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Newsarchive 2001 (June - December) Salma Chat : December 28
Posted by Jacinda @ 02:00AM December 27

It's been another exciting year.. Now, it's about time to get to know each other better. I've recently tried to figure out a good time for a chat session with you out there. I don't think the date is perfect, but Coffee and I are staying in Berlin over the weekend and I wanted to have this chat before the end of the year. I hope most of you will be able to make it. :)
I'm counting on you.. see you this Friday! // Jacinda
Salma nominated for Critics' Choice Award
Posted by Jacinda @ 11:58PM December 18
Salma Hayek is among the nominees for the Critics' Choice Awards in the category 'Best Actress in a Picture made for Television' for her performance in 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'. Other nominees are Judy Davis ('Life with Judy Garland: Me and my shadows') and Emma Thompson ('Wit'). The Critics' Choice Awards are bestowed by the Broadcast Film Critics Association to honor the finest in cinematic achievement. Winners are selected by written ballots in a week-long voting period in mid-December and announced the day after the votes are tabulated. The winners will be announced January 11 at the Critics' Choice Awards, held at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The ceremony will be taped for broadcast January 14 on E!.
Go Salma!

Shopping with Penelope and Salma
Posted by Jacinda @ 01:00PM December 17
Contributed by Margaret
Penelope Cruz talks about her shopping habits: "Cruz has already mastered the art of shopping in Beverly Hills, which she practices often--a little too often, she admits--with her friend Salma Hayek. "Salma and I have a very similar problem with that," she says, laughing. "Maybe it would be better if it were only one thing, like shoes, but I seem to get into trouble everywhere: Fred Segal, Barneys, Maxfield, vintage shops, the stores on Robertson Boulevard. It's not just what you buy, though--it is the whole ritual of shopping with a friend." Source: InStyle Magazine
Ashley Judd's Wedding
Posted by Jacinda @ 01:10PM December 12
Today Ashley Judd and racecar driver Dario Franchitti are marrying at Skibo Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland. Salma Hayek and Edward Norton arrived a few days earlier in Inverness. ET caught up with them at the airport - some footage is likely to be on the show tonight. Both were surprised at the press interest they had generated. When asked if they were here for the wedding, Mr Norton said: "It's a private affair, so I'm not going to really talk about it now." I hope the media is respecting their wishes for privacy so that Ashley and Dario can share a beautiful day. Congratulations and all the best wishes to the happy couple!
'Viva Frida' in Vogue
Posted by Jacinda @ 04:33PM December 6
Recently Vogue's Sarah Kerr interviewed Salma Hayek and director Julie Taymor about their inspiration to do 'Frida'. The feature article can be found in the current December issue. The magazine includes exclusive photos inspired by Kahlo's paintings.
Launch party for 'Reach Your Peak'
Posted by Jacinda @ 01:36PM November 30

Salma Hayek was one of the guests at the launch party for 'Reach Your Peak' in New York City, Nov. 27. Here are some nice snapshots showing her with Julie Bowen.

Halle Berry & Salma Hayek the new Bond girls?
Posted by Jacinda @ 01:23PM November 30
Variety recently reported that Halle Berry was set to star in the upcoming James Bond movie. Her participation is not confirmed yet due to scheduling problems with 'X-Men 2'. Berry would play the villain, while Salma might star as Bond's love interest. According to the Scottish newspaper Daily Record, Salma is in final talks. Hopefully, there will be official news soon. Remember nothing has been confirmed yet.
'Spy Game' Premiere
Posted by Jacinda @ 00:05AM November 22
Salma Hayek and Edward Norton were among the guests to attend the premiere of 'Spy Game' in the Westwood section of Los Angeles, Nov. 19. The movie stars Robert Redford and Brad Pitt, who has been a close friend of Norton since they co-starred in 'Fight Club'.
Brothers Quay to direct 'Frida' hallucination sequence
Posted by Jacinda @ 04:05PM November 18
"Julie Taymor has recruited the Brothers Quay to direct a hallucination sequence, using their unique (read as "bizarre") style of miniatures/dolls and stop-motion animation."

