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'Spy Game' Premiere
Posted by Jacinda @ 00:05AM November 22
Salma Hayek and Edward Norton were among the guests to attend the premiere of 'Spy Game' in the Westwood section of Los Angeles, Nov. 19. The movie stars Robert Redford and Brad Pitt, who has been a close friend of Norton since they co-starred in 'Fight Club'.
Brothers Quay to direct 'Frida' hallucination sequence
Posted by Jacinda @ 04:05PM November 18
"Julie Taymor has recruited the Brothers Quay to direct a hallucination sequence, using their unique (read as "bizarre") style of miniatures/dolls and stop-motion animation."
Source: UpcomingMovies.com

Hotel Screening @ Regus 45th London Film Festival
Posted by Jacinda @ 04:33PM November 17
As part of the London Film Festival, a screening of 'Hotel' is scheduled for this Monday, Nov. 19 at 9pm. Mike Figgis has completely re-edited the movie after its screening at the Toronto Film Festival. The new version is shown at the Odeon West End 2, Leicester Square, WC2H 7NA. For ticket information call 020 7928 3232.
Bond, James Bond
Posted by Jacinda @ 04:05PM November 17
Salma Hayek is considering a role in the next Bond movie. Being asked if she isn't trying to get away from roles like that, she said: "Yes, but it's being directed by Lee Tamahori, who made one of my very favourite films, Once Were Warriors."
Frida @ Cannes or Berlin Film Festival?
Posted by Jacinda @ 04:10PM November 17
In an interview with the London Evening Standard, Salma Hayek talked about the release date of 'Frida': "This film took six years to make. I want to take my time to do it the best it can be done. We will adapt the release time to the movie, not the movie to the release time.' She is hoping to take Frida to either the Cannes or Berlin Film Festival but, perversely, seems in no hurry to show Hollywood her film-making abilities. 'No, that's what's so weird. I'm not desperate for it to come out. And I discovered I don't really want to talk about it. Everyone wants to know about my personal triumph of making the movie but to me, it doesn't feel like that. It feels like an accomplishment, but not like I made a grand thing happen.'"
Mick Jagger Performance & Album Release Party
Posted by Jacinda @ 02:44PM November 16
Salma Hayek was one of the guests at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles for a performance by rock legend Mick Jagger November 15, 2001, to showcase Jagger's upcoming solo album "Goddess in the Doorway." The performance, which featured the single, "God Gave Me Everything," was taped for an upcoming documentary and ABC special "Being Mick," scheduled to air on Thanksgiving Day. Source: Reuters.
New York Times 'Frida' Report
Posted by Jacinda @ 04:04PM November 15
Contributed by Julio Machorro
As part of a 'Style & Entertaining' supplement, the New York Times features a very interesting article on Ashley Judd's participation in 'Frida'. It is basically a set report with a couple of beautiful photos and lots of nice details on the making of the movie and the friendship between Salma and Ashley.
'Frida' Release
Posted by Jacinda @ 03:55PM November 15
There have been many rumors on a possible release date for 'Frida'. In the last weeks, I've received tons of mails asking for official information. People are concerned that the movie won't make it in time for the upcoming award season. On behalf of all the fans, I've written to Miramax. They were very kind and answered really quickly. Their answer can be best summed up with this quote: "We're hearing good things about it. We don't have an official release date yet." So, nothing has been decided. I will keep you posted..
Frida Fashion in Harper's Bazaar
Posted by Jacinda @ 01:20PM November 12
Contributed by Joanne Santiago
The November issue of Harper's Bazaar (with Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover) features a beautiful photosession by Nathaniel Goldberg that comes along with an article about Frida Kahlo's sense of style: "Madonna collects her self-portraits, Salma Hayek will soon play her on the big screen, and this season, fashion designers are paying tribute to her unique bohemian style. Suddenly, the woman who once inspired Schiaparelli and was embraced by Picasso and Marcel Duchamp 60 years ago is electrifying the world again..."
Sabera Foundation Documentary Screening
Posted by Jacinda @ 04:20PM November 11
Antonio Banderas and PenÚlope Cruz supported a charity event of the Sabera Foundation. Together with Melanie Griffith and Tom Cruise, they presented a documentary on children in Calcuta. PenÚlope Cruz has been collaborating actively with the association for several years. Salma Hayek and Edward Norton were among the guests to support the charity event. Other guests included Cameron Crowe and his wife Nancy Wilson, Mike Myers, Mena Suvari and Mia Maestro.
Fulfillment Fund Stars 2001 Benefit
Posted by Jacinda @ 01:12AM November 10
A private charity gala sponsored by In Style magazine and BvIgari, 'Stars 2001' was part of the opening of the $615 million Hollywood & Highland entertainment complex, where the Academy Award will be held next year, in the 3,500-seat Kodak Theatre. On Thursday, the by-invitation-only event honored DreamWorks partner Jeffrey Katzenberg with the Fulfillment Fund's Stars 2001 award for his educational contributions to Los Angeles youth. 'Stars 2001' benefits The Fulfillment Fund, raising over $2 million for disadvantaged students in Los Angeles County. Over 1,200 guests attended, among them Salma Hayek.
Concert For New York City Raises Over $30 Million
Posted by Jacinda @ 12:10AM November 9
The Concert For New York City so far has raised over $30 million for the Robin Hood Relief Fund, which will use the money to help the families of victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. The dollar figure is the sum of ticket sales, corporate sponsorship, domestic and international TV rights, merchandising, auction funds and donations made through a toll free number and the Internet. The Robin Hood Foundation expects a new stream of money to come in starting November 27, when Columbia Records releases a double CD featuring performances from the event. All proceeds from "The Concert for New York City" are going to the Robin Hood Relief Fund. To date, Robin Hood has disbursed $4.75 million to organizations helping victims of the World Trade Center attacks. Donations can still be made by calling the Robin Hood Foundation directly at 212-227-6601.
'Frida' release in February?
Posted by Jacinda @ 11:25PM November 1
There have been many rumors about the possible release date of 'Frida'. Shortly after Salma said on the Rosie O'Donnell Show that she hoped the movie would be released in spring, the Chicago Sun Times reports that 'Frida' is set for a release in February. Another newsstory seems to support this: Salma did a photoshooting for Vogue magazine and was set to appear on the cover of the December issue. But the feature story has been postponed which means that Miramax has decided not to release it in December. We will have to wait some more. However, here are 2 new promotional black and white photos.
Salma receives 'Woman of the Year' award
Posted by Jacinda @ 10:05PM October 30
Salma Hayek has been named one of Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year. Yesterday she was presented with her award by 'Frida' director Julie Taymor. Salma was accompanied by Edward Norton at the gala held in New York City. The other 13 honorees included Debra Messing, Diane Sawyer, Geraldine Ferraro, Bernadine Healy and Tahmeena Faryal of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. To be surrounded by such "passionate, fearless" women "in difficult times like these makes me feel very hopeful for humanity," Salma said. "I feel excited and terribly honored. I think it's important to come out to something like this. We have to celebrate womanhood, but now more than ever." In reference to the recent tragic events she said: "You just deal with it, you know. You are careful, but at the same time, you try to live your life very fully and be very grateful for the things you have."
TV Alert: Rosie O'Donnell Show, Oct. 29
Posted by Jacinda @ 11:50PM October 27
Salma will be on the Rosie O'Donnell Show next Monday. She is promoting her Showtime movie 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'. The Rosie newsletter also says that Salma has been named 'Woman of the Year' by Glamour Magazine. Congrats!
'Frida' Test Screening
Posted by Jacinda @ 6:06PM October 23
Aint-It-Cool-News has posted a report on the first test screening of 'Frida' (October 17). The guy who attended the screening gave some very positive remarks about Salma's performance: "Salma plays Kahlo as a party monster, a drinker, a lover, a figher, an artist. It's a pretty big stretch of a role, but she does pretty good with it... possible Oscar nomination, more likely a Golden Globe." His final statement was: "I really liked it, the people at the screening seemed to like it, and if art, biographies, intelligent/creative moviemaking and/or Salma Hayek are among your particular cups of tea, you'll probably like it, too." Sounds great to me.
'The Concert for New York City' Coverage
Posted by Jacinda @ 4:02PM October 21
At yesterday's 'Concert for New York City' in Madison Square Garden, Salma introduced Jim Carrey to the audience. Here are a few photos showing her with Edward Norton, Hilary Swank, Jim Carrey, Billy Crystal and others. To donate directly to the Robin Hood Relief Fund click the link on the right.
VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards Photo Coverage
Posted by Jacinda @ 9:15PM October 20
Yesterday VH1 taped its 7th annual VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards in New York. Salma was among the presenter wearing a classy black dress. The show will be broadcast October 23rd. We've got the first photos from the red carpet.
'The Ground Beneath Her Feet' Information
Posted by Jacinda @ 1:22PM October 20
The Hollywood Reporter confirms Salma's participation in the Salman Rushdie adaptation: "Salma Hayek is in final negotiations to star in the rock odyssey "The Ground Beneath Her Feet," producer Paolo Branco of Gemini Films said Thursday. The project, to be directed by veteran filmmaker Raoul Ruiz, marks the first time a novel by British author Salman Rushdie will be adapted for the big screen. Naveen Andrews ("The English Patient") is set to star opposite Hayek in the tale of a love affair between two Indian rock stars that spans several continents and decades. Ruiz and Rushdie co-wrote the screenplay. The English-language movie is due to shoot in the spring, mainly in London and Hayek's native Mexico."
November 28, 2001
Alberto Motolinia made another set of rare scans for us. These beautiful photos are taken from an older edition of Mexican Harper's Bazaar. Thanks a million for sharing your collection with us!

