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Jay Leno, October 17, 2001
Transcript by Jacinda

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JL: It's good to see you again.

SH: It's good to see you.

JL: Now, you see, everybody knows you're an actress, but you're like a business woman. You were peaching today. Remember you came in and you said, "i was peaching." What is peaching?

SH: Yes, I was in the neighborhood, pitching a television show. I said it right?

JL: That's right, that's right.

SH: Pitching.

JL: Now, let me tell you something, when you go in, you meet with the executives, you pitch your idea.. is this what you wore today to pitch your idea? [laughter]

SH: No, I had to do so that it wouldn't be distracting. I wore like a big thing over it. [laughter] So maybe the executive is going to be watching you tonight and say hey, why didn't she wear that?

JL: Let's reconsider that idea. [laughter] Now, is this something you'll star in or just like produce?

SH: No, just produce.

JL: Well.. see.. that's very cool. You have all these little irons in the fire.

SH: Yeah.. Well.. the movie I'm promoting today I also produced.

JL: You also produced that too?

SH: Yeah..

JL: Now, I saw you on the telethon last month. Was that fun for you answering the phone and making money?

SH: Yes, it was a great experience. First of all, you know, it was like so moving, because a lot of the people calling would tell you their stories and I had a veteran who had not worked for 12 years, and all his savings, which was not a lot, he was given in.

JL: Right, right.

SH: And he felt bad because he wanted to give more and because he couldn't fight anymore. So you wanted to cry. But some of the things were really funny. Like, in the beginning, I was really nervous because I didn't know how it worked. And then Bruce Springsteen was singing the first song. So nobody was calling, because everybody was just watching him. But when they showed the cameras to the celebrities on the phone.. when everybody saw the camera coming.. everybody picked up the phone and pretended that we're talking to someone. [laughter] I didn't, you know? But a lot of people.. But then, once they started calling..

JL: Were you faking it?

SH: No, no, I didn't. I got very confused. I said, "hey, somebody's gonna call and it's gonna be busy." [laughter]

JL: You see, that's a businesswoman. You see, thinking ahead?

SH: Yeah.. Hey, everybody hang up. But one of the first calls that came in, I got, and it was very funny because everybody was like .. and I got this call and the person says, you have Salma Hayek who wants to say, thank you, you know, for your donation. And the person goes, 'Salma?' I go, 'Yeah' 'This is Doug.' I'm like, 'oh, hi, Doug. Thank you for your donation. This is so great.' 'No, I'm Doug. You know, Jessica's friend? Jessica who used to work --" so I actually knew this guy, and he was like chattering away. [laughter] 'How is she?' Is she still going out with that guy?' 'Yeah, got to go, you know?" [laughter]

JL: Now who is ... Clooney told me ... did Clooney call you and ask you, is that who you mean? Clooney gets the attractive ... because I call, click. Clooney calls you answer the phone.

SH: No, Clooney was organizing. I was already going, but he called to explain what was happening and how it was going to work out. And my assistant is a huge Clooney fan.

JL: Right.

SH: And she answered the phone and I was at the other end of the house. And she came running screaming, 'my boyfriend's on the phone! My boyfriend's on the phone!!!' [laughter] I'm like, 'calm down. Who's on the phone?' 'George Clooney!' She couldn't even say it. [laughter] So I talked to George. Then I decided to play a joke on her, right? So I go, 'louder.' She comes over, 'I go, louder.' I get on the phone, 'what is this business with my boyfriend's on the phone. Was my girlfriend in your house?' He's like, 'what?' I go, 'you didn't put him on hold.' Then she started almost crying and running up and down screaming. [laughter] And I go, 'calm down. It is not a big deal.' 'No, you don't understand. The whole way from the other end of the house, I was singing to the dogs my boyfriend's song about George Clooney and I, and how happily we were living ever after.' And he heard it.' But it was a joke, he didn't hear it.

JL: Well, that was very good. Have to fix the two of them up. Look, we'll take a little break. More with Salma right after this. Salma Hayek.

[Commercial Break]

JL: Welcome back. Talking with the lovely Salma Hayek. Is it cold? Is that what you said?

SH: Yeah, it's cold in here.

JL: You know, there's a joke, and I'm not going to touch it. [laughter] Now, what did I read? Did you get some new dogs, or you got a dog? What did you get?

SH: I got two dogs.

JL: Two?

SH: I was shooting a movie in México. And there were these puppies that were abandoned to the mother.

JL: Poppies?

SH: Poppies. [laughter] And there were 15 of them. I only took two. I have nightmares about the other ones I left behind. Although I did ... I was able to find homes for another five of them.

JL: Okay.

SH: But they're here ...

JL: Now, do they have trouble because ... well, they're Spanish or Méxican. Do they speak English? Do they have trouble when coming to this country.. when they learn?

