February 25, 2001
A new article featured in the March 2001 edition of Premiere Magazine was added to the press section.

February 21, 2001
I successfully added a message board for you to discuss recent developments in the production of the movie.

December 15, 2000
You can now vote for your favorite cast member (besides Salma) in HayekHeaven's poll below!

December 14, 2000
Find out about Salma's passion by reading the newly added quotes about Frida Kahlo, her life, art and the movie.

December 12, 2000
Uploaded a small style/ you can use if you'd like to link to FridaMovie.com. Thanks for promoting Salma!

December 11, 2000
Do you want to find out if Antonio Banderas and Edward Norton look similar to the real persons they will portray? I added a photo of David Siqueiros and Nelson Rockefeller.

November 26, 2000
Completed the cast and Frida Kahlo info pages.
Added some more links!

November 24, 2000
FridaMovie.com is online!
Although some sections are still under heavy construction you can take a look at headlines, articles, videos and some links! More info on the cast and on Frida Kahlo herself will be added in the next days!