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January 1 Salma's Traffic cameo revealed
Yes, finally could get a hold of a very special treat for the new year: Salma's cameo in Traffic as videoclip. Here's also a gallery with some small screenshots. The wide release of Traffic will be a week earlier than previously announced. Check it out January 5!
January 4 Chain of Fools World Premiere
According to the IMDB and several Swedish sources Chain of Fools will have its world premiere March 9, 2001. Salma Hayek is said to be among the guests at the movie premiere held in Stockholm, Sweden. Although Chain of Fools was scheduled for a theatrical release in September Warner Bros. held it back for a cable TV or video release. The fact that there will be a world premiere in Sweden seems to support the idea of a release in theatres - at least in Europe where Salma is very popular.
January 6 Frida Kahlo Production Status
Emmanuel Lubezki who has earned two Oscar nominations as director of photography for "Sleepy Hollow" and "A Little Princess" will be in charge of the cinematography. Filming locations include Mexico City, New York City and Paris. The movie is produced by Salma Hayek and Lizz Speed with production companies Miramax Films, Trimark Pictures and Ventanarosa Productions involved.
Details at
January 8 Heavy 'Traffic' at boxoffice
Tom Hanks' deserted island drama "Cast Away" and the acclaimed drug saga "Traffic" - two favorites for Oscar nominations - were the stars at the North American weekend box office, according to studio estimates issued Sunday. "Cast Away" logged its third consecutive weekend as the No. 1 movie with a weekend haul of $24.1 million for the Friday-to-Sunday period; "Traffic" rocketed 26 places to No. 3 in its first weekend of wide release with $14.9 million. Director Steven Soderbergh's "Traffic" was the only newcomer in the top 10, after boosting its theater count to 1,510 from four. Released by USA Films, a unit of Barry Diller's USA Networks Inc., the movie has earned $15.5 million after 12 days. Source: Reuters
January 10 LA Lakers - Utah Jazz
On January 3 Salma was again with Edward Norton at the Staples Center in LA to watch her favorite team play against Utah Jazz. This time they were accompanied by Salma's father and mother.
Have a look at this snapshot!
January 11 Cage's 37th birthday party
The New York Post reports that Penelope Cruz was accompanied by her friends Salma Hayek and Edward Norton to Nicolas Cage's 37th birthday party at the Sky Bar in LA. Other guests included Lucy Liu, Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola, David Spade, Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer, Spike Jonze, and Hugh Hefner, who allegedly offered his seven buxom blonde galpals to Cage as a "birthday gift." Cage politely declined. Rumors say he liked Penelope better. Thanks to Joanne for the info!
January 13 Salma gives details on Frida plot
"Frida Kahlo" will focus on the relationship between Frida and Diego Rivera. Recently Salma Hayek stated that "it was impossible to tell the complexity of Frida's life in two hours. That's why we decided to focus on just one aspect, the story of love with Diego Rivera." The soul of Kahlo's paintings, her relation to politics and her humanity will be expressed in this love story. Source: La República
Read the full article here! | More at!
January 19 Mia Maestro is Cristina Kahlo
Mia Maestro has been added to the cast of Miramax Films' biopic "Frida Kahlo". Maestro will play Kahlo's younger sister Cristina who had an affair with her husband Diego Rivera. She made her screen debut in the Academy Award-nominated film "Tango" and co-starred with Salma Hayek in "Time Code" and "In The Time Of The Butterflies". Source: AOL News (Thanks to Joanne!)
January 20 Interview Magazine
Interview Magazine now features a 1-sided article on Salma's career and her upcoming movie "Frida Kahlo" with a stylish new photo shot by Michel Comte. Thanks to Joanne Santiago for sending us the transcript and the scan! Check it out!
January 21 Versace Fashion Show in Paris
Salma Hayek attended the Spring Haute Couture Collection from Versace at Theâtre National de Chaillot in Paris, France. She wore a bronze sequined halter gown. Have a look at these exclusive photos!
