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AOL Argentina Launch Party

AOLiveMC9: Welcome, Magic Johnson and Salma Hayek!

Salma Hayek: Thank you. Iím very happy to be in Argentina.

AOLiveMC9: Here is our first question for tonight.

Question: This is for Selma... I love ALL of your work. I have to say that your work is very inspiring. I have to ask, what is the next project you will be working on?

Salma Hayek: First of all, my name is spelled Salma. Thank you very much. I hope that every time I make better projects, and in this effort, Iíve started my own production company. My next project will be produced by my company, Ventanarosa. Itís based on the best-selling novel ĎIn The Time Of The Butterflies,í and itís about the Mirabal sisters who fought the regime of the dictator Trujillo in the Dominican Republic.

Question: Salma, are you thinking about doing a film in Argentina?

Salma Hayek: I would love to do a movie in Argentina, but right now I have not found a project yet to do here. But I hope one day I will.

Question: Salma, what was it like working with Will Smith?

Salma Hayek: Oh, really, heís the best. He is always in a good mood, making everybody laugh and singing all day long. It was a wonderful experience. And I was very lucky, because we stayed very good friends.

Question: Magic, what do you feel about being the number one?

Magic Johnson: Thank you, I just feel great that people love me.

Question: When can I see ya, Magic, in Los Angeles for your next signing?

Magic Johnson: I canít tell you when at this time, but I canít wait to meet you and sign an item for you.

Question: Magic, congratulation of your the success of your charity event in LA for the benefit of young students. Do you have any plans of repeating the event in other cities?

Magic Johnson: Yes, hopefully in Detroit, New York, Chicago and Miami.

Question: To Magic, what would you say are the keys to your success?

Magic Johnson: My work ethics and my attitude and my ability to work well with others. And last but not least, I love challenges.

Question: Magic, you have played with and against many players. Who is the best team player and the toughest challenger?

Magic Johnson: The best team player was Larry Bird, and the tougher challenger was Michael Jordan.

Question: Magic, do you like Buenos Aires?

Magic Johnson: I love the country, Buenos Aires the city, and I love the food. I love the meat, and itís fantastic.

Question: Magic, when are you playing next and will it be televised?

Magic Johnson: Denmark in September, and I donít know. And then Germany, Sweden, London and Italy in November. I donít know if it will be televised.

Question: Magic, are you really at the Colon Theater in Buenos Aires at AOLís Welcome in Argentina?

Magic Johnson: Yes, I am here, and the Colon Theater is beautiful. Itís a great, great, great, great party.

Question: Magic, what time frame do you have of being an NBA owner? Any ideas on a city?

Magic Johnson: I donít have a time frame right now. I would love the LA Lakers or a new city that doesnít have a team, like New Orleans.

Question: Do you think the Lakers have a good enough team to compare to when you were playing?

Magic Johnson: No, they are not as good as the Ď80s Lakers.

Question: Magic, I grew up in East Lansing during the Ď70s like you did. How much do you think the area has changed since then?

Magic Johnson: A lot has changed for the good. Downtown is better. MSU basketball and football teams are the best in the country. But theyíve taken away middle school sports and activities, and that has hurt a lot of young people.

Question: Magic, who was the biggest influence on you in your basketball career (and I am sure you have been asked this many times)?

Magic Johnson: My father, Pat Riley, and Judd Heathcote and George Fox. They are all my coaches at high school, college and NBA. And they are responsible for the Magic. Good-bye, and I love you all and we will chat again soon.

AOLiveMC9: Thank you very much for your time, and to the audience for their great questions.

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