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Marie Claire Interview - Spain October 2000

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By Isabel Pisano

Which is the capital sin that you commit more often?
Gluttony! Gluttony! Gluttony! I can tell it quickly, I don't even have to think about it.

When you wake up, what is it that you expect from the day just starting?
That it be productive; I always have a schedule. I wish to achieve every preestablished objectives.

Do you know happiness and tragedy?
Sure. If you don't know one it's impossible to recognize the other.

Have you found love with Edward Norton, with whom you went to Brad Pitt's wedding?
Does this mean that you believe that one has found love when you show up to a wedding with Edward? I'm going to be sincere to you, I'd rather not talk about him, and much less about love, I don't want it to get ruined....

To get ruined?
To get bad luck from talking about it.

You have a great friendship with Penelope Cruz, is it possible to not have a certain rivalry between you?
There isn't just friendship, but admiration and respect for her; I feel happy when she works, I'm her biggest fan and the first one to go to the cinema when her movies premiere. She is very talented, with a certain magic that makes her out of this world.

Are you grateful to Robert Rodriguez, the director of "Desperado"?
To him, of course, and to his wife, Elizabeth Abellán, who is a producer. She has been a support, not only in the profesional side, but in the moral aspects of my life: she is my best friend.

Do you have fear of time going by?
No,I don't fear anything

Is that true?
I just have fear for snakes...

According to Freud, that means sexual insatisfaction...
Really? I came over it with a man who works with a positive vibe...

You've done theater, television, production, there's only direction left..
Next year. Based on my apasionate collaboration, they've proposed me to direct a movie.

How was it to work in the most expensive American movie, "Wild Wild West"?
You ate wonderfully and I made great friends: David Sorensen, Will Smith and wife, Kevin Kline and his wife and her sisters.... (laughs).

Which role would you like to play?
Juana la Loca, of Henry de Merchelant. I might do it on the big screen.

Which is your next project?
A revolutionary fascinating story. I won't tell you who's my leading man.... let it not give me bad luck

Is there something in your life that may still hurt you?
The death of my dog in Mexico. I went to Los Angeles thinking about bringing it with me later and it died of sorrow. I can't forget about it. I really loved it. I feel very guilty.

© Marie Claire. Translation by Morris.