Correct Answers 21 - 30:

Question 21:
Which role does Salma play in Chain of Fools?
The upcoming movie Chain of Fools shows Salma as a detective.

Question 22:
Where was Salma's new movie La Gran Vida shot?
In Spain.

Question 23:
What is the name of Salma's production company?

Question 24:
What is special about the movie Time Code?
It was shot digitally with no editing at all.

Question 25:
What is Salma's favorite basketball team?
LA Lakers

Question 26:
In which year was Salma Queen of Halloween in the Coors Light adverts?

Question 27:
What is Serendipity, the character Salma portrays in Dogma?
a muse

Question 28:
In which movie didn't Salma dance?
There was no dance scene in Desperado.

Question 29:
Which actor never starred in a movie with Salma?
Edward Norton. She starred with Russell Crowe in Breaking Up (1997) and Kevin Kline in Wild Wild West (1999).

Question 30:
Which award hasn't Salma received yet?
The MTV Movie Award. She was only nominated for Best Kiss but didn't win.

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