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Empire Online Feature - Dogma

Describe your role to us?

I am a Muse that is fed up with everybody taking credit for her work. She has inspired Shakespeare, Mozart, Renoir - and all these people have had acclaim, and she has never been acknowledged. So she asks God for permission to come to Earth and try to become a writer herself. But she gets writer's block....I think people will stumble across a lot of surprises.

Did you choose the role because you knew it would cause outrage?

I didn't do it because it was controversial. It put me on the spot. It wasn't an easy decision to make. I don't share all the points of view that Kevin Smith has but I have no words to describe the wit of the dialogue. It was fascinating. When do you get dialogue like this? I was excited about the project; a great part and a wonderful piece of work.

You recently told Premiere magazine that you were 'living in sin' with a man. Was this where you and Kevin differed?

What I said was that I believe in contraceptives. I come from a country where over-population is a big problem. Especially in a country that has very severe economic problems. To say do not use condoms is a terrifying thought. If you tell people you cannot have sex before marriage, people aren't going to listen. Some people are, but obviously humanity has proved that the majority do not listen to this principle. If you are already going to make that first scene, at least do it faithfully - else you'll have a kid at the wrong time. Which leads to another issue - should I have it or not? Which is another thing that leads to guilt, and self-destruction. It's a very complicated subject.

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