Hotel Screening @ Regus 45th London Film Festival
Posted by Jacinda @ 04:33PM November 17
As part of the London Film Festival, a screening of 'Hotel' is scheduled for this Monday, Nov. 19 at 9pm. Mike Figgis has completely re-edited the movie after its screening at the Toronto Film Festival. The new version is shown at the Odeon West End 2, Leicester Square, WC2H 7NA. For ticket information call 020 7928 3232.
Bond, James Bond
Posted by Jacinda @ 04:05PM November 17
Salma Hayek is considering a role in the next Bond movie. Being asked if she isn't trying to get away from roles like that, she said: "Yes, but it's being directed by Lee Tamahori, who made one of my very favourite films, Once Were Warriors."
Frida @ Cannes or Berlin Film Festival?
Posted by Jacinda @ 04:10PM November 17
In an interview with the London Evening Standard, Salma Hayek talked about the release date of 'Frida': "This film took six years to make. I want to take my time to do it the best it can be done. We will adapt the release time to the movie, not the movie to the release time.' She is hoping to take Frida to either the Cannes or Berlin Film Festival but, perversely, seems in no hurry to show Hollywood her film-making abilities. 'No, that's what's so weird. I'm not desperate for it to come out. And I discovered I don't really want to talk about it. Everyone wants to know about my personal triumph of making the movie but to me, it doesn't feel like that. It feels like an accomplishment, but not like I made a grand thing happen.'"
Mick Jagger Performance & Album Release Party
Posted by Jacinda @ 02:44PM November 16
Salma Hayek was one of the guests at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles for a performance by rock legend Mick Jagger November 15, 2001, to showcase Jagger's upcoming solo album "Goddess in the Doorway." The performance, which featured the single, "God Gave Me Everything," was taped for an upcoming documentary and ABC special "Being Mick," scheduled to air on Thanksgiving Day. Source: Reuters.
New York Times 'Frida' Report
Posted by Jacinda @ 04:04PM November 15
Contributed by Julio Machorro
As part of a 'Style & Entertaining' supplement, the New York Times features a very interesting article on Ashley Judd's participation in 'Frida'. It is basically a set report with a couple of beautiful photos and lots of nice details on the making of the movie and the friendship between Salma and Ashley.
'Frida' Release
Posted by Jacinda @ 03:55PM November 15
There have been many rumors on a possible release date for 'Frida'. In the last weeks, I've received tons of mails asking for official information. People are concerned that the movie won't make it in time for the upcoming award season. On behalf of all the fans, I've written to Miramax. They were very kind and answered really quickly. Their answer can be best summed up with this quote: "We're hearing good things about it. We don't have an official release date yet." So, nothing has been decided. I will keep you posted..
Frida Fashion in Harper's Bazaar
Posted by Jacinda @ 01:20PM November 12
Contributed by Joanne Santiago
The November issue of Harper's Bazaar (with Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover) features a beautiful photosession by Nathaniel Goldberg that comes along with an article about Frida Kahlo's sense of style: "Madonna collects her self-portraits, Salma Hayek will soon play her on the big screen, and this season, fashion designers are paying tribute to her unique bohemian style. Suddenly, the woman who once inspired Schiaparelli and was embraced by Picasso and Marcel Duchamp 60 years ago is electrifying the world again..."
Sabera Foundation Documentary Screening
Posted by Jacinda @ 04:20PM November 11
Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz supported a charity event of the Sabera Foundation. Together with Melanie Griffith and Tom Cruise, they presented a documentary on children in Calcuta. Penélope Cruz has been collaborating actively with the association for several years. Salma Hayek and Edward Norton were among the guests to support the charity event. Other guests included Cameron Crowe and his wife Nancy Wilson, Mike Myers, Mena Suvari and Mia Maestro.
Fulfillment Fund Stars 2001 Benefit
Posted by Jacinda @ 01:12AM November 10
A private charity gala sponsored by In Style magazine and BvIgari, 'Stars 2001' was part of the opening of the $615 million Hollywood & Highland entertainment complex, where the Academy Award will be held next year, in the 3,500-seat Kodak Theatre. On Thursday, the by-invitation-only event honored DreamWorks partner Jeffrey Katzenberg with the Fulfillment Fund's Stars 2001 award for his educational contributions to Los Angeles youth. 'Stars 2001' benefits The Fulfillment Fund, raising over $2 million for disadvantaged students in Los Angeles County. Over 1,200 guests attended, among them Salma Hayek.
Concert For New York City Raises Over $30 Million
Posted by Jacinda @ 12:10AM November 9
The Concert For New York City so far has raised over $30 million for the Robin Hood Relief Fund, which will use the money to help the families of victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. The dollar figure is the sum of ticket sales, corporate sponsorship, domestic and international TV rights, merchandising, auction funds and donations made through a toll free number and the Internet. The Robin Hood Foundation expects a new stream of money to come in starting November 27, when Columbia Records releases a double CD featuring performances from the event. All proceeds from "The Concert for New York City" are going to the Robin Hood Relief Fund. To date, Robin Hood has disbursed $4.75 million to organizations helping victims of the World Trade Center attacks. Donations can still be made by calling the Robin Hood Foundation directly at 212-227-6601.
'Frida' release in February?
Posted by Jacinda @ 11:25PM November 1
There have been many rumors about the possible release date of 'Frida'. Shortly after Salma said on the Rosie O'Donnell Show that she hoped the movie would be released in spring, the Chicago Sun Times reports that 'Frida' is set for a release in February. Another newsstory seems to support this: Salma did a photoshooting for Vogue magazine and was set to appear on the cover of the December issue. But the feature story has been postponed which means that Miramax has decided not to release it in December. We will have to wait some more. However, here are 2 new promotional black and white photos.
Salma receives 'Woman of the Year' award
Posted by Jacinda @ 10:05PM October 30
Salma Hayek has been named one of Glamour Magazine's Women of the Year. Yesterday she was presented with her award by 'Frida' director Julie Taymor. Salma was accompanied by Edward Norton at the gala held in New York City. The other 13 honorees included Debra Messing, Diane Sawyer, Geraldine Ferraro, Bernadine Healy and Tahmeena Faryal of the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan. To be surrounded by such "passionate, fearless" women "in difficult times like these makes me feel very hopeful for humanity," Salma said. "I feel excited and terribly honored. I think it's important to come out to something like this. We have to celebrate womanhood, but now more than ever." In reference to the recent tragic events she said: "You just deal with it, you know. You are careful, but at the same time, you try to live your life very fully and be very grateful for the things you have."
TV Alert: Rosie O'Donnell Show, Oct. 29
Posted by Jacinda @ 11:50PM October 27
Salma will be on the Rosie O'Donnell Show next Monday. She is promoting her Showtime movie 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'. The Rosie newsletter also says that Salma has been named 'Woman of the Year' by Glamour Magazine. Congrats!
October 23 'Frida' Test Screening
Posted by Jacinda @ 6:06PM October 23
Aint-It-Cool-News has posted a report on the first test screening of 'Frida' (October 17). The guy who attended the screening gave some very positive remarks about Salma's performance: "Salma plays Kahlo as a party monster, a drinker, a lover, a figher, an artist. It's a pretty big stretch of a role, but she does pretty good with it... possible Oscar nomination, more likely a Golden Globe." His final statement was: "I really liked it, the people at the screening seemed to like it, and if art, biographies, intelligent/creative moviemaking and/or Salma Hayek are among your particular cups of tea, you'll probably like it, too." Sounds great to me.
October 21 'The Concert for New York City' Coverage
Posted by Jacinda @ 4:02PM October 21
At yesterday's 'Concert for New York City' in Madison Square Garden, Salma introduced Jim Carrey to the audience. Here are a few photos showing her with Edward Norton, Hilary Swank, Jim Carrey, Billy Crystal and others. To donate directly to the Robin Hood Relief Fund click the link on the right.
October 20 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards Photo Coverage
Posted by Jacinda @ 9:15PM October 20
Yesterday VH1 taped its 7th annual VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards in New York. Salma was among the presenter wearing a classy black dress. The show will be broadcast October 23rd. We've got the first photos from the red carpet.
October 20 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet' Information
Posted by Jacinda @ 1:22PM October 20
The Hollywood Reporter confirms Salma's participation in the Salman Rushdie adaptation: "Salma Hayek is in final negotiations to star in the rock odyssey "The Ground Beneath Her Feet," producer Paolo Branco of Gemini Films said Thursday. The project, to be directed by veteran filmmaker Raoul Ruiz, marks the first time a novel by British author Salman Rushdie will be adapted for the big screen. Naveen Andrews ("The English Patient") is set to star opposite Hayek in the tale of a love affair between two Indian rock stars that spans several continents and decades. Ruiz and Rushdie co-wrote the screenplay. The English-language movie is due to shoot in the spring, mainly in London and Hayek's native Mexico."
October 20 Leno's Harley raises $360,200 for attack victims
Posted by Jacinda @ 1:15PM October 20
The celebrity-autographed motorcycle and matching truck put up for auction by Jay Leno drew a top bid of $360,200 that will benefit victims of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. The motorcycle, purchased by Leno in July, is a Harley FXDL Dyna Low Rider that has been autographed by dozens of Hollywood stars, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Denzel Washington, Nicole Kidman, Nicolas Cage, Salma Hayek, John Travolta, Sylvester Stallone, Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Ellen DeGeneres and Tim Allen.
October 19 Tonight Show with Jay Leno Coverage
Posted by Jacinda @ 12:30PM October 19
Contributed by Salmaholic

