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Febr. 03 Time Code opens Film Festival!
Time Code is set to Premiere at the first annual Yahoo! Internet Life Online Film Festival on March 22nd. The release date is April 28th.
February Interview featured in Projections 10 Book
Projections 10 is the tenth book in a series about filmmaking with this issue focusing on filmmaking within the Hollywood system. The book was compiled by Mike Figgis, the director of Leaving Las Vegas and Time Code including a long interview with Salma Hayek. Here's more info!
March 03 Chain of Fools moved back to September 22nd
News on the release date of Chain of Fools: Warner Bros decided to move back the release from March 3rd to September 22nd. We have to wait some more! Here's the first screenshot!
March 04 Salma at the Oscars!
Salma presented the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences'Scientific and Technical Awards. Portions of the ceremony will be included in ABC's Oscarcast airing March 26.
Access ::Pictures::
March 08 Salma at ShoWest!
Salma was promoting Mike Figgis' innovative movie Time Code at this year's ShoWest in Las Vegas. She stars along with Stellan Skarsgård, Saffron Burrows and Jeanne Tripplehorn. Time Code is one of the first major feature films shot entirely on digital video. The film will use a widescreen image with the footage from four hand-held cameras shown simultaneously, in synchronized time. Access ::Pictures::
March 20 March of Dimes Folic Acid Education Campaign
Salma Hayek volunteers to be the first celebrity featured in a national public service ad campaign. The ad is the centerpiece of the largest and most ambitious birth defects prevention effort yet undertaken by the March of Dimes. "I think it's important for women to take responsibility not only for the health of their children, but for their own health," Ms. Hayek said. Click here for a scan of the advert! Read more on this subject here!
March 21 Elle features Salma!
Fashion magazine Elle features Salma modelling dresses by designers like Versace, Gaultier, Christian Dior and Chanel. The April edition includes 14 amazing pictures showing Salma at her best. See the Haute Couture photosession!
March 24 New TV Commercial
Salma Hayek stated during a news conference in Vera Cruz, Mexico, that she is working on TV commercials for the Secretary of Tourism. The commercials are intended to promote tourism in the local area. On the other hand, she announced that she will film a history on the Dominican Republic in Veracruz starting in the middle of 2000 or at the beginning of 2001.
March 26 Oscar Night
Salma Hayek arrived with Edward Norton at the 72nd Academy Awards ceremony at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. She was wearing a gorgeous lavender dress by Eric Gaskins and pink-diamond earrings by Harry Winston. Salma presented the Scientific and Technical Awards. Access ::Pictures:: ::Video::
April 5 Keeping the Faith
Salma Hayek attended the premiere of "Keeping the Faith" in New York. Edward Norton directed the movie starring Ben Stiller, Jenna Elfman and himself. The romantic comedy hits theaters on April 14. Access ::Pictures:: ::Video::
April 7 Keeping the Faith Baltimore
Edward Norton hosted a screening of "Keeping The Faith" at Baltimore's Senator Theatre to benefit the Lining Classroooms Foundation and the St. Frances Academy Robin Norton Scholarship Fund. Access ::Pictures::
April 07 Almodovar to direct Frida?
Waiting for Frida might come to an end as Pedro Almodovar shows interest in the movie. The Spanish director just received an Oscar for best foreign language film ("All about my mother"). Salma Hayek will portray the Mexican legend Frida Kahlo alongside Alfred Molina in Miramax's production. Filming might start in spring! For detailed info click here!
April 13 Oscar dresses hit stores
Fashion label Le Chateau reproduces the winning oscar dresses from this year's Academy Awards. Designs include those worn by Salma Hayek, Cate Blanchett, Cameron Diaz and Tyra Banks. Salma Hayek's gown is a deeper lavender than the original, has a purple tulle shawl and will cost between $80 to $150. For detailed info click here!
April 20 Salma brings style to German magazines
Dogma opens in Germany on April 20th. This month German fans can find Salma featured in the following magazines: Prinz (04/00), TV Direkt (08/00) and TV 14 (09/00) For scans click here!
April 27 Late Show with David Letterman
Salma promoted Time Code on the Late Show with David Letterman, April 27th.
Click here for exclusive screenshots!
Watch Salma talking about bull fights and her praying for breasts in these videoclips!
