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TF Med Falcon continues miracle work US Army Europe News Release,
November 30th 1999
"Baby Rose" received a lot of attention on Thanksgiving Day. Another story about Operation Starlift.
USO-touring Mexican actress cheered troops USA Today, December 5th 1999 President of USO defends Salma´s visit to soldiers against Mexican protests
Hayek Draws Mexican Flak for Kosovo Morale Booster Yahoo News, November 28th 1999 Salma´s visit to Kosovo causes debate in her home country Mexico
Celebrities dish out good will for Thanksgiving CNN,
November 26th 1999
About charity events at Thanksgiving
Salma Hayek Visits Peacekeepers Yahoo News, November 24th 1999 About Salma's visit to soldiers in Pristina, Yugoslavia
Hayek, Grant to entertain U.S. troops CNN,
November 23th 1999
Yet another newsstory about the USO tour
Hayek To Spend Thanksgiving With GIs Yahoo News, November 6th 1999 Salma plans to meet with peacekeepers in Kosovo, Bosnia and Macedonia

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