Missed the show? No problem. We've got it all here for you. A vast gallery of 50 screenshots, the first half of Salma's interview as mp3 and a transcript of the show. More audio clips to come soon. A million thanks to Salmaholic!!!
October 16 TV Alert: 'The Concert for New York City' Oct. 20
Posted by Jacinda @ 1:30AM October 16
Salma Hayek will join the "The Concert For New York City", a one-night-only fundraising event to benefit the Robin Hood Relief Fund supporting victims of the Sept. 11th attack and to honor the heroic rescue workers. The five-hour show will be telecast live and commercial free on VH1 beginning at 7:00 P.M. (ET/PT), reaching more than 80 million U.S. homes. It also will be simulcast on the VH1 Radio Network and Westwood One and carried on digital channels VH1 Classic, VH1 Soul and VH1 Country. It will be seen internationally on VH1 UK and VH1 European, reaching 88 countries. And it will be webcast on A phone number and/or a web address for charitable donations will be included. Tickets to the public sold out on Monday, Oct. 8, but due to updated production reconfigurations, a limited number of tickets will be available beginning at 9:00 a.m. Tuesday morning via the Madison Square Garden box office, Ticketmaster phones, outlets and the Internet. Premium tickets remain available through the Robin Hood Foundation's website at
October 14 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet' shoots in January
Posted by Jacinda @ 7.15PM October 14
Info by Morris