April 28 Time Code at theaters
Mike Figgis' new movie Time Code is an experiment in unscripted cinema. It was shot a total of 15 times using 4 handheld digital cameras that ran non-stop for 93 minutes. Figgis chose the last version for the final film which runs in real-time, exactly as filmed with no editing on 4 separate frames on the movie screen. Figgis stated the first and last version would be released on DVD. Viewers will be able to edit the sound by themselves. See trailers and clips, screenshots or read articles and reviews!
April 29 Storytime with Salma
Salma reads the story "In the rain with baby duck" on KCET's Children's Show Storytime.
Thanks to Joanne and Bill we have video files and screenshots from that special event! :)
May 1 Gladiator Premiere
Salma Hayek was with Edward Norton to see the gory screen saga at Monday's premiere of the DreamWorks epic Gladiator at the Motion Picture Academy in L.A.
Access ::Pictures:: (provided by Joanne)
May 2 Dogma DVD Release
The DVD edition of Kevin Smith's Dogma starring Salma Hayek as heavenly muse Serendipity was released on May 2nd. Theatrical trailers as bonus material are included on this DVD. A special edition with more features is planned for a release this autumn. For info on where to buy the DVD click here!
May 5 Lakers Game
Salma Hayek and Edward Norton showed up at game 5 of the Lakers-Kings NBA playoff series. They were shown together on the televised broadcast of the game on TNT.
Access ::Pictures::
May 5 Access Hollywood
Salma Hayek and Jeanne Tripplehorn were on Access Hollywood talking about their role as lesbian lovers on Time Code. Here are screenshots and a videoclip of the interview!
May 9 Salma wins Blockbuster Award
Salma Hayek accepted her award for Favorite Supporting Actress Action for Wild Wild West during a taping of the 6th Annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards in Los Angeles Tuesday, May 9, 2000. Congratulations! The Blockbuster Awards will air June 20 on FOX. Access ::Pictures:: ::Videoclips::
May 13 Revlon Run/Walk
On Saturday Salma hosted the annual Revlon Run/Walk for Women in Los Angeles. Thousands participated in the charity event that is set to fight against breast and ovarian cancer. Celebrity hosts included Dustin Hoffman, Whoopi Goldberg and Cindy Crawford. You can still donate money for research on breast cancer at Revlon's official site! Click here for a news story! Access ::Pictures::
May 17 Salma lives "La Gran Vida"
Columbia TriStar is in advanced negotiations to take worldwide rights outside Spain and Italy on "La gran vida". Spanish TV director Antonio Cuadri began shooting the picture in January in Madrid. The romantic comedy about a suicidal man that falls in love with a waitress played by Salma is in post-production. More info on Salma's latest film project!
June 1 Full-album download of "Time Code" Soundtrack
The "Time Code" soundtrack is the first major studio soundtrack distributed as a commercial full-album download over the Internet. The bundle of 11 tracks is available via Liquid Audio for a suggested retail price of $13.98. Scored by Director Mike Figgis and co-Composer Anthoni Marinelli, the album features recordings from Skin (vocalist for Skunk Anansie) and Everything But The Girl.
June 3 FHM 100 Sexiest Women
Salma Hayek was among the Top 100 of FHM magazine's Sexiest Women Poll. Salma at number 25 lost the top position to Jennifer Lopez. Top 10: 1. Jennifer Lopez 2. Britney Spears 3. Sarah Michelle Gellar 4. Anna Kourikova 5. Kelly Brook 6. Shania Twain 7. Cat Deeley 8. Cameron Diaz 9. Loisue Redknapp 10. Jennifer Aniston. Thanks to Chris for the info!
June 7 NBA Finals
Salma Hayek made the boldest fashion statement by wearing a purple wig as she and actor Edward Norton watched the LA Lakers against the Indiana Pacers during the second quarter in Game 1 of the NBA Finals Wednesday, June 7, 2000. Access ::Pictures::
June 9 L'Orangerie dinery
  On Friday Salma Hayek and Edward Norton were among the guests at Beverly Hills' L'Orangerie dinery where DreamWorks held a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's N.Y. senatorial campaign. This dinner, at $5,000-$20,000 a couple raised $350,000.
June 16 ALMA Award lost to Cameron Diaz
  ABC aired this year's ALMA Awards on Saturday, June 17. Salma was nominated as Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film for Wild Wild West. Other nominees in this category included Gloria Estefan (Music of the Heart), Rosie Perez (The 24-Hour Woman), Madeleine Stowe (The General’s Daughter) and Cameron Diaz who took the award home for her performance in Any Given Sunday.