January 26 Frida postponed - Figgis ahead
Striking news from Mexico: Salma Hayek will stay in Europe for the next month to star in a movie (title and plot are still unknown) directed by Mike Figgis ("Time Code"). The filming of Frida Kahlo that was scheduled to start in March will be postponed again as a publicist confirms: "The stage of preproduction is very long, thus filming will not begin right now, but perhaps within four or five months."
Source: Reforma
January 30 Hemingway production
"Salma Hayek and Joshua D. Maurer will produce "The Crook Factory," the amazing story of Ernest Hemingway and his own spy network in Cuba during WWII. Hayek's a Hemingway fan." Sounds interesting! Maybe this is the movie that Salma talked about when mentioning her debut as director. Source: Variety
January 30 Salma, Edward & Smoochy?
More movie news: It looks as if Salma secretly joined the cast of "Death to Smoochy". Filming started on January 17 in New York and will move to Toronto February 11. According to insider information from the set (posted at Dark Horizons) Salma also stars in this comedy directed and produced by Danny DeVito. This information has not been officially verified yet and could prove to be a rumor. Death to Smoochy tells the comic tale of Rainbow Randolph (Robin Williams), the costumed star of a popular children's television show who is fired over a bribery scandal and replaced by Smoochy (Edward Norton), a puffy, Barney-esque fuchsia rhinoceros.
February 6 Visa TV Commercial
A while ago we heard that Salma filmed a TV commercial for Visa card in Cuernavaca. The spot was aired in Mexico as Pepe reports: "The spot is filmed in a Mexican restaurant. I saw the end with Salma sitting at a table looking for something in her purse and looking very worried. Then there is the sign of ¿Visa? and the next and final shot is of her washing dishes in the kitchen." We are looking for someone who taped the spot and who could make some screenshots for the website. If you can help please contact us!
February 7 Butterflies on the big screen
"In The Time Of The Butterflies" originally produced for television only is likely to hit theaters this summer, according to Mark Anthony's Columbia Records spokesperson. Anthony told the New York Daily News about his role as professor who falls in love with Minerva Mirabel: "They wanted me to play a husband, but I picked a smaller, more poignant role. Hey, I get to tell the world that I played Salma Hayek's lover. Bragging rights, you know. I'm a Latino man. And she's the hottest Latina out there." Source:, New York Daily News
February 12 Salma promotes Cumbre Tajín
Salma Hayek will promote the second Cumbre Tajín in Veracruz, Mexico, which is a summit celebrated from March 17 to 21. The French TV channel TF1 might also film a documentary on Salma Hayek at this occasion. Cumbre Tajín will offer musical, cultural and artistic performances in order to celebrate Veracruz.
Find out more about this special event at Cumbre Tajín's website. Source: El Norte
February 13 Clothing for the homeless
Salma Hayek was one of the celebrities that donated clothing for Spa's "Partnership for the Homeless" clothes drive hosted by Steve Lewis. Source: New York Post
February 14 5 Oscar nominations for Traffic
Yesterday Steven Soderbergh's brilliant drug-thriller Traffic earned 5 Oscar nominations. The movie definitely deserves to win:
Best Picture
Best Director - Steven Soderbergh
Best Supporting Actor - Benicio Del Toro
Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published - Stephen Gaghan
Best Editing - Stephen Mirrione
February 18 Figgis films 'Hotel' in Venice
Finally some news on Mike Figgis' latest project: According to the LA Times "Jason Isaacs heads to Venice this weekend to join the Mike Figgis improvisational film "Hotel." Isaacs will play an actor who drops out of a film to do a big Hollywood picture." No other cast members have been mentioned yet but we assume Salma might have been in Venice this weekend, too.
