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Will PenÚlope and Salma work together?

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During the Festival of Cannes, PenÚlope Cruz assured that Salma Hayek and herself wished to film soon, although they still do not find the script perfect. By: Juan Manuel Navarro

Reforma (15-05-2000).-CANNES. - Do you imagine them together, Salma Hayek and PenÚlope Cruz on the great screen? Good, that is a possibility that both actresses already are seeing so that in the future they can share credits in cinema, since the two are are pleased by the idea. They even stated that they already had seen some scripts.

" We want to work together, but the problem is that we still have not found a script that is perfect to do it ", PenÚlope said, " Salma is a very good friend of mine and we get along very well. That's why we hoped that it does not take a long time so that we can work together soon".

The friendship with Salma took her to live several weeks in the house of the Mexican actress in Los Angeles, while she took care of work subjects.

" My place of residence is Madrid, it's there where I live ", she expressed, " but because now I have had many opportunities to work in Hollywood I often travel from Madrid to Los Angeles ".

The interview with PenÚlope was made in one of the villas of the exclusive hotel Du CAP, that is in one of the highest zones of Cannes.

There, the actress arrived to promote her recent titled film Woman on Top, in which she interprets a Brazilian girl who soon becomes a famous chef that conquers the United States, thanks to a television program.

In this film, produced by 20th Century Fox, PenÚlope she is directed by the Fine Venezuelan Towers and acts next to the Brazilian Murilo Benicio.

" When I read the history of Woman on Top, it seemed wonderful to me", she commented, " she approaches the subjects of the magic, love, food, sex and friendship. I believe that people that see the movie discover the magic that is there".