June 17 Oscar De La Hoya Fight
Salma Hayek and Edward Norton watched the undercard fights at the Staples Center in Los Angeles Saturday, June 17, 2000. Oscar De La Hoya faced Shane Mosley in a 12-round World Welterweight Championship bout. Access ::Pictures::
June 20 TV Broadcast of Blockbuster Awards
FOX aired this year's Blockbuster Awards show on June 20. Salma won the award for Best Supporting Actress - Action. For those of you who missed the show HayekHeaven has screenshots and 4 videoclips of her acceptance speech. Thanks Bill! :)
June 22 Latin ELLE Photos
The Latin edition of ELLE magazine features a beautifully shot series of photographies. Salma wears three different outfits looking fabulous. HayekHeaven proudly presents 15 scans and 3 collages. You won't find these pictures anywhere else unless other people feel free to place them on their sites without giving credit - as usual!
June 27 Action!
The FX Channel aired a repeat of the TV series Action in which Salma made a guest appearance last year. The episode Re-Enter the Dragon features Salma playing herself. She furiously tells the story of her first audition in Hollywood. :)
Watch a videoclip or take a look at the screenshots! Thanks to Bill again!
June 27 Film-Fest DVD
Issue 2 of Film-Fest DVD Magazine features an extensive interview with Salma from last year's Cannes Film Festival. The DVD also includes a preview of Kevin Smith's Dogma plus several short films from the festival circuit. Get more info here!
July 2 Penelope and Salma?
During the Cannes Film Festival Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, best known for her role in Almodovar's All about my mother, stated that she plans to do a movie with Salma Hayek: "We want to work together, but the problem is that we still have not found a script that is perfect to do". In the meantime Penelope's new movie Woman on Top opens at the Latino Film Festival, July 21.
July 11 AOL Mexico Launch
America Online Mexico launches first AOL Spanish Language Service. World renowned superstars actress Salma Hayek, actor Antonio Banderas, tennis great Boris Becker and basketball legend Magic Johnson will chat live from the launch party of America Online Mexico in Mexico City with AOL members worldwide, July 11. The chat is scheduled for 9:00 PM (EST). Access ::Pictures::
July 12 HayekHeaven mentioned in AOL Chat
We are very proud to say that HayekHeaven was mentioned in the AOL Live Chat with Salma. She commented that she liked the name :) and that she eventually would launch an official website in the future. Salma also mentioned a new film project based on the book "In The Time Of The Butterflies" which deals with the story of four revolutionary sisters in the Dominican Republic and Frida will be shot "pretty soon". To read the full chat access the transcript!
Our very special thanks goes to Bill who raised the question about HayekHeaven and sent in the transcript! We will never forget that. And Salma, if you actually are reading this please let us know what you think about our website! We admire your talent!
July 14 New Filmproject: In The Time Of The Butterflies
Salma is going to produce and star in a movie based on the best-selling novel "In The Time Of The Butterflies" by Julia Alvarez. The book is inspired by the true story of the three Mirabal sisters who, in 1960, were murdered for their part in an underground plot to overthrow the government in the Dominican Republic. We gathered some info on it.
July 24 Susan Sarandon inspires Salma
The July issue of InStyle magazine features a special on celebrities and their greatest influences. A photograph showing Salma Hayek and her inspiration actress Susan Sarandon in Lower Manhattan teams up with an article about their relationship. A very special thanks to Joanne who provided this info sending us the scan and the transcript!
July 26 Salma is Frida
The Book Los Angeles features an in-depth portrait of Frida Kahlo fosusing on the production of the movie. Salma says about the Mexican icon: "In a way Frida was like Mexico--her body was broken, but she had a strong spirit." Find out about her obsession for the project in the article. Check out the first pictures of Salma as Frida. Thanks to Patrick Kahn for the info!
July 29 Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Wedding
On Saturday Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston celebrated their wedding in Malibu. Edward Norton, who played with Pitt in Fight Club, attended the ceremony with Salma Hayek. Newspapers reported that Salma's present for the happy couple was an ancient Mexican Mask. People says that Edward and Salma cuddled together watching the fireworks and that they were the first couple to join Brad and Jennifer on the dance floor. Access ::Pictures::
August 1 Salma, Edward and Ashley in "The Notebook"?