In an interview with Spanish movie magazine Clarín Chilenian director Raoul Ruiz confirmed that Salma Hayek will star in his movie 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet'. Based on Salman Rushdie's novel of the same name, Salma plays the lead role of Vina Apsara, singer of the most popular rock group in the world. With a heavy budget of $20 mil., 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet' is set to start shooting January 28, 2002.
October 12 TIME Latin America Special Issue
Updated @ 10.25PM October 12
Posted by Jacinda @ 1:10PM October 10

TIME magazine published a special edition titled "The New Mexico" showing Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo on its cover. The edition includes texts by Vicente Fox, Enrique Krauze, Carlos Monsiváis, Federico Estévez, Guillermo Gómez Rock, Salma Hayek and others. Victor Rodriguez was so generous as to send us a transcript of Salma's essay. Salma writes about the changes in Mexico's film industry. There are also 3 brand-new scans contributed by Alberto Motolinia. Thanks a million!
October 10 'In The Time Of The Butterflies' Official Site
Posted by Jacinda @ 1:27PM October 10
SHOWTIME has launched an official information site for their upcoming movie 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'. There are a lot of beautiful new promotion photos as well as a transcript of the movie presentation at the TCA Summer Tour. Check out our coverage:
October 6 TV ALERT: Jay Leno October 17
Posted by Jacinda @ 12:29AM October 6
Salma Hayek is confirmed to be among the guests on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno October 17. The show airs on NBC. Check TV for your local listing.
October 1 Madness campaign spreading in Europe
Posted by Jacinda @ 6:13PM October 1

As previously mentioned, Salma Hayek is the face of Chopard's ad campaign for their new fragrance Madness. The print ad is spreading in European magazines. We are delighted to present our very own scan of this beautiful campaign.
October 1 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards
Posted by Jacinda @ 6:06PM October 1
VH1 will tape the 7th annual VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards in New York on October 19 for cablecasting as a two-hour primetime special. For the first time there will be no on-air host this year. Salma is one of the presenters that include such names as Dylan McDermott, Angie Harmon, Sean Combs, Renee Zellweger and Courtney Love. The show will be broadcast on October 23rd.
October 1 Jay Leno Surprise Appearance
Posted by Jacinda @ 0:05AM October 1
Info by Joanne Santiago
This Friday Salma Hayek made a surprise appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She came in to sign the motorcycle that Jay is auctioning off for charity. She also went out to the audience and gave the firefighters (who were special guests) a hug. You can bid on Jay Leno's Celebrity-Signed Harley-Davidson at Ebay.
September 29 POSTPONED! Rosie O'Donnell
Posted by Jacinda @ 2:29PM September 29
Since the premiere of 'In the time of the butterflies' was pushed back to October 21 Salma Hayek's talk show appearance has been rescheduled as well. Salma was confirmed to be among the guests on the Rosie O'Donnell show next Monday. We expect her to promote the movie two weeks later. There are also rumors she might attend The Late Show with David Letterman. Check back for new information as it occurs.
September 28 'In The Time Of The Butterflies' Poster
Posted by Jacinda @ 2:37PM September 28
Have a look at the official poster for the upcoming 'In The Time Of The Butterflies'. The poster art is a photo montage showing Salma Hayek, Marc Anthony and Edward James Olmos. There are also new promotional shots from the SHOWTIME presskit. Enjoy and tune in on October 21st.
September 28 Ground Zero Relief Fund
Posted by Jacinda @ 2:54AM September 28
Info by Joanne Santiago
Salma Hayek and Edward Norton were among the stars attending an Entertainment Community Ground Zero Relief Fund spearheaded by Vin Diesel and co-hosted by Sylvester Stallone, Lawrence Bender and John Herzfeld. Two firefighters that recently returned to L.A. from N.Y. held speeches. The money raised will be matched by Hollywood's Entertainment Industry Foundation, a non-profitgroup. You can contribute by contacting Diesel representatives at (310) 407-3441.
September 27 'Hotel' public screening Toronto Film Festival
Posted by Jacinda @ 00:10AM September 27
Photos contributed by Victor Bustos

