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AOL Live Chat with Salma Hayek

AOL Live Chat with Salma Hayek

July 11, 2000 - Transcript by Bill Austin

OnlineHost: Welcome Salma Hayek!!!!!!
Question: hi how many movies hAVE YOU BEEN IN
MexicoLaunch: Salma: I don't know... let me count
MexicoLaunch: around 10
MexicoLaunch: I never sat down to count them but MexicoLaunch: i never sat down to count how many boyfriends I've had
MexicoLaunch: so... it's good not to count
Question: Salma you are so gorgeous!! I can't recall the magazine cover you were on
Question: recently, but I stopped dead in my tracks when i saw to look it over. In
Question: regards to movies, what's in store for the future?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: I have a movie coming out at the beginning of next year
MexicoLaunch: called "Chain of Fools" and right now I'm in pre-production for
MexicoLaunch: a movie I am producing and starring for show time about
MexicoLaunch: the real life about 4 revolutionary sisters in the Dominican Republic,
MexicoLaunch: based on the best seller "In The Time Of The Butterflies"

Question: Salma have you seen a fan based website called Hayek Heaven?
Question: Are you planning on making an OFFICIAL site sometime soon?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: Yes, I will make an offical site where we will be able to chat more often
MexicoLaunch: And, no I haven't seen the site.. but it is a good name though

Question: Hello Salma....How does it feel to be back in your homeland?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: I love to come! I come as often as I can,
MexicoLaunch: It is great to see good friends and
MexicoLaunch: eat some of the exotic Mexican food that you cannot find anywhere else
MexicoLaunch: in the world, like today, I had these special crickets
MexicoLaunch: and some special worms that we eat in tacos with guacamole
Question: Hello how has hollywood change your life?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: I am very busy and
MexicoLaunch: people are always staring at me
MexicoLaunch: Salma: Yes, I had a lot of fun and made some good friends
MexicoLaunch: that I still hang out with
Question: Salma you are so pretty how do you keep in shape?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: Actually I am very out of shape now
MexicoLaunch: but I am starting to exercise a little and
MexicoLaunch: I keep myself very active
MexicoLaunch: because I talk with my hands so much, I probably burn
MexicoLaunch: extra calories
Question: What is your favorite movie that you were in?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: That's like asking which one is your favorite song
MexicoLaunch: I've liked some better than others
MexicoLaunch: but they all have something special for me
Question: How did you like working with Will Smith?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: He's fantastic!!
MexicoLaunch: he's always in a good mood and he is very funny
Comment: Thank you Salma for the great work do. You are an incredible actress
Question: how long have you been acting
MexicoLaunch: Salma: I've been acting for 11 or 12 years now and
MexicoLaunch: thank you for watching my movies
Question: do you think you helped pave the way for latina actresses?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: I know that when I started it was inconceivable to
MexicoLaunch: have a latina actress as the lead in a film or in a long lasting career
MexicoLaunch: they were definitely harder times and
MexicoLaunch: i had to push down some walls, but
MexicoLaunch: i am proud of myself for doing it
MexicoLaunch: and I'm also proud of the new latina actresses that keep proving that
MexicoLaunch: we can do it
Question: What do you do for fun away from work?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: I do a lot of things...
MexicoLaunch: I love nature,
MexicoLaunch: i like to take hikes,
MexicoLaunch: I've been whale watching a couple of times and
MexicoLaunch: also I've spent some time with dolphins but I also like
MexicoLaunch: dancing, reading and my favorite activity is going to the movies
Question: You are one of the best actresses ever, what keeps you so motivated?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: You are way too generous! and I think you are wrong, but
MexicoLaunch: in my down times I will always remember you said that!
MexicoLaunch: and this is one of the things that keep me motivated
MexicoLaunch: I want one day to be one of the best actresses
Question: How did you feel about being in DOGMA?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: I feel it was a very interesting project that
MexicoLaunch: was brave and unique
MexicoLaunch: and I was very lucky to be surrounded by such talented cool people
Question: do you have any plan to be a part of mexican tv shows again?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: Not for the moment, but
MexicoLaunch: I am producing some television in Spanish
Question: Do you prefer a certain role or do you enjoy playing different characters?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: I enjoy playing different characters
MexicoLaunch: specially I enjoy playing well written characters, which are very hard to find
Question: How long did it take you to make the movie "54"?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: i don't remember exactly but I know it was a pretty fast one for me
MexicoLaunch: they pretty much put all my scenes together, so it went by fast
Question: what is your opininon on the chaging political power in mexico?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: I am very proud that Mexico has fought so hard to have a voice and
MexicoLaunch: make it count,
MexicoLaunch: I think it has been a fight fought with a lot of dignity
MexicoLaunch: and I think we have won a different kind of respect from the world because we didn't
MexicoLaunch: sorry... we did it in peace and in harmony
Question: Are you doing a movie of Freda Kahlo?
MexicoLaunch: Salma: Yes, we will be making this movie pretty soon
OnlineHost: We really appreciate having Salma Hayek here. Thank you Salma!!!!
MexicoLaunch: my company is producing it with Miramax and I will be playing Diego Rivera
MexicoLaunch: kidding!
MexicoLaunch: Salma: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
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