  There are rumors of Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd and Edward Norton joining the cast of Irish director Jim Sheridan's upcoming movie "The Notebook" based on the best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks. A short description of the story: The novel opens in a nursing home as 80-year-old Noah Calhoun, "a common man with common thoughts," reads a love story from a notebook; it is his own story. In 1946, Noah, newly returned from the war, is trying to forget a long-ago summer romance with Allie Nelson. Source: Showbiz Ireland
August 1 Salma Hayek as Catalina Ascencio
Altavista Films has optioned the international bestseller "Tear This Heart Out" (Arancáme la Vida) as a starring vehicle for Salma Hayek, with her company Ventanarosa Prods. aboard to produce. The novel, by Angeles Mastretta, one of Latin America's foremost writers, is an epic love story set against the Mexican Revolution. Ventanarosa confirmed that Salma Hayek will play the lead role of Catalina Ascencio. Read more! Source: Variety/Infosel Mexico
August 8 AOL Launch Argentina
AOL Latin America presented its Argentine service on Tuesday. Salma Hayek launched the service by clicking a giant mouse that was bigger than she. Magic Johnson, Argentine singer Emanuel Ortega, TV host Ruth Infarinato and Argentine pop singer Bahiano were at the presentation. ::Pictures::
August 14 Montreal International Jazz Festival
Edward Norton is shooting his next movie "The Score" in Montreal. On Tuesday, July 4, around midnight he was with Salma at the lobby of the Wyndham Hotel, where Steve Amirault was hosting the festival's jam sessions. They were sitting at the table next to the drum kit. Salma wore a long white gown as the reporter puts it: "I can't recall how Norton was dressed or indeed whether he was at all. I'm afraid I was distracted." Source: National Post.
August 14 Dinner on Sunday
  Salma attended a private dinner Sunday honoring Vice President Gore's daughter Karenna Gore Schiff. It was held at Le Colonial (tony Indochinese cuisine) in West Hollywood and was hosted by Vogue Editor Anna Wintour and communications mogul Shelby Bryan. The elegant dinner was attended by about 100 people, a mix of media, politicos and entertainers.
Source: LA Times.
August 15 Two Fridas???
While Salma Hayek has been fighting for a Frida Kahlo project for years Jennifer Lopez is now circling a Kahlo biopic produced by Francis Ford Coppola. Salma has been obsessed by the making of the movie for one simple reason: she admires Kahlo and wants to tell her country's history. Now that her dream is finally becoming real producers had the "great" idea to cast Lopez in a similar movie. Lopez hasn't signed yet but will possibly join the competition.
::Read Article:: Source: Variety.
August 17 Hollow Man
  Salma was catching Hollow Man at the Hollywood Galaxy 6 together with a friend and another couple. Salma had her hair tied back and she was sporting a black leather jacket with a pink top. Source: E!Online.
August 22 TV Guide Poll
On Monday TV Guide Online's Poll of the Day raised the question: Jennifer Lopez or Salma Hayek — who should portray artist Frida Kahlo? More than 2000 people voted online and the results couldn't be better for Salma. 80% think "Native Mexican Salma Hayek will have a special feel for the role — this is her chance to break out of the schlock and show us what she's got!" while only 20% are in favor of Jennifer Lopez. You can discuss this subject in our Forum.
August 25 Director Salma Hayek
The German edition of Vogue magazine (August 2000) features an in-depth conversation of Salma Hayek and German director Roland Emmerich (The Patriot). They discussed subjects like making movies, music, Mexico, Frida Kahlo and much more. Salma gives away some pretty personal information about her intentions to direct a movie. Salma as director? Post your opinion in the Messageboard! Access ::Article:: and ::Scans::
August 27 Deauville Film Festival
  Salma Hayek will be with Edward Norton at this year's Deauville Film Festival in France. They will have a screening of Time Code on September 3 while Keeping the Faith will be shown on September 9. Both will be promoting their movies from September 7th to the 11th.
September 1 Biography Magazine
Salma Hayek is featured in the September issue of Biography magazine with an article and 10 photos from several occasions and movies.
Read the article here! Scans will be coming up soon.
September 2 Happy Birthday Salma!
Today Salma turns 32! May all your dreams come true in your career and personal life. Enjoy your day to the fullest and stay true to yourself. All the best and hopefully one of your movies will become a classic! Click here to read your Birthday Scrapbook with collected Birthday messages from your fans.
