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001109: Hey guys, more pics from the "Red Planet" premiere! I would love some of your opinions on Julia's dress, that's a real treat, you either love it or hate it, and myself, I have to say, I'm not that fond of it, but she sure lit up the room! =)[ pic 1 I pic 2 I pic 3]

001109: First of all, as you might already have noticed, SJR is not being updated as much as usual and that is because I'm on an internship right now in another city and with no computer! =( But in the mean time, I have my wonderful friend Jacinda, webmaster of Hayekheaven who is helping me with the updates, not as many as usual though. But this is only temporary! I'll be back! Ok, so, on to the update. Julia and Ben attended the premiere of the movie "Red Planet" starring amongst others Val Kilmer on November 6th. And we already have a bunch of pics for you! I also want to thank Carmina for some of the beautiful pics! [ pic 1 I pic 2 I pic 3 I pic 4 I pic 5 I pic 6 I pic 7 I pic 8 I pic 9 I pic 10 I pic 11 I pic 12 I pic 13 I pic 14 I pic 15 I pic 17 I pic 16 I pic 18]

001102: Today we have a very special treat for all of you guys! A few months ago, a magazine called AMI fully dedicated to Julia came out and now we have it here, the full 26 articles! Go to the AMI Special for this special treat! And a huge thanx to Theresa for transcribing them all, you're the best! Also, a new gallery with more pics from the GQ Men of the Year awards!

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// 001116 Julia in "A Time to be Born"?
- Actress-turned-director Anjelica Huston has signed to develop and direct Revolution Studios' feature "A Time to Be Born" as a starring vehicle for Julia Roberts. Huston will adapt Dawn Powell's satirical novel of the same name. The story, set during early World War II, is about wealthy NewYorkers who use one another for selfish means. The book follows a lower-middle-class woman in a small town who marries into wealth after stealing a newspaper baron away from his wife. While she enjoys a rise in New York society, including success as a romance novelist of ghostwritten books, her friends continue in their mundane lives. The woman ends up using an old friend from her anonymous past to cover for an affair she is having with an old beau she doesn't care for. Her world threatens to crumble when sparks fly between her old friend and beau and her wealthy husband decides to seek revenge on his unfaithful wife. Huston pitched the story to Roberts, who agreed to come aboard and develop the project..

// 001113 Young Julia in US Weekly
- This weeks US Weekly (#301-302) has a cover Story, "When They Were Young", with pictures of amongst other stars, Julia, when she was a little girl! See more here.

// 001111 Roberts says 'yes' to Revolution
- Julia Roberts has committed to star in the as-yet-untitled "Project 3" for Revolution Studios that reunites her with "The Mexican" filmmakers Gore Verbinski and J.H. Wyman. The project is set for an April 1 start. Roberts will star in the psychological thriller after she completes roles in two other films. After a turn for her "Erin Brockovich" director Steven Soderbergh in his ensemble Rat Pack remake "Ocean's 11" for Warner Bros., Roberts will segue to the Joe Roth-directed comedy "America's Sweethearts" for Revolution that is scheduled for a January start. Roberts committed to "Project" -- described as in the vein of George Cukor's 1944 classic "Gaslight" -- script unseen as Wyman is penning the project. Verbinski and Wyman will produce "Project" with Revolution's Roth, Todd Garner and Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Roberts' longtime agent who joined Revolution in September (HR 9/7). Roberts' Shoelace Prods. is based at Revolution. (Thanx to Rey Encila for the info.)

// 001108 Julia is Bewitched?
Rumours say that Julia is trying to purchase the rights to the beloved classic TV series "Bewitched". According to the source, Julia herself is planning to play the part of Samantha and as her mother, we might see Doris Day. Jim Carrey has also been mentioned as a possible co-star. [full story]

// 001108 First "Mexican" review
Starring Julia Roberts is proud to present you with the first review of Julia's new movie "The Mexican". Basically, it is said to be good, but needs some work. [review]

// 001103 Roberts, Pitt eye new comedy
Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts are in negotiations to star in their third film together in recent months. The pair already co-starred in the soon-to-be-released "The Mexican," and Pitt and Roberts are to join the star-studded cast of Steven Soderbergh's remake of the Rat Pack heist film "Ocean's 11." Now the British movie news site Popcorn reports they are in talks to co-star in "Replay". The story is about a middle-aged man who dies of a heart attack, but wakes up in as himself when he was a college student. He then attempts to make good with his long-lost love (Roberts). [full story]

// 001029 Zeta Jones to Play Julia Roberts' Sister - Paper
Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones, who marries Michael Douglas next month, is to star alongside Julia Roberts in the film comedy ``American Sweetheart,'' Britain's Sun tabloid reported on Friday. [full story]

// 001028 GQ Men of the Year Awards airing on FOX!
- The GQ Men of the Year Awards 2000 presented last Thursday, will air on FOX, december 9th 2000 at 8 pm ET.

// 001025 GQ Magazine's Men of the Year Awards
- Julia will be presenting James Gandolfini with an award this Thursday at GQ Magazine's Men of the Year awards. (Thanx to Rey Encila for the info)

// 001021 Julia tops EW's Power list
Julia Roberts and Tom Cruise make EW's annual Power List. We tell you about Hollywood's heaviest hitters -- plus, what to expect next year. Julia Roberts, who generated $125 million at the box office and Oscar talk with ''Erin Brockovich,'' moves up to No. 2 from last year's No. 8. Full story at Entertainment Weekly.

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