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Salma Hayek describes the next president of the country

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Salma Hayek stated that the next president of Mexico must love the country deeply and must have a great honesty.

Boca del Rio, Mexico. - The Mexican actress Salma Hayek stated today that the next president of Mexico must love the country deeply and must have a great honesty, independently of the party to which he belongs.

The artist who is in the Eastern state of Veracruz, to film a promotional one on the beauties of her native country, is the daughter of a local politician that gets along with the candidate of Partido governor Revolucionario Institucional (PRI), Francisco Labastida.

Nevertheless, and in spite of the paternal opinions, when speaking about the subject in a press conference she assured to be " incapable to think of policy ".

Concerning ger participation in the promotional one, she said that it is the best form that she found for " the past helping " to Veracruz after the serious damages suffered by the floods registered in this year.

" I got in contact with the governor Miguel Alemán Velasco (after the floods) and we reached the agreement in which the best form to help would be with the promotion of the state ", she said.

She explained that " we have recorded in the archaeological zone of the Tajín, in the ports of Veracruz and Coatzacoalcos, as well as in the region of Catemaco (famous for the wizards there and the landscape that surrounds the town) ".

Hayek also indicated that " I wanted to show more places, but the main problem (to extend the shooting) is for me the time ".

On the other hand, she announced that she will film a history on the Dominican Republic in Veracruz starting in the middle of 2000 or at the beginning of 2001.