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CBS Not Touched by Dogma Ads

Salma already chose its ' mother ' Reyes Spindo it is in favor very contented of the paper, although he will not appear much By Caesar Orchard Df, Mexico. - (16/Mar./2001) the actress Patricia Reyes Spindo it will be, as of April, the new mother of Salma Hayek, when the running of the film begins in Mexico Frida , where will personify to Matilde de Kahlo, mother of the recognized painter. Patricia Reyes Spindo It. / Photo: FILE " it is not a great paper, the mother nonfigure much in the life of Frida, but it is pleasant to me to participate in a film on a person very near the Mexicans, to whom I admire much. In fact, often, and in vain, I go to the museum to see its work ", commented Kings, who in the last weeks participated in casting corresponding. Reyes Spindo it revealed that their participation in the largometraje directed by Julie Taymor and produced by Miramax, will consist of seven calls, first of which he will be in the first week of April and, the last one, in June. This is not the first time that the actress represents the paper of mother of Hayek, because by the end of the eighty made own in the soap opera the Teresa , produced by Television; melodrama that catapulted to the veracruzana actress to the fame. Two years ago, both actresses became to reunite to film the tape Colonel No Has Who Writes to him , under the direction of Arturo Ripstein, who harvested good critics at international level. " she has always been very pretty and good companion. For a long time that we know ourselves and we took very well, now she has been enchanting the idea to me to return to work with her ", indicated. Although Frida is a personage who the captive, the actress assured that she will not have a special preparation to incarnate to Matilde, wife of Guillermo Kahlo (Roger Rees), since everything is written in the script. " I am not going to make nothing special, I am going away to base on the libreto and in addition I know many things Frida. I have seen photos of her with its parents and their family, and a very pretty person is done to me. In addition, the paper of the mother is not great ", indicated With an ample filmic trajectory, Patricia has participated in North American tapes like The Return of to Man Called Horse (1976) next to Richard Harris and The Children of Sanchez (1978), next to Anthony Quinn. " Frida is a good opportunity of work, like all those that I have done. Let us say that it is a way to work in Hollywood, but really is not something that concerns much to me, because of entrance I do not know to speak English and it does not interest to me to prick stone in other countries. I have made it (Mexico here) and nothing else ", it finalized. They begin in Churubusco For days, national technicians have been preparing in the Churubusco Studies an retort of the house that inhabited the painter during years, and who will become one of the most important leases of history. In forums four and five, more than 40 employees of the Union of Manual Technicians and of the Cinematographic Production, work to forced marches to construct, to decorate and to acclimate the home of the wife of Diego Rivera (Alfred Molina). The film, that will be filmed in leases of the City of Mexico, Veracruz, New York and Paris, complements his elenco, in agreement with site in Internet, with the Spanish Antonio Banderas, in the paper of David Alfaro Siqueiros; Edward Norton, fianc2e of Salma, like N. Rockefeller and Geoffrey Rush, Leon Trotsky.