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This website is dedicated to the movie based on the inspiring life of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Salma Hayek has been fighting for this project for 6 years and is currently shooting on location in Mexico. Features include news, articles, reviews, portraits of the cast and the real characters as well as exclusive material from the set. Find out all about the woman that lead a tragic life but refused to give up and the woman that fought to tell her story.
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020102 Official Release Date
Miramax is planning to release 'Frida' on October 11th, 2002. It is not yet known if it is a limited release in LA and NY only or a nationwide release. In any case, the movie will most likely premiere at this year's Cannes Film Festival in May.
Source: UpcomingMovie.com

120601 'Viva Frida' in Vogue
Recently Vogue's Sarah Kerr interviewed Salma Hayek and director Julie Taymor about their inspiration to do 'Frida'. The feature article can be found in the current December issue. The magazine includes exclusive photos inspired by Kahlo's paintings.

111801 Brothers Quay to direct hallucination
"Julie Taymor has recruited the Brothers Quay to direct a hallucination sequence, using their unique (read as "bizarre") style of miniatures/dolls and stop-motion animation."
Source: UpcomingMovies.com

111701 Frida @ Cannes or Berlin Film Festival?
In an interview with the London Evening Standard, Salma Hayek talked about the release date of 'Frida': "This film took six years to make. I want to take my time to do it the best it can be done. We will adapt the release time to the movie, not the movie to the release time.' She is hoping to take Frida to either the Cannes or Berlin Film Festival but, perversely, seems in no hurry to show Hollywood her film-making abilities. 'No, that's what's so weird. I'm not desperate for it to come out. And I discovered I don't really want to talk about it. Everyone wants to know about my personal triumph of making the movie but to me, it doesn't feel like that. It feels like an accomplishment, but not like I made a grand thing happen.'"

111601 New York Times 'Frida' Report
As part of a 'Style & Entertaining' supplement, the New York Times features a very interesting article on Ashley Judd's participation in 'Frida'. It is basically a set report with a couple of beautiful photos and lots of nice details on the making of the movie and the friendship between Salma and Ashley.

111501 'Frida' Release
There have been many rumors on a possible release date for 'Frida'. In the last weeks, I've received tons of mails asking for official information. People are concerned that the movie won't make it in time for the upcoming award season. On behalf of all the fans, I've written to Miramax. They were very kind and answered really quickly. Their answer can be best summed up with this quote: "We're hearing good things about it. We don't have an official release date yet." So, nothing has been decided. I will keep you posted..

111201 Frida Fashion in Harper's Bazaar
The November issue of Harper's Bazaar (with Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover) features a beautiful photosession by Nathaniel Goldberg that comes along with an article about Frida Kahlo's sense of style: "Madonna collects her self-portraits, Salma Hayek will soon play her on the big screen, and this season, fashion designers are paying tribute to her unique bohemian style. Suddenly, the woman who once inspired Schiaparelli and was embraced by Picasso and Marcel Duchamp 60 years ago is electrifying the world again..."

110101 'Frida' release in February?
There have been many rumors about the possible release date of 'Frida'. Shortly after Salma said on the Rosie O'Donnell Show that she hoped the movie would be released in spring, the Chicago Sun Times reports that 'Frida' is set for a release in February. Another newsstory seems to support this: Salma did a photoshooting for Vogue magazine and was set to appear on the cover of the December issue. But the feature story has been postponed which means that Miramax has decided not to release it in December. We will have to wait some more. However, here are 2 new promotional black and white photos.

102301 'Frida' Test Screening
Aint-It-Cool-News has posted a report on the first test screening of 'Frida' (October 17). The guy who attended the screening gave some very positive remarks about Salma's performance: "Salma plays Kahlo as a party monster, a drinker, a lover, a figher, an artist. It's a pretty big stretch of a role, but she does pretty good with it... possible Oscar nomination, more likely a Golden Globe." His final statement was: "I really liked it, the people at the screening seemed to like it, and if art, biographies, intelligent/creative moviemaking and/or Salma Hayek are among your particular cups of tea, you'll probably like it, too." Sounds great to me.