Even though Salma didn't attend the press conference for 'Hotel' she was at a public screening of the movie in Toronto. Check out these photos showing her with Mia Maestro.
September 26 Donate for 'America: A Tribute to Heroes'
Posted by Jacinda @ 4:26AM September 26
Last Friday up to 89 million people in the US watched the live two-hour telethon 'America: A Tribute to Heroes'. Pledges were taken over the phone in the studio by stars including Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayek. Behind the scenes a further 38,000 volunteers manned the phone lines and monitored donations coming in from the website. The United Way's September 11th Fund will benefit from the donations.

Donations can be made at
or AOL keyword: Tribute
or via U.S. Mail
P.O. Box 203103
Houston, TX 77216-3103

More ways to help the victims and their families
To Give Blood:

American Red Cross 1-800-HELP-NOW
New York Blood Center 1-800-933-BLOOD

To Make Financial Contributions:
American Red Cross 1-800-HELP-NOW
United Way 1-212-251-4035
Salvation Army 1-800-SAL-ARMY
September 26 'Frida' Premiere Magazine / European release
Posted by Jacinda @ 4:17AM September 26
The October issue of Premiere Magazine features a short article on 'Frida' plus several new promotional photos: 'A Brush With Greatness'. The Irish Times has another article on the movie called 'Fighting for Frida'. Edward Norton was asked about his relationship to Salma and the movie by The Times responding very fondly: "It's a labour of love for her and it's really a testament to her because she produced it. All the people in it came because of their affection for her." Furthermore the IMDB reports European release dates for the movie. So far these countries have been mentioned: The Netherlands April 4 | Belgium April 17 | Czech Republic May 23
September 26 'In The Time Of The Butterflies' to air October 21
Posted by Jacinda @ 4:45AM September 26
SHOWTIME has rescheduled the premiere of the Showtime Original Picture 'In The Time Of The Butterflies' from October 7th to October 21st at 8:00 pm (ET/PT). This is due to the live broadcast of the 53rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards which will now be held on
October 7.
September 26 'Hotel' / Toronto Film Festival
Posted by Jacinda @ 3:29AM September 26
Info compiled by Morris

