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Salma Hayek is tired of being the Latin bombshell

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The Mexican actress said in an interview that she is tired of the scripts of Hollywood in which her role is that of a Latin bombshell.

Madrid. - The Mexican actress Salma Hayek, who films the movie La gran vida in Madrid, said to the newspaper in an interview that she is tired of the scripts of Hollywood in which her role is that of a Latin bombshell.

The interview published last Sunday in the supplement of the newspaper also said that Hayek recognized thatshe had to film in Spain "because I felt many desires to film here. My grandparents are Spanish ".

She added that she was decided to film in Spain, after having read many Spanish scripts - that did not convince her or they were sent at bad moments- she admired her filmpartner Carmelo Gómez for his taste and the risks he took.

"He is my great discovery (she says of Carmelo). People think that he is very serious, and now I got to know him in depth... He is crazy! He makes more jokes than I do", said the actress, who also praised the director of the tape, Antonio Cuadri.

" I make films for very strange reasons, or at least my reasons are different from the usual ones in the film industry. My agents were against La gran vida because I rejected another film in the United States. But I had to come to Spain ", she insisted.

Hayek indicated that "my race in the United States does not stop because of this filming. If I can effort the luxury to come here the reason is that I already reached a level in Hollywood so that I can escape".

Also, she said that she is " fed up " with the scripts of Hollywood, filled with Latin bombshells and right now I am saying that to many things since I have two films to be released and cannot wait patiently for the next good script ".

Dealing with future projects, Hayek considered that her idea to interpret Frida Kahlo " follows ahead, but I do not want to speak of the subject because there are no concrete dates ".

She recognized that " I don't like conventional things, unlike many people, who are based in Hollywood and no longer return to risk nor to film elsewhere ".