101001 TIME Latin America Special Issue
Updated 101201
TIME magazine published a special edition titled "The New Mexico" showing Salma Hayek as Frida Kahlo on its cover. The edition includes texts by Vicente Fox, Enrique Krauze, Carlos Monsiváis, Federico Estévez, Guillermo Gómez Rock, Salma Hayek and others. Victor Rodriguez was so generous as to send us a transcript of Salma's essay. Salma writes about the changes in Mexico's film industry. There are also 3 brand-new scans contributed by Alberto Motolinia. Thank you!

092601 'Frida' Premiere Magazine
European release dates
The October issue of Premiere Magazine features a short article on 'Frida' plus several new promotional photos: 'A Brush With Greatness'. The Irish Times has another article on the movie called 'Fighting for Frida'. Edward Norton was asked about his relationship to Salma and the movie by The Times responding very fondly: "It's a labour of love for her and it's really a testament to her because she produced it. All the people in it came because of their affection for her." Furthermore the IMDB reports European release dates for the movie. So far these countries have been mentioned: The Netherlands April 4 | Belgium April 17 | Czech Republic May 23

072701 Elliot Goldenthal conducts 'Frida'
Elliot Goldenthal who scored such movies as 'Titus', 'Michael Collins' and 'Interview with the Vampire' will contribute the musical score to Julie Taymor's 'Frida'. Goldenthal was nominated for an Academy Award twice. The songs in the movie will be in Spanish. One song is for a moment in which Frida and Diego travel through Xochimilco. It contains the lyrics "Viva la Vida". The other song is a tango with an erotic touch which is played when Frida and Tina Modotti dance together.

071801 Frida Kahlo stamp released in US
Information taken from the official press release (07/16): "Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo, was honored today with a U.S. postage stamp at a ceremony held at Phoenix Art Museum. This is the first Hispanic woman to be honored with a U.S. postage stamp. The 34-cent Frida Kahlo stamp will be available at Phoenix post offices today and at post offices across the country beginning tomorrow. "The Postal Service has a proud tradition of honoring those special people who have had a significant influence on American history, art and culture," said Benjamin P. Ocasio, Vice President, Diversity Development, for the Postal Service, who dedicated the stamp."

070701 Miramax Cannes 2001 Brochure
Miramax gave out a promotional brochure at this year's Cannes Film Festival. It features a stunning promotional shot of Salma Hayek posing as Frida Kahlo, as well as some photos of Alfred Molina and Antonio Banderas. Official information on the production comes along with these photos. A very special thanks to Susan from the Unofficial Edward Norton Information Page for sending in the scans. You will find updated information on the cast and crew of 'Frida' on the left.

062301 'Frida' filming completed
After 11 weeks filming of 'Frida' was completed some days ago. The team went on location in Puebla, San Luis Potosí, Mexico City and Teotihuacán. Post-production on 'Frida' will last about 6-7 months. Salma Hayek is expected to join the cast of 'Once upon a time in Mexico' on set in San Miguel De Allende next week.

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Frida - The Movie (2001)
Filming April 7 - June 20, 2001
Release Date:
US: October 11, 2002

Directed by:
Julie Taymor
Writing Credits:
Gregory Nava & Anna Thomas
Rodrigo Garcia
Walter Salles
Edward Norton
Based on a book by:
Hayden Herrera
Salma Hayek .... Frida Kahlo
Alfred Molina .... Diego Rivera
Geoffrey Rush .... Leon Trotsky
Ashley Judd .... Tina Modotti
Edward Norton .... N. Rockefeller
Antonio Banderas .... David Alfaro Siqueiros
Mia Maestro .... Cristina Kahlo
Saffron Burrows
Roger Rees .... Guillermo Kahlo
Patricia Reyes Spíndola .... Matilde Kahlo
Diego Luna .... Alejandro Gonzalez Arias
Margarita Sanz .... Natalie Trotsky
Valeria Golino .... Lupe Marín
Amelia Zapata .... Aurora Kahlo
Alejandro Usigli ... professor
Anthony Alvarez
Chavela Vargas

Roberto Prieto
Musical score:
Elliot Goldenthal
Sarah Green, Jay Polstein, Lizz Speed, Nancy Hardin, Lindsay Flickinger, Roberto Sneider
Executive Producers:
Mark Gill, Jill Messick, Amy Slotnick, Mark Amin, Walter Salles
Production Companies:
Miramax Films, Trimark Pictures, Ventanarosa Productions
Filming Locations:
Puebla, Mexico
San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Teotihuacán, Mexico
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
$12 Mil.