Salma Hayek arrived in Toronto to promote her upcoming movie 'Hotel' shortly before the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. Co-star David Schwimmer and Salma didn't attend the press conference for the movie as they felt it might appear "frivolous" for them to do so. Instead they rented a car together with David Arquette and drove to Chicago where they were allowed to catch a flight to Los Angeles. Director Mike Figgis said of his actors joining him: "They felt as a mark of respect that they didn't want to do that, which I entirely endorse. I had reservations myself. [..] It is quite difficult for actors to be on a stage answering questions in the best of circumstances and I think that they were very concerned not to be in a situation of any kind of frivolity. I think they're devastated and didn't want to put themselves in that position." The film festival's official website posted a report on the press conference. Even though most activities of the festival were cancelled there was a screening of 'Hotel'. We found three reviews that give the movie mixed response. All of them include MAJOR SPOILERS and one of them even gives away the ending of the movie. If you still want to read them follow these links: Variety (mixed positive/spoilers) | AICN (mixed/spoilers) | Hollywood Reporter (negative/major spoilers) The first two reviews describe Salma's performance as standout performance of a terrific ensemble cast which includes a cameo by John Malkovich. The last review is very negative and even states the movie might not get a distributor.
September 26 'La Gran Vida' DVD release Germany
Posted by Jacinda @ 3:00AM September 26
'La Gran Vida' is now available on DVD in the US. The movie is also scheduled for a release on video and DVD in Germany titled 'Living It Up - Nur eine Woche Millionär' hitting stores on November 6. Order your US copy at Amazon.
September 7 John Leguizamo's Live comedy tour
Salma and Edward Norton attended the Wiltern Theater for John Leguizamo's Live comedy tour. She wore a sleeveless top with a skirt and had her hair pulled back in braids. Salma chatted with a lucky fan for several minutes. Apparently Salma is enjoying her free time with Edward Norton in LA. US Weekly reported they were sharing a blackberry cobbler at Cynthia's last week. In early August they were also spotted dining at Cafe Luxembourg. According to the Chicago Sun Times Salma created 8 place settings at the do-it-yourself ceramic studio Color Me Mine. She planned to serve a special, homemade birthday dinner for Edward Norton's birthday.
September 5 'La Gran Vida' DVD/video release
On September 18th, 'La Gran Vida' will be released on DVD and video in the US. The movie is distributed by Columbia Tristar as 'Living it up'. There will be a dubbed English and a subtitled Spanish video version available for rent. The DVD edition includes both languages plus a making-of featurette. You can pre-order it for $22.46 at Here is a promotional flyer and more information on the movie.
August 26 Radiohead concert in Los Angeles
Always wondered about Salma's taste in music? Last week Salma and Edward Norton went to a concert by Radiohead in L.A. On a personal note, I have to state that Radiohead has been my favorite band for years and years. What a great taste!
August 24 In talks: Gabriela Mistral biopic
The film project 'La Pasajera' (The Passenger) is based on the life of Chilenian writer Gabriela Mistral, who won the Nobel prize of literature in 1945. The fact that 'La Pasajera' will show Mistral's homosexuality raised harsh criticism in Chile. The movie will be directed by Francisco Casas while the screenplay is written by Yura Labarca. Shooting is scheduled for December 2001. Casas stated that Salma Hayek was in talks to play Palma Guillén, one of Mistral's supposed lesbian lovers.
Source: Yahoo! News Mexico. Thanks to Lulu and Morris!
August 15 'Once upon a time in Mexico' Fall 2002 Release
It's official: 'Once upon a time in Mexico' is slated for a release in fall 2002 shortly after 'Spy Kids 2'. The movie was earlier mentioned for a release in March 2002. In the meantime there are a couple of great photos from the set online at Aint-It-Cool-News. You can see the stunt doubles filming a scene for Antonio and Salma.
August 7 New project: 'The Ground Beneath Her Feet'
Dark Horizons posted this information on a possible new movie project:
"The Ground Beneath Her Feet: Chilean filmmaker Raoul Ruiz has worked with the likes of John Malkovich, Catherine Deneuve, Martin Landau and John Hurt - now he has another name to add to the list: Salman Rushdie. During a trip to Spain to promote his new film "La Comedia de la Inocencia", he confirmed one of his future projects is this adaptation of Rushdie's rock novel which will begin filming in London in January 2002. Paris-based Gémini Films will produce the $15 million-budget flick with Salma Hayek tipped to star and songwriter David Byrne believed to be in talks to do some of the score. Thanks to 'Daniel'"
August 1 'Hotel' to premier at Toronto Film Festival
Organizers of the Canadian festival announced the lineup Tuesday for the prestigious Special Presentations series, which will include the world premiere of 'Hotel', another experiment with digital video from Figgis following his 'Time Code.' Sleazy politicos, trophy wives and killers meet up in unusual ways in the Venice-set film. The ensemble cast includes Salma Hayek, David Schwimmer, Burt Reynolds, Lucy Liu and Alan Rickman. We earlier reported that the movie might premiere at the Venice Film Festival. It is heading to Toronto instead.
July 24 Elliot Goldenthal conducts 'Frida'