February 21 Stars of digital 'Hotel'
Today Variety confirmed that Salma Hayek is filming with Mike Figgis in Venice right now. Here are some details on the cast and the concept of the movie:
"Lucy Liu, Saffron Burrows, Burt Reynolds, Chiara Mastroianni, Ornella Muti and Rhys Ifans round out the ensemble cast of "Hotel," being directed by Mike Figgis. Salma Hayek, David Schwimmer, Danny Huston, Valeria Golino and Julian Sands also star in the dark comedy, which is currently shooting on location in Venice, Italy, The indie picture, features four frames of simultaneous onscreen action: the shooting of a period movie, a behind-the-scenes documentary about the film, a murder plot and the bizarre maid service. The overlapping storylines converge and ultimately culminate during the bacchanalian festivities of the Venice Carnival. Parallel to the film shoot, a second team from the U.K. TV network Channel Four is digitally shooting short features with the cast of "Hotel," which are then posted on the film's Web site."
February 21 Frida filming to start in April
Despite all rumors Variety reports that Frida Kahlo will go before cameras in April on location in Mexico City. Roger Rees (Cheers, The West Wing) has been cast as Guillermo Kahlo, Frida's father.
February 23 Official 'Hotel' Website
Mike Figgis' Official Website for his movie 'Hotel' is online with short films from the set. 'Hotel' uses the same real-time technique as 'Time Code' and is shooting on location at the Hungarian Palace Hotel in Venice, Italy, these days. It is scheduled to wrap March 11. The 93-minute, split-screen film will feature an ensemble of more than 40 actors. Here's a detailed article and the link to the Official Website!
February 27 Gala premiere in Stockholm
The gala premiere of 'Chain of Fools' will be in Stockholm, Sweden, next Sunday (March 4th). It's said to be around 6 pm at the cinema Park, Sturegatan 18. It is unconfirmed, yet possible that Salma will attend the premiere as she's currently filming in Italy. Thanks to Linda for phoning Warner Bros Sweden for us!
March 5 'Frida' Cinematography by Prieto
Dark Horizons reports that Rodrigo Prieto will be in charge of the cinematography for 'Frida' instead of Emmanuel Lubezki. Prieto worked on movies like 'Amores perros' and 'Original Sin'.
March 5 Salma in Toronto
It looks like Salma finished shooting her scenes for 'Hotel' in Venice as she was with Edward Norton at a hockey game in Toronto where they are shooting 'Death to Smoochy' currently. The couple was also spotted strolling in Yorkville on Friday.
March 8 'Death to Smoochy' set report
The New York Post featured an article about Danny DeVito who talked about shooting 'Death to Smoochy': "Robin keeps the set lively all day, and Norton is kept happy by visits from Salma Hayek: "They're in love. She comes by a lot." Her role in the movie has not been officially confirmed. It could turn out to be a rumor that spread because of her frequent visits to the set.
March 9 Sneider to direct 'Arráncame la Vida'
Mexican director Roberto Sneider who was in talks to direct 'Frida' will finally work on a movie with Salma Hayek. The upcoming Spanish language movie 'Arráncame la Vida' is set for a shooting at the end of 2001. Jesús Ochoa is in talks to star alongside Salma Hayek. Source: Univision
March 11 'Chain of Fools' opens in Sweden
As already mentioned 'Chain of Fools' opened last Friday in Sweden. Great news over at Variety: The movie is set for a release in the US later this year. They also quoted the executive producer Tony Lord who said: "We wanted a unique voice for the film. We were looking at commercial or video directors. Finally, when we got Traktor's reel, it was unlike anything we had ever seen before."
Detailed info on 'Chain of Fools'.
