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Stars are coming to Swedish movie premiere

Huge stars Salma Hayek, Jeff Goldblum and Lara Flynn Boyle might come to Sweden. To enchance the world premiere of the Swedish gang's Traktor Hollywood movie "Chain of Fools".

- They've said that they would like to come over, one of the Traktor directors, Patrik von Krusenstierna says.

Early yesterday morning a preview of Traktors movie was arranged in Los Angeles. Hayek, Goldblum, Flynn Boyle and Steve Zahn play the lead parts. The black comedy with a budget of 200 million SEK was set in Vancouver last summer and the premiere will be in Sweden, Marsch 9th. Then the Traktor people - five directors and two producers - will be there. Everything also points to the fact that the actors will show up. Salma Hayek and Jeff Goldblum are of course the two largest names. They are interested in coming over but it depends on how their schedules look. says von Krusenstierna. "Chain of Fools" centers around a hairdresser (Zahn) who by mistake kills one of his customers and gets his hands on three valuable but stolen coins. The story gets more complicated when he falls in love with the policewoman who is investigating the theft.

Have their own style von Krusenstierna and his colleague Pontus L÷wenhielm have answered for the directing while their colleagues Sam Larsson, Mats Lindberg och Ulf Johansson have worked as advisers. But the viewers can't know that. In the credits it only says Traktor. - We fought to get it like that. It's our style, says Traktors Richard Ulfvengren who together with Olle Sanders have produced the movie.

Tons of commercials.

The way to Hollywood, the group have taken via more than 300 commercial movies since 1990. The group has worked for amongst others H&M, Volvo, Ikea, SAS, Nike, Diesel and MTV. But after the movie debut, the want more. They are already looking at scripts and have a few film - and tv-projects in development.- We have to do one more movie and use the things we've tought working with "Chain of Fools" says L÷wenhielm.

Very special thanks to Linda of Starring Julia Roberts!