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A lot has been said about her and Matthew during the making of Fools Rush in...?
Let's talk about what's been said, because she loves gossip.

Well...about not getting along at all?
Well, first it was said that they were going out and she took him away from Julia Roberts. By the end of the film, it was said that they hated each other and could not work with each other. The truth is, none of that happened. But she has to admit, he is more than her friend. He's my neighbor in L.A. They live four houses away. It wouldn't be very smart to trash him, because he's too close to home.

Yet several national magazines have tried to make it seem like she really let him have it over some stupid joke?
What happened was, it was 5 in the morning and she could not wait to go to sleep. She could not wait to see the sun come up, so they could not shoot any longer and she could go home and rest. Matthew comes up to her and goes, 'Knock, knock.' Now, you who speak English understand this. For her, it sounded like 'Egg nog.' So she goes, 'Egg nog? What are you saying?' 'Knock, knock.' 'What's your problem?' He's supposed to say, 'Who's there?' 'Who's where?' She's like, 'What?' And everybody's just laughing about it. Matthew says, 'Just say: Who's there?' 'Who's there?' 'I SAID, 'WHO'S THERE!' 'He goes, 'No, now you're supposed to say, 'Who who?' Just say it'. 'Who who'. He says, 'I didn't know you were an owl'. Okay, that's it--that blows her mind. 'What do you mean, 'I didn't know you were an owl?' I'm not an owl. You're on drugs! What kind of insane behavior is this'? It was funny. But for the people who heard it, it just sounded like an argument.

Well, that is an incredibly wretched knock-knock joke?
Tell him! After that one, she learned every single knock-knock joke there is in the American alphabet.

Let's talk a bit about the movie itself. It should broaden the image American audiences have of her--which has pretty much been someone who dances with a snake?
That was five minutes in that film. She has an hour in this one; hopefully, it will have the same effect but with more strength, so we have a three-dimensional person instead of just this woman with the snake.

So, what attacted her to this project?
She liked that it took some really big chances. Most comedies are formulated--they keep it light, they don't want to get into any trouble. Those are the boring ones. This one doesn't quite fit into the formula. It risks some really heavy-duty, intense issues.

After such a rewarding experience with Matthew Perry, what other actors would she like to work with?
She has a list--there's a lot. She's not into handsome so much; She likes interesting actors more. She'd love to work with Daniel Day-Lewis, Sean Penn, Johnny Depp...She like danger! Okay, she's not saying another name because she's giving herself away here.

For a Valentine's Day romantic comedy, it does delve into some pretty rough emotional territory?
It's that thing about how women have a tendency to be more mature than men, to want things that it takes men longer to want. We have a terrible need to feel loved all the time, and we try to make men see the world like we see it, which is a mistake. We want them to love us like we want to be loved and to commit so we can have a family. This is a struggle women usually go through, but movies usually don't bother with it.