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Salma vs. Jennifer?

Are Latina divas Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez feuding?

People magazine reports that an interview with Hayek for Britain's Sunday Times inadvertently dissed Lopez.

What exactly did Hayek say? "People say 'Latino' like we're all identical, but Jennifer Lopez is American. She's from New York. She doesn't have an accent."

Turns out that wasn't a personal slam on the Bronx-raised Lopez, Hayek now tells People.

Hayek, currently on screens in Wild Wild West, admits she's not "intimate friends" with Lopez, but that her comment was actually a tribute to Jennifer's versatility. "She's doing great because she's a good actress. She can play any American girl because she doesn't have an accent. Then she can play a Latin girl because her background is Latin."

"No comment," was Lopez's reaction.

Lopez came to prominence playing slain Tejano superstar Selena and then shot to superstar status herself opposite George Clooney in Out of Sight.

When Mr. Showbiz recently asked Hayek whether she was "inspired by the Latino explosion" with Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez, the Mexican-born actress was quick to say, "No. That is BS." She added, "Hey, I'm doing great, but I can't sit here and say, 'Yeah, we're doing great! Latino Power!' That's not true. It's two of us. And I get scripts for things that they want me to do because they really like the Latino girl. And the movie doesn't get done. If I don't do it, if Jennifer doesn't do it, the movie doesn't get done."

The only place these two divas have been seen together: Try Will Smith's 30th birthday cake! According to Entertainment Weekly, Lopez, Hayek, and Scary Spice all were depicted on the cake, courtesy of Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who had the baker write: "Now you can have a piece."