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Bodhi Language

Ed Norton doesn't like to reveal much about his love life, but the first-time director didn't mind giving bedroom pointers to the cast of his movie "Keeping the Faith."

Norton came to the rescue when Bodhi Elfman found his knees knocking over his raucous love scenes as a corporate Casanova.

"I've been with my wife for nine years and haven't touched another hand since I met her," Elfman told us at Wednesday's premiere party at Studio 450 as he held onto the waist of his now-red-haired wife, Jenna, who stars in the romantic comedy with Norton and Ben Stiller. "I was nervous; Edward had to talk me through it," he said. Neither was Norton shy about barking directions at his knockout girlfriend, Salma Hayek, when the two posed for pictures on the red carpet. Norton, who seemed less than eager to pose with Hayek, was overheard warning her that the pictures might come back to haunt them should they split "five months from now."

While Hayek would only say that she's "proud" of her boyfriend, Stiller's fiance, "Wedding Singer" star Christine Taylor, told us all about their plans to wed in the next month or two.

"We're getting married at Yankee Stadium with 20,000 other couples," she joked. "It's an arranged marriage. This is actually our first meeting."

The only actor in the film who didn't have such a great time Wednesday was Radio Man, the New York autograph hound, who couldn't get into the premiere or the party. "That's okay," said the scraggly imp, who got compliments from Michael Eisner and Dustin Hoffman for his two lines. "I'm in Adam Sandler's movie 'Little Nicky.' He'll get me into the premiere."