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Acceptance Speech at Blockbuster Entertainment Awards 2000

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Ashley Judd: "It's a pleasure to present the award for favorite supporting actress in an action film. In some of my recent pictures I've seen some action myself and I must say that I watched these gals' performances very keenly and I think that all of them have earned their stripes. Your nominees are.."

Pernilla August for Star Wars - Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace

Salma Hayek for Wild Wild West

Sophie Marceau for The World is not enough

Ashley Judd: "And the blockbuster award for favorite actress.. supporting actress in an action action film goes to.. la mas bonita salmasita.. Salma Hayek!"

Salma Hayek: "Thank you. She's grabbed my butt. First of all.. first of all I want to thank everyone from the movie, Barry Sonnenfeld, Will Smith, Kevin Kline, Kenneth Branagh, everybody.. It was a great experience, I made a lot of friends, I had a lot of fun. Thank you, I love you back! I want to thank specially. I love you guys. This is a great honor because I know it's the audience that votes. It's also a great honor because somebody that I admire and look up to and I'm a huge fan of, Ashley Judd gave it to me. So thank you guys, I appreciate it!"