at Here is a promotional flyer and more information on the movie.

September 2, 2001
I've collected your birthday wishes and compiled them in this section dedicated to Salma's birthday. Hopefully she is going to visit to have a look at our messages. I've decided that you can still leave your messages in the guestbook. It will stay online till September 8th. So go ahead and post your birthday greetings!

September 1, 2001
I uploaded the funniest audio clip of our collection. Salma reads the story 'In the rain with baby duck' in the show 'Storytime'. ;)

August 31, 2001
Special thanks to Alfonso Delgado for sending us these scans taken from the recent Vanidades magazine issue. It features a Spanish article on Frida and the same photos that were included in Cambio magazine. If you understand Spanish you can check out the article on these scans!
Scan 1 | Scan 2 | Scan 3 | Scan 4

August 30, 2001
I added more interviews to the audio section. Salma talks about 'Fools Rush In' and about her inspiration to play Frida Kahlo.

August 29, 2001

Finally you can have a closer look at Salma in 'Once upon a time in Mexico'. Here are two photos taken on the set: photo 1 | photo 2 Special thanks to Nadusha of Robert Rodriguez Nethome for sending us these great shots!

August 28, 2001
The audio section is almost complete. I added 3 more interviews about '54' and 'Wild Wild West'.

August 27, 2001
Yet again more audio files: interviews about 'Fools Rush In' and 'Wild Wild West' plus award show appearances at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards and the My VH1 Music Awards in 2000. Enjoy!

August 26, 2001
More audio files: Salma promoting 'The Faculty' in the David Letterman Show, her interview with Tyra Banks at the Academy Awards in 2000 and her appearance at the Academy Awards in 1997.

August 25, 2001
I found a place to host our mp3 files - finally. Thus I updated the audio section with a full-length tv show interview. Listen to Salma's appearance in the David Letterman Show in 2000. A million thanks to Bill Austin! If you want to share your video/audio footage with us please write to Jacinda.

August 24, 2001
The videoclip update didn't turn out to be that successful. We obviously caused too much traffic in just one day. *sigh* Yahoo! didn't delete the account though. Now you have to log in with my password to download the files. I know it's a bit complicated but it's the best I can do right now. I also added the links to the Storytime and the Action clips.

August 23, 2001
I spent the last day fixing half a dozen broken links. All galleries and the screensavers are available again. Most of the broken links were in the video section though. It is always a problem having most of the files stored on different websites. Once in a while we get kicked out due to the heavy traffic we cause. With a vast collection of large videoclips like this, it is hard to keep everything going. Finally I found a place that allows storing video files. Therefore I am going to bring back all the classic clips. I started with uploading 7 very rare videoclips from Salma's tv guest appearance in 'Dream On'. More footage to come in the next days. There is also a new poll below. Here are the results for picture of the month August.

August 22, 2001
98 photos found their place in the galleries. I added most of them in the last month. There are a few new photos from the Harrods Summer Sale though. Thanks to Daniela for her scan! There is also a new gallery with screenshots from an interview with Byron Allen. A huge thanks to Cara and Carl Silva! I hope you're feeling much better now, Carl. All the best to you!

August 21, 2001
Not only am I extremely busy these days, there is also not much new Salma material around. So don't worry, there will be more updates to come. I think I've spoilt you in the last months. ;) Today I added a cool drawing by Matthew D.S. Rasch to our fanart section.

August 21, 2001
[Birthday Greetings 2001]
I also created a guestbook where you can leave birthday messages for Salma. I can't guarantee that she will have a look at them. But I think it's worth a try. We had a pretty large collection last year. I will make the birthday guestbook available until September 2. Then I'm going to post all of your greetings here at

August 15, 2001
Reforma posted an interesting article about Salma Hayek's painting teacher Dionisio Ceballos who also made reproductions of Frida Kahlo paintings for the movie. Here is the article in Spanish and a new photo that shows Salma painting. You can access Dionisio Ceballos's website here to see his awesome artwork. Thanks to Morris and Gon! I also updated the upcoming movies section with more information on 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet'.

August 10, 2001
Truti posted a very interesting photo in our messageboard. It seems to be the first promotional shot for 'In The Time Of The Butterflies' and shows Salma Hayek posing with Marc Anthony. Have a look!

August 7, 2001
I'm sorry for the lack of updates. It's been a terrible busy week and I also started working on a new design for However here are two short audio clips. They were contributed by Bill (Thank you!). The first one is taken from Salma's appearance in the Rosie O'Donnell Show in 1998, the second one is a short interview on 'The Hunchback'.

August 3, 2001
I made more dvd caps of Salma in 'Time Code'. If you haven't seen the movie you should really go for it. It is nothing you have experienced before. Here is the gallery!

August 1, 2001
Thanks for your birthday wishes. I haven't managed to answer all mails and messages since I was very busy in the last days. Here is a new videoclip taken at the press conference of 'La Gran Vida' in Madrid.

