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Roba cámara Salma Hayek en presentación de reglamento de cine

Actress Salma Hayek, whose fame trespassed the frontiers of Mexico some years ago, was practically the star in the event in which the new code of cinematographic law was presented, in the Government headquarters in Mexico City.

The attention in the ceremony was focused from the beginning on Salma's presence, who was insistently searched for by photographers, reporters and camera men to probably achieve some declarations by her.

Among the few lucky people who approached Salma was Santiago Creel, the Secretary of Government, who saluted her with a huge smile on his lips before climbing to the podium from which he preceded the ceremony.

At the end of which, the attention to Salma practically went out of control and had her declaring: "They always do the same thing to me... they push me and throw me, look how they have me, I'm only trying to reach my car!"

About her project to shoot the life of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Hayek could barely say "I think it's going fine..." and the "interview" was over.

Present in the event was practically every person connected to the culture and the movie industry, all of whom celebrated the unanimous approval of the document and the jubilee which its publication has provoked in the industry.

Mathias Erenbherg, head of Titán Producciones, said that "the code establishes new conditions for private initiative."

Víctor Ugalde, responsible for the area of screenplay in the General Writing Society of Mexico (SOGEM), manifested that the next step is to thoroughly revise the content of the code.

He also said that if approved, the proposal of the National Counsel for the Culture and the Arts (Conaculta) of granting a hundred million pesos to the Fidecine, "would be unfulfilling to impulse the industry, because it's about a commercial profile and therefore it would have to attend all sectors, production, distribution and exhibition."

According to the main man of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography (Imcine), Alfredo Joscowicz, Mexican cinema now counts on the support to generate all kinds of proposals.

He pointed that Imcine counts with the supportive fund for the creation of quality cinema (Foprocine), and now moviemakers count with Fidecine.

"This way, industrial-oriented films will count with the support of Fidecine and those projects, with characteristics unlike these, more related with research, will count with Foprocine," said he.

He discarted that any film could count with the support of both funds, "for this would be negative to the industry itself."

Actor and producer Bruno Bichir, said: "the important thing is that now there are ears and mouths. The first ones listen to what has to be said by the second ones, which belong to an industry in need of a lot of support and at the same time can generate resources for the country."

"What follows, looking for scripts, stories and get to work hard. The Secretary of Government has been very clear," he added.

He commented that Creel pointed how the times are over in which "All the power applied to an unfair law where everybody lost, now it's on to say: cut and action."

Representatives of the culture, production, exhibition and film distribution were present. Also Mexican actors and filmmakers.

Special thanks to Gon for this translation!
Source: El Universal