March 12 Fashion Faux Pas
When Salma was asked about her worst fashion faux pas she mentioned the premiere of "Eyes Wide Shut". She had hired a new fashion stylist and said: "I arrived in a big, glitzy limousine looking like a teapot. It was torture posing for the press photographers. Inside, I ran straight to the ladies room and just cried. I looked like some wild gypsy girl. I had on a knitted tea-cosy hat, brown leather skirt and an awful shirt. I must have been mad. I choose my own clothes now." Have a look at the photos. Source: National Post
March 14 'Frida' locations I Rush as Trotsky
The production team for 'Frida' is travelling through natural scenarios in San Luis Potosí searching for locations said the tourism state coordinator Alejandro Morones Ochoa. Places in question are the Plaza de Armas, the ex penitenciary of the state, a health clinic and a bar ubicated in Reforma street, besides some scenarios from different towns around Real de Catorce. Source: El Norte Moreover Variety reports that Geoffrey Rush is in "final negotiations" to star as Leon Trotsky.
March 16 Patricia Reyes Spíndola as Matilde Kahlo
Patricia Reyes Spíndola will play Frida Kahlo's mother Matilde. She already starred with Salma Hayek in 'Teresa' and 'No one writes to the colonel'. The role of Matilde Kahlo will only be a small part. Ms. Spindo revealed that shooting her scenes will consist of seven calls starting in the first week of April. The last call will be in June.
March 16 'Frida' preparations in Mexico
Just a few weeks before the shooting of 'Frida' will start Salma Hayek is back in Mexico. Yesterday she visited the president of the National Council for Culture and Arts Ms. Sari Bermúdez with the script for the movie. Salma was accompanied by the director of the Mexican Institute of Cinematography Mr. Alfredo Joscowicz. For several days technicians have been building and decorating a replica of the Estudios Churubusco, the house in which Diego Rivera lived. Source: Reforma Thanks to Jonathan Luna for the information!
March 17 Short visit to Mexico
After having stayed a couple of days to supervise the technical progress of 'Frida' Salma Hayek left Mexico City along with director Julie Taymor and returned to Los Angeles yesterday. During her stay Salma met with Sari Bermúdez and had supper with Edward Norton in a hotel. Source: Reforma Click here for a photo!
March 18 Norton does rewrite on 'Frida' script
The April issue of Premiere magazine had this surprise to offer: "Salma Hayek sure knows how to delegate. While prepping her passion project, a historical drama on artist Frida Kahlo, she asked brainy boyfriend Edward Norton to take a shot at the script. Over a weekend, while filming 'Death to Smoochy', Norton squeezed in a rewrite that delighted everyone - especially his producer-star-sweetie."
Thanks to Susan (Edward Norton Information Page) and Joanne!
March 25 Dolores Olmedo supports 'Frida'
The art collector Dolores Olmedo confirmed that she has been working closely with Salma Hayek on the writing of the script for 'Frida'. Olmedo stated that the story will be based on the letters that she exchanged with Frida Kahlo herself and the ones between Frida and Maria Felix. Source: Notimex Thanks to Jonathan Luna!
March 26 Traffic wins 4 Oscars
Steven Soderbergh's drug-thriller 'Traffic' took home four Oscar statuettes at last night's 73rd Academy Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium. The winners are:
Benicio Del Toro (Best Supporting Actor)
Steven Gaghan (Best Screenplay Based on Material Previously Published)
Stephen Mirrione (Best Editing)
Steven Soderbergh (Best Director)
Congratulations to all the winners! I love this movie!
March 27 Miramax Oscar Party
Salma Hayek and Edward Norton attended the Miramax Oscar party Saturday night at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Salma was in a tight black dress in heels, while Edward was in jeans and a gray sweat shirt. Other guests included Kevin Spacey, Julia Roberts, Geoffrey Rush, Joaquin Phoenix and Juliette Binoche.
March 28 Salma meets Vicente Fox
Salma Hayek had a very close encounter with the President of Mexico, Vicente Fox. The Mexican actress was one of the stars that attended a meeting at the "Green Acre House" in Los Angeles on March 24. The guest list included Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Warren Beatty and Marlon Brando. Click here for a photo!