September 5 Traffic
Salma will star alongside Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Dennis Quaid in the upcoming drama "Traffic" which opens December 22. As she wasn't mentioned in connection with the movie before it's likely that she only has a very small role or cameo. The film is directed by Steven Soderbergh (Out of Sight, Erin Brokovich) and deals with the war on drugs. Find out more here!
September 9 Deauville Film Festival
Edward Norton and Salma Hayek arrived at the Deauville Film Festival 2000 in the Normandy, September 9. Salma promoted her movie Time Code while Edward presented his directing debut Keeping the Faith. Check out first pictures!
Sept. 12 No Chain of Fools Release
Bad news! Warner Bros. decided not to release Chain of Fools on September 22. The Hollywood Reporter says they are now heading for a direct cable release probably on HBO or Cinemax. Obviously executives don't want to risk their money and opt for a safer release directly on TV. If the film does well they can still release it later on.
Sign the Chain of Fools Petition for a theatrical release!
Sept. 14 Democratic National Committee Fundraiser
A Democratic National Committee fundraiser concert was held at Radio City Music Hall Thursday, Sept. 14, 2000, in New York. The wall-to-wall celebrities included Matt Damon, Salma Hayek, Julia Roberts, Michael Douglas and Harrison Ford, all of whom lauded the Democratic contenders. Read related article! ::Photos::
Sept. 15 Casa de Salma
Always wanted to know what Salma's home looks like in Hollywood? Salma says: "This house makes me feel close to myself. It has so much to do with everything that has nothing to do with Hollywood." Take a look at exclusive photos taken at her house located in Hillside. Access Casa de Salma!
Sept. 19 Frida News
Miramax has offered the direction of "Frida" to Julie Taymor who is best known for her Broadway staging of "The Lion King". Antonio Banderas, Ashley Judd and Edward Norton joined the cast of Frida. Banderas will play David Siqueiros while Judd will portray Tina Modotti. Norton will do a cameo as Nelson Rockefeller. Read full article!
Sept. 22 La Gran Vida Photos
La Gran Vida, Salma's first Spanish movie, will premiere October 1st in Madrid. Find out more about the movie here! HayekHeaven offers exclusive photos from the set. View the scans! Very special thanks to Morris!
Sept. 23 Barbra Streisand Farewell Concert
Declaring it time to "say goodbye to this part of my life," Barbra Streisand launched the first of four farewell concerts marking her retirement from live performances. Hollywood turned out in force to pay tribute at the Los Angeles Staples Center among them Salma Hayek. Take a look at Salma on the Red Carpet: Pictures or Videoclip
Sept. 25 Charity Auction
  Salma Hayek is among the celebrities who have painted plates for Barbara Davis's star-studded October 28th Carousel of Hope in Beverly Hills to benefit children's diabetes.
Sept. 29 Salma as hottest e-star
The October issue of Premiere magazine declares Salma to be one of the 20 hottest e-stars, Premiere's exclusive ranking of the Internet's biggest stars. The article quotes Nick Cuvar's story from our Fanzone: Meeting Salma section - unfortunately without mentioning HayekHeaven. Read the full transcript! Thanks to Joanne!
October 1 Salma and Edward splitting up?
  The tabloids say that Salma went on a trip with Saudi billionaire Al Sheik Modhassan on his $100 million yacht causing a break up with Edward Norton. The Sun published paparazzi shots of Salma and the Arabian sheik doing some yoga exercises. Basically I only have to say that I am not interested in that kind of gossip as my personal opinion is that the media should respect Salma's privacy. Therefore I won't publish the paparazzi shots on HayekHeaven. I don't believe one single word the tabloids write anyways.
October 1 La Gran Vida Premiere Madrid
Salma's new romantic comedy La Gran Vida premiered in Madrid, Spain, October 1. Among the guests were cast members like Carmelo Gomez and Tito Valverde as well as the director Antonio Cuadri. Take a look at the photos from the Red Carpet!
October 2 La Gran Vida Press Conference
Salma attended a press conference held in the Intercontinental Hotel, Madrid, promoting her movie La Gran Vida. She stated that she loves Spain, that she loved the script and the opportunity to work with Carmelo and that her character really interested her. Watch a videoclip of the press conference or take a look at photos!