Elliot Goldenthal who scored such movies as 'Titus', 'Michael Collins' and 'Interview with the Vampire' will contribute the musical score to Julie Taymor's 'Frida'. Goldenthal was nominated for an Academy Award twice. The songs in the movie will be in Spanish. One song is for a moment in which Frida and Diego travel through Xochimilco. It contains the lyrics "Viva la Vida". The other song is a tango with an erotic touch which is played when Frida and Tina Modotti dance together.
Thanks to Morris for this info!
July 23 Parfum Chopard's new fragrance advertising
Kirsty Newnham of the Lancaster Group UK informed us about the campaign: "Chopard, the Internationally renowned jewellery and watch company have chosen Salma Hayek as the face of their new fragrance, Madness by Parfums Chopard. The fragrance will launch exclusively in Harrods on 6th August and then will roll-out nationally in September."
July 18 Frida Kahlo stamp released in US
Information taken from the official press release (07/16): "Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, was honored today with a U.S. postage stamp at a ceremony held at Phoenix Art Museum. This is the first Hispanic woman to be honored with a U.S. postage stamp. The 34-cent Frida Kahlo stamp will be available at Phoenix post offices today and at post offices across the country beginning tomorrow. "The Postal Service has a proud tradition of honoring those special people who have had a significant influence on American history, art and culture," said Benjamin P. Ocasio, Vice President, Diversity Development, for the Postal Service, who dedicated the stamp." Thanks to Brenda Alvarez!
July 15 Arráncame la Vida filming to start in September
Jesus Ochoa recently was interviewed in the Mexican TV show "El mundo del Espectaculo". He confirmed that he was cast as general in Salma's upcoming movie 'Arráncame la Vida'. Roberto Sneider is set to direct it while Gael Garcia is currently in talks to star in a supporting role. Thanks to Carlos Luna for the information! For more on 'Arráncame la vida' click here.
July 14 Shampoo Commercial Shoot in London
According to this news story from Yahoo! News Salma's stay in London was even busier than we had thought: "ON THE GO: Salma Hayek isn't finding time for leisure. She finished "Frida," her long-planned Miramax biopic of late Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, on June 22, rushed to Europe for a three-day shampoo commercial shoot and then ... Without a break she rushed right off to the Mexican hamlet of San Miguel des Allendo to begin "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" with Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas and Mickey Rourke. The film is part of Robert Rodriguez' "El Mariachi" trilogy and, in fact, was originally called "Desperado 2." Salma and Banderas are reprising their roles from the 1995 film. The original, 1993 "El Mariachi," about a revenge-minded Mexican musician, was filmed in Spanish with a Mexican cast."
July 13 'In The Time Of The Butterflies' TCA presentation
Yesterday Salma Hayek, Mia Maestro, Lumi Cavazos and Edward James Olmos presented the movie 'In The Time Of The Butterflies' to the Television Critics Association members during the TCA summer press tour in Pasadena, California. The movie will premiere this fall on Showtime. Click here for news photos and more info on the movie.
July 12 Otro Rollo to air in US this Saturday
Last year Salma Hayek was the special guest in Mexico's famous talk show 'Otro Rollo'. Unfortunately we have never had the chance to see it. Appararently the US channel Univision will air a re-run of the show this Saturday at midnight. (For local listings check!)
July 11 People en Espanol's Best Dressed
People en Espanol magazine gave a distinguished panel of judges the difficult task of identifying the stars with the best fashion sense and those who should fire their stylists. Salma Hayek was voted one of the best dressed among other actresses like Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez.
July 10 Veracruz Promotional Print Campaign
While Salma promoted Veracruz in several tv spots last year there is now a new ad campaign in Mexico. Check out the beautiful print ad. The slogan of the campaign is: "You know who I am, but not where I come from. All this and more is Veracruz. Know it and you will always come back." She also states: ""I come from a place full of color and magic, where men and women preserve their millenarian traditions. A place where the richness of its resources transforms itself into energy and its natural beauty not only emerges from its waters, but also from its history and culture. A place so great that teaches you to believe that you can go beyond your imagination." For more information on Salma's native region of Veracruz visit
July 8 Casting Rumors: Spiderman/Geisha
Recently two huge casting rumors occured. According to the Mexican radio station Exa FM Salma will have a cameo in 'Spiderman' - possibly as one of the villains. The Mexican newspaper Dictamen reported Salma mentioned at the press conference for Harrods in London that she would star as a Geisha in a movie to be shot early next year in China. Might this be Steven Spielberg's 'Memoirs of a Geisha'? Remember these news are only rumors, the information might as well be not true. However I thought you would be interested to hear about it. Thanks to Victor and Armando!
July 7 Miramax Cannes 2001 'Frida' Brochure