March 29 Rush talks Trotsky
Geoffrey Rush recently told the New York Daily News about his role as Leon Trotsky in 'Frida': "Rivera roughed her up a little. Trotsky was a refuge. He moved into Kahlo-Rivera household — seriously moved in." Rush says he's now preparing for his big scene, though he adds mischievously, "You can't rehearse putting an ice pick through your head." This statement gives proof to the fact that he will be part of the cast when the movie goes on location in Mexico City next week.
March 30 'Frida' filming to start April 7
Jean Marie Murphy-Burke, Salma Hayek's publicist, recently gave details on the production of 'Frida'. Salma Hayek is already in Mexico City with the cast and director Julia Taymor. The movie is produced by Salma Hayek and Sarah Green, who worked on 'Girlfight'. Filming will start April 7 on locations like the pyramides of Teotihuacán, the university of Chapingo, San Luis Potosí, popular marketplaces of the capital and the Estudios Churubusco. As the media is highly interested in 'Frida' a press conference is considered for the next week.
March 30 Presentation of "Reglamento de Cine"
Yesterday Salma Hayek attended the event in which the new code of cinematographic law was presented, in the Government headquarters in Mexico City. "This is a very important event for the Mexican cinema, therefore I am here. It is necessary that we organize ourselves. This day marks the end of a battle of the national cinema, which lasted nine years", Salma stated. According to Ms. Hayek the production of 'Frida' "is going fine." Check out these new photos!
April 3 Lopez ditches Frida project
Variety reports today: "Jennifer Lopez has dropped her plans to portray Mexican artist Frida Kahlo on the big screen and is instead negotiating to star as an FBI agent for director Tony Scott in a Warner Bros. crime thriller, "Taking Lives." Talks have commenced between the studio and Lopez's agents toward a deal that would pay her in excess of $10 million to make the drama her next film. The projected start date for the project would be the fall or once the threatened actors strike is either averted or settled. Lopez won't go forward with previously announced plans to play Kahlo in a film that was being prepped at United Artists for Luis Valdez to direct and Francis Ford Coppola to produce. The biopic about the Mexican painter was effectively knocked on the canvas when a rival film, starring Salma Hayek, Alfred Molina, Geoffrey Rush, Edward Norton and Ashley Judd, was greenlit first at Miramax, with director Julie Taymor at its helm."
April 4 'Frida' press conference
More details on the production of 'Frida' will be given in a press conference held this Thursday. Salma Hayek, Mia Maestro, Geoffrey Rush and director Julie Taymor will attend. Filming of the movie starts this Saturday and ends June 10th.
Salma recently stated that Antonio Banderas' participation is not sure. Diego Luna ('Before night falls') is said to star as well as Tiaré Scanda who is still in talks.
April 6 Full coverage of press conference
Yesterday the press conference for 'Frida' was held in the Churubusco Studios in Mexico. Salma Hayek, Alfred Molina, Geoffrey Rush, Mia Maestro, Patricia Reyes Spíndola, Roger Rees, Diego Luna, Margarita Sanz and producer Sarah Green attended as well as the monkey Fulan-Chang. Filming of the movie will start this Saturday in Mexico City, Puebla and San Luis Potosi. Diego Luna will play Alejandro Gonzalez Arias and Margarita Sanz has been cast as Natalie Trotsky. Antonio Banderas' participation has not been confirmed while Puerto Rican singer Chavela Vargas is in talks to star and sing in the movie. Salma Hayek prepared for her role by taking painting classes in which she discovered a new talent. Ms. Hayek said she would tell the press about her experiences after the shooting, which will last about 12 weeks.
Don't miss our exclusive coverage with photos, videoclips and quotes.
April 8 Frida Kahlo on location
Filming of 'Frida' has started this Saturday in the historical center of Puebla. About 600 people are expected to participate as extras. Shooting in the zone of San Francisco and Puebla will last six days. We are very proud to present the first photos taken on the set.