July 29, 2001
Yesterday Coffee and I celebrated my birthday with a one day trip to Holland. We had a great time and I received a very special present from my friend Morris. He transcribed and translated the complete 45-minute interview from Otro Rollo for me. It must have taken him forever to do that. I can't thank him enough and I am eager to share this rare transcript with you! Click here for the Spanish and the English version! What a great birthday present! :)

July 27, 2001
The results for picture of the month July are in. You will find a new poll below. I recently transcribed the full article featured in the July 1999 issue of Glamour magazine. Thanks to Bill for scanning the pages from the magazine for us. A special thanks to Coffee for helping me with the transcript.

July 26, 2001
Today there's a new addition of screenshots taken from last year's Otro Rollo appearance. Thanks to Bill again! Here is the gallery. More Otro Rollo coverage to come soon! ;)

July 25, 2001
Bill was so nice as to contribute some screenshots taken from the recent E! News interview. You will find them here. Enjoy!

July 24, 2001
We have two new interview clips online. They were held at the TCA Summer tour when Salma was promoting 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'. The first one is taken from 'Access Hollywood' and revails the truth behind the monkey attack on the 'Frida' set. The audio clip was sent in by Joanne. We also have the interview that aired in yesterday's E!Daily News. Morris sent us a transcript and Bill made an audioclip for us. A big thank you to all of you!

July 23, 2001
I added a few more photos from the Abascal wedding. Thanks to Morris! You will also find a 15-minute videoclip of the press conference for 'In The Time Of The Butterflies' along with a transcript. I will try to get a translation of it soon.

July 22, 2001
Joanne sent us a new scan from the Harrods Summer Sale. Have a look! I also added a few new photos to the TCA Summer Tour gallery. Enjoy!

July 21, 2001
Have a look at our newly compiled quote collection. It took me a long time to complete this - hopefully you will find it as useful as I do. ;)

July 20, 2001
I added two short videoclips of Salma attending the premiere of 'Three Kings' and 'Anna and the King' in 1999.

July 19, 2001
Reuters published a feature article on 'Frida' along with the larger version of a promotional photo that we already had in our galleries. Thanks to Candy!

July 18, 2001
Yesterday TV Azteca aired special footage taken on the set of 'Once upon a time in Mexico'. They have a streaming videoclip online and I added it to the video section. But don't expect too much. The quality is so low that you can hardly recognize Salma. :( Did anyone who is able to make screenshots tape the show? We would highly appreciate any help.

July 17, 2001
Finally a photo from the set of 'Once upon a time in Mexico'. Too bad it is not a close-up, but isn't she beautiful?

July 16, 2001
I recently restructured the articles & interviews section. I also added an interview from Interview Magazine, February 1997. Enjoy!

July 15, 2001
Today the Sunday LA Times published a feature article on 'Frida'. It includes some really interesting facts about the process of making the movie, the production and the promotion of it. The article is called 'Feeling Frida's Pain' - the most complete collection of information so far. Thanks to Joanne! You will also find 3 new movie stills in the 'Frida' galleries. The photo galleries index was also updated with a total of 83 pictures.

July 13, 2001
Yesterday Salma Hayek presented her movie 'In The Time Of The Butterflies' to the members of the TV Critics Association. We have a gallery with brand-new photos. I hope to find more material on this presentation soon.

July 12, 2001
USA Today published an interesting article about the Mexican film industry and the way movies like 'Frida' have influenced it. Read the full article here!

July 11, 2001
Finally there is some footage from the set of 'Once upon a time in Mexico'. These two videoclips are taken from TV Azteca, unfortunately the quality is very low. However you can get a glimpse of what Salma will look like in the movie. Have a look at the two streaming videoclips!

July 10, 2001
While Salma promoted Veracruz in several tv spots last year there is now a new ad campaign in Mexico. Check out the beautiful print ad. For more information on Salma's native region of Veracruz visit

July 9, 2001
Today I added two more photos from the set of Frida as well as two videoclips. The first one mainly shows Antonio Banderas on set while the second is a short clip of Salma.

July 8, 2001
The Cambio Magazine Coverage is complete now: you can read the article either in Spanish or English plus photos included in the magazine. The scans are terrific and show Salma Hayek painting and posing with Edward Norton. Not to be missed! A million thanks to Morris!!!

July 7, 2001
A very special thanks to Susan from the Unofficial Edward Norton Information Page for sending in two terrific scans. They are taken from a promotional brochure about 'Frida' given out by Miramax at this year's Cannes Film Festival. I'm in love with this beautiful photo that shows Salma posing as Frida Kahlo. You will find updated information on the cast and crew of 'Frida' at

July 6, 2001
Today I added 10 more photos from the Harrods Summer Sale. I especially like the one that shows Salma posing with a huge plush lion. ;) Here is the gallery.

July 5, 2001
I added two sets of photos from yesterday's Harrods July Sale. The gallery features 25 new photos now.

July 4, 2001
Salma opened Harrod's summer sale in London today. Here are the first photos. For more information enter the news archive!

July 3, 2001
Today we have a very special treat for you: a collection of DVD caps contributed by Jani Virtanen. Thanks a million!!! We really appreciate your help. The pics include promotional photos included on the DVD as well as a few caps taken from the making of. Enter the gallery and enjoy!

July 2, 2001
Here is a snapshot of Salma attending the wedding of Juan Villalonga and Adriana Abascal in Los Angeles this Saturday.

July 1, 2001
'La Gran Vida' is now opening as wide release in Mexico. Here are a few more movie stills.