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Y2K Emergency! Celebrity Stockpiles Revealed in January's GLAMOUR Magazine

Extra Cash, Bottled Water And Dukes of Hazzard Reruns: Stars Confide Their Millennial Stashes In The January Issue

NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Dec. 15, 1999-- What are stars like Salma Hayek and Ben Affleck afraid of living without when the clock strikes 2000? In GLAMOUR magazine's January issue, celebrities confide the unique things they'll be sure to have on hand this New Year's eve.

Ben Affleck, actor--

"I'm of the theory that as soon as people start stockpiling anything, it puts a run on that thing and that's what creates disaster. So I'm being responsible by not stockpiling anything.''

Salma Hayek, actress--

"My mother is nagging me about it, so I think I'll have to start pretty soon. She wants me to get extra food and water and batteries for flashlights and all that stuff.''

Matthew Perry, actor--

"Old 'Dukes of Hazzard' episodes, because you can never really have enough of them.''

Jennifer Esposito, actress--

"I'm not going to do a damn thing but get lots of champagne--definitely!--and have a pajama party!''

Alexis Arquette, actor--

"Fishnet stockings. I'm afraid when the computers crash, all the stores will be out of them. Those and fake eyelashes.''

Kim Cattrall, actress--

"I'm stocking up on everything--just in case.''

Milla Jovovich, model/actress--

"I'm sticking close to home and stockpiling a lot of friends and a lot of food for a big, scrumptious barbecue.''

Janeane Garofalo, actress/comedienne--

"I am going to stockpile gold bricks. And then I'm going to sit in my apartment on top of the pile of bricks, with lots of bottled water and my rifle, shouting 'get off my land' at anyone who steps off the elevator.''

The January issue of GLAMOUR hits newsstands on December 14.