April 15 Second week of 'Frida' shooting
After 6 days in Puebla City the production has moved to the historical center of Mexico City. Filming is scheduled to stay in the Distrito Federal for two weeks. Afterwards the crew will move to locations in San Luis Potosí and Teotihuacán. In the meantime Valeria Golino joined the cast as Lupe Marín. The make-up artists Judy Chin, John Jackson and Raul Sarmiento are in charge of turning Salma Hayek into Frida Kahlo. The costumes are designed by Julie Weiss. For more details check out's Frida Diary.
April 18 Banderas expected in June
According to Jean Marie Murphy-Burke Antonio Banderas is still in talks to star as David Siqueiros. He is occupied with filming another movie but hopes to find the time to travel to Mexico in June. Antonio might only stay 3 to 4 days in order to complete the shooting of his scenes. Geoffrey Rush, Edward Norton and Ashley Judd are expected to arrive on the set in the middle of May.
April 19 'Frida' release in December 2001
Miramax and Ventanarosa spokesperson Jean Marie Murphy-Burke confirms that 'Frida' is scheduled for a theatrical release in December 2001.
May 1 'La Gran Vida' opens June 1st in Mexico
Today this special news item arrived:
'La Gran Vida', Salma Hayek's first Spanish movie, is scheduled for a release in Mexican theatres. The romantic comedy opens June 1st. Check out our info site to find out all the details about the movie!
May 2 Showtime info on 'Butterflies'
As we haven't heard too much about the release of 'In The Time Of The Butterflies' we figure it won't be released in theatres this summer. According to Showtime the movie is 'tentatively' scheduled for a TV release in October 2001. Thanks to Mark Brecher for passing on this info to us. More info on the movie!
May 3 Rodriguez to film 'Desperado' sequel
After the huge success of 'Spy Kids' Robert Rodriguez is going on location to film the third movie of his 'El Mariachi' trilogy called 'Once upon a time in Mexico'. Robert Rodriguez was writing the script three weeks ago in London and Antonio Banderas' participation has already been confirmed. "We're making it," Rodriguez says. "I was writing it in bed this morning. Antonio Banderas is in it, and it's kind of 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' of the Mariachi series, a big, sprawling movie called 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico'. It's awesome. I can't wait." Shooting is set to start May 24th. Salma Hayek's participation has not been mentioned yet, still there is the chance of her joining the cast. Thanks to Sandie Sledge! You will find more information on this project at her website The Antonio Banderas Web Mall!
May 4 'Frida' moves to San Luis Potosí
Filming of 'Frida' has moved to San Luis Potosí, where one of the most important scenes will be shot: Frida's accident. The production will be kept under wraps. As soon as filming is completed there will be a news conference in Mexico City providing the press with further details.
May 6 Depp and Garcia consider Bolivar movie
News on the Simon Bolivar project: Johnny Depp and Andy Garcia are considering to take on the lead role in the movie produced by Edgar Meinhardt-Iturbe. The working title is 'The Vision' and Salma Hayek is still the favorite choice for Manuela Sáenz, Bolivar's financée. This info is taken from an article we found at Ananova. In contrast to previous information given at Terra Antonio Banderas is not mentioned and instead of Rubén Rodríguez Alan Bridges is said to be directing this movie. More info!
May 10 Brando wants to star in Marquez film adaptation
This news item is taken from the IMDB: "Marlon Brando is hoping for a major role in a movie version of The Autumn Of The Patriarch. Literary critics rank the Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel his best work after One Hundred Years Of Solitude. Sean Penn wants to produce and direct the film on South American locations for his own company - and has reportedly been in contact with Brando, who's a huge fan of Marquez. Vincent D'Onofrio, Salma Hayek and Jeanne Tripplehorn are also expected to have star support roles. One of Penn's associates says, "Brando was very moved by the novel and would love to play a part in the film if the script is right. Money is not a consideration in this case."
May 16 Frida article in UK Mail On Sunday magazine
Salma Hayek is featured in The Mail On Sunday's Night & Day magazine which was published May 13 in the UK. Check out our exclusive coverage: A million thanks to Adam Scragg from Scotland for sending us all the pictures and the article. Here is the beautiful photosession and the article focusing on Frida Kahlo.