November 27, 2001
More special treats for you: two videoclips from 'Traffic' (the full-length cameo and a deleted scene) plus a videoclip of Salma's appearance at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards. Enjoy!

November 26, 2001
Here is the first set of dvd caps from 'La Gran Vida'. I am currently trying to make some videoclips - but it takes forever.. Hopefully, they'll be done soon.

November 25, 2001
Finally, I have a copy of the 'La Gran Vida' DVD. :) Full coverage to come soon. First, I made two audio clips taken from the making of the movie. Salma talks about what attracted her to the movie and about her character Lola. I'll add a translation of the Spanish interview tomorrow.

November 24, 2001
A whole bunch of new photos to red carpet 2001.

November 23, 2001
Here are two new magazine cover scans. The first one was found on the net - it's the Hot Tickets supplement of The Evening Standard. The second one is from Quien magazine contributed by Alberto Motolinia. Thanks!

November 22, 2001
I added two photos: Spy Game Premiere and Jagger concert. Coffee and I also fixed a dozen broken links in the video section. They don't seem to like our heavy traffic as two accounts were deleted. Have a nice day with your families!

November 21, 2001
HayekHeaven.net's 'In The Time Of The Butterflies' coverage is online. So far, I made 5 videoclips of the movie. I picked my favorite scenes and hope you enjoy my choices. Hopefully, the server will take the massive traffic we are about to cause. Special thanks to Ed Seawright! Without his help, this exclusive feature wouldn't have been possible. Enjoy!
More clips to come up soon.

November 20, 2001
I added another set of new photos to the red carpet section. I don't want to link to all the galleries - simply start browsing through the newest ones. Thanks to my dear friend Linda from Starring Julia Roberts.

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