Miramax gave out a promotional brochure at this year's Cannes Film Festival. It features a stunning promotional shot of Salma Hayek posing as Frida Kahlo, as well as some photos of Alfred Molina and Antonio Banderas. Official information on the production comes along with these photos. A very special thanks to Susan from the Unofficial Edward Norton Information Page for sending in the scans. You will find updated information on the cast and crew of 'Frida' at
July 6 Madonna London Concert
The London Evening Standard reports that Salma Hayek was among the guests at Madonna's London concert, July 4th. The gig marked the first installment of her upcoming UK tour. The guestlist also included stars like Angelina Jolie, Ewan McGregor, Wyclef Jean, Mick Jagger, Naomi Campbell and others.
July 4 Salma opens Harrods Summer Sale in London
Salma Hayek has joined Mohamed Al Fayed to launch the Harrods summer sale at the Knightsbridge store in London today. She tried on a necklace and a pair of earrings as she was given a tour of the store by Mr Al Fayed. Salma also admitted she had already checked the best bargains in the store. She said: "I came here yesterday on a scouting mission, as all actresses do, to find out where to get the best bargains from. This is a wonderful place to shop." Source: Ananova.
Check out the first photos!
July 2 Salma at Villalonga - Abascal Wedding
Salma Hayek was one of the guests at the wedding of Juan Villalonga and Adriana Abascal held in Los Angeles this Saturday.
Have a look at this snapshot!
July 1 Salma films 'Once upon a time in Mexico'
According to Notimex Salma Hayek filmed a few scenes in San Miguel De Allende this Wednesday. Ms. Hayek is expected to rejoin the cast on set in Guanajuato in the first days of July. If you are interested in more details of the movie production we recommend the following links:
Robert Rodriguez Nethome | The Antonio Banderas Webmall. Both websites feature extensive coverage of the movie production. Don't panic, you will still find Salma related info on 'Once upon a time in Mexico' at
June 28 'La Gran Vida' DVD release in Spain
'La Gran Vida' has recently been released on DVD in Spain. As the movie has only been shown in Spain and Mexico European Salma fans will have a chance to see the movie now. The DVD features English subtitles as well as a trailer, filmographies, a music videoclip, a making of and a photo gallery and is available at a price of approximately 24 euro at this Spanish online store. More info on 'La Gran Vida'.
June 23 'Frida' filming completed
After 11 weeks filming of 'Frida' was completed some days ago. The team went on location in Puebla, San Luis Potosí, Mexico City and Teotihuacán. Post-production on 'Frida' will last about 6-7 months. Salma Hayek is expected to join the cast of 'Once upon a time in Mexico' on set in San Miguel De Allende next week.
June 21 Entertainment Tonight feature on 'Frida'
Finally ET aired the segment on 'Frida' last night. provides you with exclusive audio footage from the show, thanks to our friend Bill Austin. I made a transcript and you can also listen to the feature in this mp3. More ET Coverage: [videoclip] | [screenshots]
June 7 People en Espanol's Hot Celebrity Monitor
Who are the most popular celebrities among U.S. Hispanics? People en Espanol's 2nd Annual Hispanic Opinion Tracker 2001 TM (The HOT Study) asked Latinos all across the county to weigh in on their favorite stars. Salma Hayek emerges as the "Sexiest Female" celebrity, literally trading places with Jennifer Lopez who, although number one last year, moves down to number four this year. In addition to her sexy status, Hayek also landed in the top rankings for "Favorite Actress," "Most Well-Liked" and "Most Trustworthy." Congrats Salmita!
June 7 Banderas and Judd film 'Frida'
Antonio Banderas was filming his three scenes for 'Frida' on Tuesday in Xochimilco. As this was the only day Banderas could film 'Frida' the cameras rolled for more than 12 hours. One of the filmed scenes is about an argument between David Alfaro Siqueiros and Diego Rivera. Banderas was joined on the set by Ashley Judd, who plays Tina Modotti in the movie. Check out exclusive photos from the set!
June 6 'Frida' sneak peek and interview on ET
Entertainment Tonight features a segment with a sneak peek at 'Frida'. ET's website provides two exclusive videoclips that are NOT to be missed! Check out ET tonight for even more exciting 'Frida' behind-the-scenes moments! Note as of June 7: Even though ET promoted the feature on Frida it was cut out of the show! :(
June 3 'Once upon a time in Mexico' press conference
Yesterday Miramax held a press conference for 'Once upon a time in Mexico'. Robert Rodriguez, Antonio Banderas, Pedro Armendáriz, Rubén Blades, Gerardo Vigil, Mickey Rourke and producer Luz María Rojas attended and talked about the project. They started shooting the movie some days ago in San Miguel de Allende. Later the production will go on location in Queretaro. Salma Hayek will join the cast once filming of 'Frida' is finished.
June 2 Enrique Iglesias joins 'Desperado 2' cast
According to the Hollywood Reporter Latin pop singer Enrique Iglesias will make his feature acting debut in Robert Rodriguez's "Once Upon a Time in Mexico," a co-production of Columbia Pictures and Dimension Films. The project begins shooting this week in Mexico. Iglesias will play one of three mariachis alongside Banderas and Marco Leonardi ("From Dusk Till Dawn: The Hangman's Daughter"). Columbia, which owns rights to the first two movies in the series, will take domestic rights to "Mexico." Dimension, which has three pictures remaining in an overall deal with Rodriguez, will take international rights. By shooting on a tight schedule and using digital camera equipment, Rodriguez is expected to keep the budget at less than $30 million.
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