October 10 Salma and Penelope go Sushi
Salma Hayek was spotted with her friend Penelope Cruz at the Matsuhisa restaurant in Beverly Hills. They arrived at 10 PM and stayed for about an hour. While Penelope wore a red blouse and a bluejeans jacket Salma sported a beige dress combined with a black pashmina. Here's a snapshot!
October 11 La Gran Vida opens in Spain
Spanish fans are lucky enough to finally see Salma back on the big screen as La Gran Vida opens nationwide this Wednesday. For more information visit the Official Site or stay with our La Gran Vida infopage. We have collected screenshots and videoclips including the trailer. You can also read this Spanish interview with Salma!
October 17 In The Time Of The Butterflies filming starts
Lumi Cavazos, Mia Maestro, Demián Bichir, Ana Martín, Pedro Armendariz Jr.,Fernando Becerril, Anthony Alvarez, Pilar Padilla, Vanessa Hidalgo and Geraldine Bazár have joined the cast of In The Time Of The Butterflies. Salma, Lumi and Mia will actually play the three Mirabel sisters known as the butterflies. The newest names attached to the project are Rebecca Jones and Edward James Olmos who will play General Trujillo. On Wednesday the first scene was shot in Mexico City. Filming will move to Veracruz on the 28th and will last six weeks.
Thanks to Morris for all the information! Click here for more info on this film!
October 21 Press Conference in Mexico City
Salma stated that she didn't want to give 200 interviews whenever she's in Mexico to visit friends and family. Therefore she thinks a press conference on her latest project is more useful. On being asked about her trip with the Arabian sheik she said that the media should start respecting her private life. Moreover she said that she has been working for 5 years now and that it would be time to restructure her career. Instead of complaining about the lack of good projects for Latin women in Hollywood she wants to make her own films with her production company Ventanarosa. In The Time Of The Butterflies is intended to tell the history of Latinamerica as well as to promote Salma's native country Veracruz. Choose Pictures, Videoclips or Quotes!
October 22 Penelope as Frida's sister?
Penelope Cruz might join the cast of Frida as the role of Cristina, Frida's sister, has been offered to her lately. Although Penelope always wanted to work with her close friend she might not have the time to film the movie. If Penelope can't commit to the project Michelle Rodigruez (Girlfight) is in talks to play Cristina.
October 23 Marie Claire Spain
The Spanish issue of Marie Claire features Salma Hayek on the cover of the October 2000 edition. There are also some great new shots and an interview included in this magazine. Take a look at Salma's La Gran Vida look! Very special thanks to Samira for scanning the pictures! Read the Spanish interview!
October 25 Marc Anthony to play revolutionary
Marc Anthony joins the cast of In The Time Of The Butterflies. He is set to play Virgilio Morales, a revolutionary that had great influence on the Mirabel sisters. His relationship to Minerva Mirabel played by Salma herself is said to be very intense. Read more in these articles!
October 27 Veracruz TV Commercials
Finally we had the chance to see one of the TV commercials Salma did for her native region Veracruz. The TV spot shows her in a goddess-like pose wearing a red dress and is intended to promote tourism. Take a look at the screenshots or download the videoclip! To find out more about Salma's origins also visit!
November 1 El Pais Semanal
The Spanish magazine EL PAIS SEMANAL published 2 new photos by César Urrutia in their September issue. Very special thanks to Angelo Maria Urbinati for sending in these fantastic scans! Have a look! If anyone can contribute the featured article please mail to!
November 2 Salma on the set
There are rumors of Salma buying the rights for one of Gabriel Garcia Marquez' novels as the famous writer visited the set of In The Time Of The Butterflies (En el Tiempo de las Mariposas). HayekHeaven features exclusive brand-new photos taken on the set in Mexico City. Take a look at Salma as Minerva Mirabel! Thanks to Morris!
November 3 Dede Mirabel visits set
Dede Mirabal, the only Mirabel sister that survived the regime of Leónidas Trujillo, was a special guest on the set of In The Time Of The Butterflies. Accompanied by her daughter Jacqueline Guzmán and her niece Minú Mirabal she stayed for four days in Mexico. Dede talked about the memories she has of her three sisters.
November 12 Ángeles Mastretta to work on screenplay
Ángeles Mastretta will work on the screenplay for Salma's upcoming movie Arráncame la Vida (Tear this heart out). The author committed to the project saying that she wanted to make sure that the characters wouldn't say things that don't correspend to the way she imagined them in her book. Read the full article!