May 20 'Hotel' website relaunched at
The official website for Mike Figgis' 'Hotel' has been relaunched at this year's Cannes film festival. The split-screen website at features in-depth info on the making of this improvised movie. You can also comment on the project in a visitors' book.
May 21 FHM's 100 Sexiest Women
Salma Hayek made it into the Top Ten of FHM magazine's listing of the 100 Sexiest Women of the World. While Salma was No.20 last year she now was named No.6. Jennifer Lopez took the top position for the second year in a row. However we think Salma has a lot more to offer - talent that is.
May 22 Jackman & Hayek favorite choice for 'Sahara'
The 73-year-old author Clive Cussler clinched a deal with Crusader Entertainment at the Cannes Film Festival to bring his fictional hero Dirk Pitt to the movies. Filming of the the first Pitt action thriller 'Sahara' is due to start in autumn, with an £80 million budget. Cussler mentioned that X-Men's Hugh Jackman would be his favorite choice for the lead role and he sees Salma Hayek as the perfect lady to accompany Pitt on his missions. To date, Cussler's 19 Dirk Pitt books have sold 120 million copies worldwide, and have been translated into 40 languages. Source:
May 22 Hotel's new working title: 'Nitevision'
According to a press release the working title for Mike Figgis' improvised movie formerly known as 'Hotel' is 'Nitevision'. NiteVision was executive produced by Andrea Calderwood whose company Slate Films brokered both Channel 4's investment in an alternative television version of the film, to be screened as a Channel 4 television event in 2002, and in the Hotel website.
Read the full press release!
May 24 Salma & Antonio to team up again
Shooting of 'Once upon a time in Mexico', the third and final movie of Robert Rodriguez' El Mariachi trilogy, begins today in Mexico. Settings will include the streets of San Miguel de Allende and Guanajuato. Great news: Salma Hayek is going to take on her role as Carolina. She is expected to arrive at the set as soon as filming of 'Frida' is completed. Check back soon for more information as a press conference is scheduled to be held in San Miguel de Allende this Saturday. In the meantime you can get a glimpse of what the screenplay looks like at AICN.
May 29 'Once upon a time in Mexico' cast news
The Mexican newspaper Correo gave details on the cast of the movie. The cast is composed of Antonio Banderas (El Mariachi), Johnny Depp (!!!), Salma Hayek (Carolina), Quentin Tarantino (Cucuy), Eva Mendez (Agent Ajedrez), Ruben Blades, William Dafoe, Mickey Rourke, Marco Leonardi and Cheech Marin; the producers are Elizabeth Avellan, Carlos Gallardo and Robert Rodriguez. Due to the lack of time the actors had the press conference scheduled for last Saturday was cancelled. However there will be a press conference soon.
May 30 'Nitevision' to premiere at Venice Film Festival
'Nitevision', formerly known as 'Hotel', is likely to premiere at this year's Venice Film Festival in September. The movie is directed by Mike Figgis and follows the example of 'Time Code' using split-screen techniques and digital video.
For more information on the movie click here!
May 30 Geoffrey Rush at the pyramides of Teotihuacán
Geoffrey Rush has been shooting his scenes for the movie 'Frida' since last Friday. Shooting is expected to be finished in two weeks and is currently on location at the pyramides of Teotihuacán. Rush resembles Trotsky perfectly as this stunning first photo gives proof to.
More new photos in our on-set gallery.
May 31 'Y tu mamá también' premiere party
Alfonso Cuarón's movie 'Y tu mamá también' premiered this Tuesday at the Metropólitan theatre. Salma Hayek and Geoffrey Rush were among the guests to celebrate the success of the movie at the Salón México. They shared a table with Gael García Bernal. Have a look at our gallery with exclusive photos taken by Victor Bustos!
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