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Salma Hayek makes a dream come true

Salma Hayek will have the opportunity to give life to Catalina Ascencio. The production of the movie will be in the responsibility of Altavista and Ventanarosa.

By: Lorena Corpus

The project based on the book "Tear this heart out" by the writer Angeles Mastretta will be carried out by Salma Hayek There are already several directors interested in shooting the movie: Roberto Sneider (Dos Crimenes), Alejandro Springall (Santitos) and Alejandro González I6nárritu (Amores Perros).

"In order to acquire the novel we competed strongly with Mexican and internationally recognized companies", affirmed Jose Tamez, director of development of projects for Ventanarosa, the producing company of Hayek.

The woman from Veracruz will have the opportunity to give life to Catalina Ascencio, lead role of this story, because the Altavista producers obtained an agreement with the representatives of Mastretta in New York on the rights of the work.

"As all world knows, "Tear this heart out" is a very successful work and Salma has always been interested in the movie adapation , in addition ahe admires Angeles Mastretta a lot and is enchanted by Catherine, who is the feminine protagonist", assured Tamez.

"It is a fact that we are going to shoot the film in Mexico and it will be in Spanish. At the beginning one thought to do it in English, but it is not perfect because it is a history that is developed in postrevolutionary Mexico."

The production of the movie, pointed Tamez, will be in the responsibility of Altavista and Ventanarosa.
"Previously a German producer had aquired the rights of the novel but he never made the film. As soon as the rights were free and they were put on sale again, it became possible to buy them.

For Mastretta it is " a taste " that Salma incarnates the central person of its Tear this heart out.

" Salma convinced people of Altavista to buy the rights of the novel because it enchants history to her, she says that it is her favorite book ", said the Galician winner of the Rómulo Prize with the the novel "Mal de Amores".

The writer has not yet signed the contract with Altavista, but she assured that the sale of its work to the producing company of Salma Hayek is a fact.

" It is a pleasure for me that she interprets Catherine, Salma enchants me like a human being and seems to me a very vital creature", she explained.

Tear this heart out ... is a novel that has been published in more than 10 languages, between which they emphasize the English, French, Italian, Danish and Turkish version. It is the leader of sales of feminine Mexican Literature.

" I cannot say if she is the ideal actress for Catherine. I will not know it until she does it, but what I agree with is the amount of Salma´s passion that Catherine also has, the two are audacious and intelligent women ", said Mastretta.

The writer has the obligation to work with the scriptwriters who will adapt his novel to the cinema.
" We are in talks to see if I will work with those who make the script, I do not know how to make scripts, but I know very clearly how the persons speak ", she explained.

Mastretta and Salma don´t know each other in person, but have spoken many hours on the telephone.
The cinematographic project of Altavista and Ventanarosa is considered to have the ingredients of a success.