December 12, 2001
final set of photos

December 6, 2001
Vogue: feature story plus photos

November 18, 2001
The London Evening Standard: interview

November 16, 2001
New York Times: article & photos
Empire Magazine: article

November 15, 2001
Harper's Bazaar: photosession

November 4, 2001
Miramax promotional material: new 'Frida' black/white photos

October 14, 2001
Cinemania interviews with 'Frida' crew: 'Spying Frida' [English translation]

October 13, 2001
Cinemania interviews with 'Frida' crew: 'Espiando a Frida' [in Spanish]
Vanidades article: 'Salma poseida por Frida' [in Spanish]

October 12, 2001
Time Magazine Special Issue: 3 new photos

October 11, 2001
Time Magazine Special Issue: essay by Salma Hayek

October 10, 2001
Time Magazine Cover: scan
Premiere Magazine Coverage: photos | 'A Brush with Greatness' article
Irish Times article: 'Fighting For Frida'

August 15, 2001
Reforma posted an interesting article about Salma Hayek's painting teacher Dionisio Ceballos who also made reproductions of Frida Kahlo paintings for the movie. Here is the article in Spanish and a new photo that shows Salma painting. You can access Dionisio Ceballos's website here to see his awesome artwork.

July 27, 2001
We have a new interview clip online. It is taken from 'Access Hollywood' and revails the truth behind the monkey attack on the 'Frida' set. The audio clip was sent in by Joanne. Listen to the interview!

July 19, 2001
Reuters published a feature article on 'Frida' along with the larger version of a promotional photo that we already had in our galleries. Thanks to Candy!

July 15, 2001
Today the Sunday LA Times published a feature article on 'Frida'. It includes some really interesting facts about the process of making the movie, the production and the promotion of it. The article is called 'Feeling Frida's Pain' - the most complete collection of information so far. Thanks to Joanne! USA Today published an interesting article about the Mexican film industry and the way movies like 'Frida' have influenced it. Read the full article here! You will also find 3 new movie stills in the photo section.

July 11, 2001
Today I added two more photos from the set of Frida as well as two videoclips. The first one mainly shows Antonio Banderas on set while the second is a short clip of Salma.

July 8, 2001
Full Cambio Magazine Coverage: you can read the article either in Spanish or English plus photos included in the magazine. The scans are terrific and show Salma Hayek painting and posing with Edward Norton. Not to be missed! A million thanks to Morris!!!

July 7, 2001
You will find new scans from a Miramax Cannes 2001 brochure in the galleries.

June 24, 2001
For everyone who missed ET's first look at 'Frida' here is our exclusive video coverage. Special thanks to Bill Austin for making the videoclip! We also have a gallery with 20 screenshots. Enjoy!

June 24, 2001
Thanks a million to Morris who took the time to transcribe the full 8-page article included in the special edition of Cambio magazine. He even took the time to translate it for us. He will also contribute some scans of the fabulous photos included in this issue. For now here is the article: [Spanish] | [English]

June 23, 2001
Here is a transcript of ET's special on 'Frida'. You can also listen to the feature in this mp3.

June 20, 2001
Two new articles are online in our press section. The first was published in the supplement of The Sunday Times. The newspaper included a feature article on 'Frida' which is extremely interesting. Thanks to the editor for mentioning our website. The Times also published an article which is interesting for people who don't know much about the painter. It focuses on the life of Frida Kahlo and is based on Hayden Herrera's biography. Click here to read the second article!

June 16, 2001
USA Today published an article on 'Frida' with comments by Salma Hayek who tells us some interesting facts about the shooting. Read all about it!

June 9, 2001
Check out the on-set gallery for new photos of Antonio Banderas, Ashley Judd, Salma Hayek and Mia Maestro. Special thanks to Jorge for sending us this set of photos!

June 1, 2001
Welcome back to FridaMovie.com Version 2.0. I hope you all enjoy the new design and find your way through the website. Univision held an exclusive interview with Salma Hayek on the 'Frida' set. I am very excited to show you the videoclips they put online. For the first time you can see Salma acting her role. I was totally stunned! A million thanks to our friend Morris for taking the time to transcribe the full interview and translate it for us. Here is the Spanish version and the English translation. Watch the awesome video footage here!

May 30, 2001
Exclusive photos of Geoffrey Rush as Leon Trotsky in our on-set gallery and a new entry in the Frida Diary.

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