November 12 Leandro Guzmán visits Butterflies set
Leandro Guzmán visited the set of In The Time Of The Butterflies. He was a revolutionary against the Trujillo dicatorship who married Patria Mirabel (played by Mia Maestro). His wife and her sisters were assassinated when they tried to visit him in jail. Visiting the set was a very emotional experience for him. Further info!
November 18 Living It Up
The international title for Salma's Spanish movie "La Gran Vida" will be "Living It Up". The movie will be distributed by Columbia TriStar but no international release dates have been announced yet. Here are some boxoffice results for Spain: $555,644 and ranked at #7 at the Spanish box office in the first week (#10 in the second week). According to Variety, its screen average was 3632 in 153 theaters. (Thanks to Carlos Adair!) Read several new reviews: Spanish 1 | 2 | 3 English 1
November 18 Geoffrey Rush as Leon Trotsky?
According to Entertainment Weekly director Julie Taymor is courting Geoffrey Rush (Shine, Quills) for the role of Trotsky in Miramax's Frida Kahlo biopic starring Salma Hayek and Edward Norton. Thanks to Carlos Adair for the info!
November 20 My VH1 Music Awards
Salma Hayek is reported to be one of the presenters of My VH1 Music Awards airing live Thursday, November 30 At 9:00 P.M.(ET) on VH1. As she had been announced for this year's Fashion Awards and couldn't make it we hope that this time the information turns out to be true. My VH1 Music Awards is the First-Ever Fully Interactive Music Awards Show. You can cast your vote here!
November 22 Diego and Kahlo Art Exhibit in Dallas
A new exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art spans two love affairs - that of the tumultuous relationship between Mexican masters Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and that of Jacques and Natasha Gelman, whose passion for collecting art cultivated many careers. This is a great oppurtunity to see Kahlo's work. Read the full article here!
November 24 is online!
Visit, the website that will provide you with up-to-date info on the production of Frida. Features will include news, articles, reviews, portraits of the cast and the real characters as well as exclusive material from the set. Click here to access the website made by the creators of HayekHeaven!
November 25 Edward visits Salma
  Against all rumors of a break up Salma Hayek and Edward Norton were together again when the actor visited her on the set of her movie In The Time Of The Butterflies in Veracruz. The couple went out for supper but was disturbed by photographers. Salma told them to leave the two of them alone saying that if they really liked her they would let her live peacefully.
November 26 Simon Bolívar - new movie?
  Salma Hayek is in talks to play the role of Manuela Sáenz, the controversial fiancée of Simón Bolivar. The Ecuadorian director Rubén Rodriguez assured that Salma "is very interested" in the project. Sáenz is well-known for having saved Bolivar from being assassinated by enemies during a famous plot in Bogota. Simon Bolívar (1783-1830) was one of South America's greatest generals. His victories over the Spaniards won independence for Bolivia, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. He is called El Liberator (The Liberator) and the "George Washington of South America." The producers hope that Antonio Banderas will personify the liberator.
November 28 'Frida Kahlo' in the lead?
The New York Post reports that Salma Hayek's 'Frida Kahlo' will have an earlier release date than Jennifer Lopez' 'The Two Fridas' as filming will already start in March. Salma Hayek assured that she doesn't fear any comparison with the other project and that portraying Frida Kahlo is a dream come true. The cast members of 'The Two Fridas' have not been announced yet but there are rumors Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Gere and even Madonna might be among them.
November 29 Butterflies finished
Filming of In The Time Of The Butterflies ended last Monday. The premiere is reported to be in Los Angeles within the next six months. According to the IMDB the release date for this movie is April 1 2001 in the US. The movie is produced for Showtime TV but it could also get a theatrical release in Mexico.
November 30 Traffic reviews
Steven Soderbergh's Traffic gets very positive reviews these days. It's even speculated it might have a chance at the Oscars. Traffic opens December 27 in NY and LA. A nationwide release is scheduled for January 12, 2001. Don't miss it as Salma has a small cameo in this movie! Read a review!
November 30 My VH1 Music Awards
Salma introduced the Red Hot Chili Peppers performance at the 2000 VH1 Music Awards where VH1 viewers voted for their favorite singers and groups via the Internet. The show was telecast live on the VH1 cable network. Here are exclusive photos of Salma's Asian look!
December 1 Lakers - San Antonio Spurs
Edward Norton and Salma Hayek were together at the Lakers-San Antonio Spurs game on December 1 in Los Angeles. If I may say so they looked very happy. This should cast away all rumors about them. =) Here are some snapshots!