SH: No, but ...

JL: Because they have to adapt.

SH: Yes, but they are very smart. They're troublemakers but they're very smart. They're bilingual by now. [laughter]

JL: They're bilingual. And what are their names.

SH: They learn faster than me. [laughter] It took me much longer.

JL: What are their names.

SH: Their names are Lupe and Angie.

JL: Lupe and Angie. Okay, all right.

SH: Yes. And Lupe ... Angie is bipolar. So usually ...

JL: She's what?

SH: Bipolar.

JL: Bipolar. [laughter]

SH: So usually she's like very calm. But all of a sudden, she gets these fits and tantrums, and she goes out of control. Lupe always misbehaves. And she's very funny because.. like.. when she gets excited, she wiggles her, you know, her tail really hard, really hard. [laughter] And makes this face like this. And then, she throws herself on the ... she pees immediately when she gets excited. [laughter] And just when you think she's done, she rolls over and you come down to pet her belly and then she pees again. You have to cover the eye like a little baby. But I adore them.

JL: Which of the two dogs do you most like, do you think?

SH: Oh, no, it's very difficult.

JL: Which personality is closer to you? Are you the bipolar?

SH: I think I'm closer to Lupe, but not because of that peeing thing. [laughter]

JL: Do you have a temper, no?

SH: Not really.

JL: See, you look like you could get mad? Do you get mad?

SH: I guess it depends.

JL: See, I'd love to see you throw something.

SH: Really?

JL: You look like you could get mad.

SH: Oh, don't get me started.


JL: See, it's like Italian women, when they get mad that's very sexy.

SH: When I get mad, I get mad.

JL: Then you got to wrestle them to the ground.

SH: I am like both of the dogs.

JL: You are like both the dogs.. so you get mad. [growling like dog]

SH: Yeah, I do sometimes. I have to accept it. I didn't want to, but I will.

JL: I wouldn't want to get you mad. Now, tell me about the new movie. Tell me about the movie.

SH: The movie is called 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'.

JL: I'm sorry, it's the what?

SH: In The Time ...

JL: In The Time ...

SH: ... Of The Butterflies.

JL: ... Of The Butterflies. [laughter]

SH: And it is a political drama.. and it is about the sisters in the Dominican Republic. And it's about this ordinary women that, because of the extraordinary circumstances, they have to start a revolution. And it's a true story. It's based on the book by Julia Alvarez. And I'm very proud of this movie. I think it is a story that's important to tell.. that has a lot to do with times that we are living today.

JL: And where did you shoot it? Did you shoot in the Dominican Republic?

SH: We shot it in México.

JL: México, okay. But see, that's good, because ...

SH: Because I produced it.

JL: But that's good, I like that ... because you do things about where you're from and about your culture.

SH: Yes. You know, one of the reasons why I started this production company is because I was complaining and complaining for so long, there's never good parts for Latins. So one day I decided to shut up and do something about it.

JL: Right, right. Because it's true. I mean like, even the Latin Grammys this year were hosted by Wink Martindale, did you know that? [laughter] You see what I'm saying? So you need to get more Latin themes out..

SH: Yes.

JL: Now, I imagine you have a lot of fans ... I know you have a lot of fans here, but in México are they more sort of ...

SH: Yeah, sometimes they're very passionate, those Méxicans.

JL: Now, see, you like the passionate men?

SH: Very passionate in Méxican man. [Jay laughing] Why is that sign?

JL: It means, 'hello, how are you?' [laughter]

SH: If it's this way it means one thing, and if it goes the other way it's another thing in México.

JL: No, no. Hello, how are you.

SH: Okay.

JL: It means, 'I want to be friends.'

SH: Okay.

JL: See, when you drive down the street, men do that in cars. It means we want to be friends and say hello. [laughter]

SH: Yeah, right.

JL: It's an American custom for being friendly to people. That's true.

SH: Anyway, we were talking about how passionate Méxican fans are.

JL: Let's see the clip. Here is the clip from 'In The Time Of The Butterflies.'


SH: You want to be a lawyer? You look more like a farm girl from here. .. I don't want to be a lawyer. I'm going to be a lawyer. .. What for? .. Because I believe in justice. .. Justice? .. Mmmm. .. Here? There is no justice, only fights to be fought. .. Well, I'm a very good fighter.


JL: Congratulations. That's good. It's 'The Time Of The Butterflies'. It premiers October 21. And thanks, you came.. you're one of the first people to sign our bike..

SH: That's right. Did you see how good Marc Anthony looks in this film?

JL: What?

SH: Marc Anthony. Doesn't he look good in this film?

JL: Very good, very good.

SH: Don't you think?

JL: Salma Hayek. Be right back with Hayden Christensen right after this.