December 8 Win Salma's snake!
Win a plush snake signed by Salma Hayek!
What you have to do: Follow this link, sign up for the free online students magazine "A traves del espejo" and find 5 hidden snakes on the webpages. Mail the answer to the webmaster. Good luck!
December 13 Chocolate for Salma
Salma Hayek attended the Los Angeles premiere of "Chocolat" at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences December 11, 2000. With Edward Norton at her side she was also among the crowd enjoying chocolate confections provided by Godiva at the after-party in the Academy lobby. Check out new photos!
December 14 Soderbergh seduces critics
Film director Steven Soderbergh scooped the top prizes at a New York awards ceremony, and entered pole position for the Oscars race as a result. The New York Film Critics Circle awarded the prizes of Best Film to Traffic and Best Director to Steven Soderbergh for both Traffic and Erin Brockovich. Benicio Del Toro also picked up an award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in the film.
The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures also awarded Steven Soderbergh for Traffic and Erin Brockovich as best director and Traffic made it as one of the Top 10 films of the year. Congratulations!
Finally we could get info on Salma's cameo in Traffic. According to Variety's review "Salma Hayek shines in a brief, uncredited cameo as the glamorous mistress of the Juarez druglord." We can't wait to see it!
December 15 Traffic Premiere
Here are some brand-new photos of Salma Hayek, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Benicio Del Toro, Don Cheadle and Amy Irving posing at the premiere of their new movie "Traffic" at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences in Beverly Hills, California, December 14, 2000.
December 18 Benicio is no Diego
Salma Hayek offered the role of Diego Rivera to Benicio Del Toro. Unfortunately he refused saying that he already had to gain a lot of weight for "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and that he didn't want to go through the same again. Alfred Molina is still not confirmed for the role as he is bound to his contract for the TV series "Ladies Man". It looks like Frida is still searching for her Diego.. Source: Clarín Espectáculos
December 20 Lopez project faces problems
Variety reports that MGM and Coppola are a few million apart on the final budget of their project while Miramax is in negotiations with several foreign sales companies, including Gaylord Entertainment, to co-finance the picture. Moreover time is running out for the production as Writers Guild and Screen Actors Guild strikes loom this spring and summer, and Lopez has committed to topline "Enough" at Columbia Pictures before shooting Coppola's picture. What a shame ;)
Read the full article here.
December 22 Most erotic stars
German movie-goers voted former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson and film hunk George Clooney as the most erotic actors of all time in the CINEMA magazine survey on Thursday. Pamela Anderson (26.66%) just edged Salma Hayek (26.11%) for the top slot, with Cameron Diaz (20.51%) a close third. More at!
December 26 Miramax confirms Frida casting
Finally Miramax has officially confirmed the casting of Alfred Molina, Ashley Judd and Edward Norton. Filming is scheduled to start March 12th, 2001. Source:
December 26 Time Code DVD available
Finally the DVD edition of Time Code is available. It features two different versions of the movie: the first and last unedited shot. Other extras include:
• Color, Dolby
• Commentary by Mike Figgis
• Theatrical trailer(s)
• Exclusive full-length Not Rated Version 1 of "Time Code" in English 2-channel surround
• Widescreen anamorphic format
Order your copy here!
December 27 Traffic opens in NY and LA
Steven Soderbergh's Traffic opens in New York and Los Angeles today. A wide release is scheduled for January 12, 2001. Salma's cameo is mentioned very positively in many reviews and the movie is praised by critics (here's an overview at Rotten Tomatoes) and received these awards:
- 2000 Las Vegas Critics Society Awards
Best Supporting Actor: Benicio Del Toro, Traffic
Best Director: Steven Soderbergh, Erin Brockovich and Traffic
- 2000 Toronto Film Critics Association Awards
Runner-up for Best Picture: Traffic
Best Director: Steven Soderbergh (Traffic)
Best Actor: Benicio del Toro (Traffic)
- 2000 Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards
Best Director: Steven Soderbergh (Traffic, Erin Brokovich) Best Adapted Screenplay (tie): Steven Kloves (Wonder Boys) and Stephen Gaghan (Traffic) Best Pictures (nominated): Traffic
Traffic also received 9 Golden Satellite Nominations and 5 Golden Globe Nominations. Congratulations!!!
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